Leave it to Paula Deen

I’ve been on the search for a dining table ever since I decided to up and sell my old pub height table on Craigslist on a whim. The curb appeal of that pub height table wore off quickly and even though I loved the table itself, I couldn’t stand actually SITTING at it. That’s not good.

In the interim we’ve been using a table set that we inherited from my husband’s grandma. After we got settled in the new house I began my search in earnest for a new table, and the one that I kept coming back to was this one by Paula Deen Home. Leave it to Paula Deen to find a way to this unskinny girl’s heart.

Look at this beauty:

The pedestal is my favorite part. I knew I wanted a round pedestal table with lots of curves, preferably in dark wood. This one fit the bill perfectly.

It’s 54″ round, so it’s a little bit big for my kitchen. But I can deal with it. 🙂

I love the way she dresses up nicely with my Willow House Villa Stoneware plates on a stand and old Pier One placemats.

The hot pink salmon valances from the previous owner are more than likely going to be taken down as soon as I can muster up enough energy to paint in this room and the sunroom. We made the decision to take down the valances in the sunroom but we were left with these nice big holes to patch and paint over, so I’m holding out on the kitchen ones for just a little bit.

In case you’re wondering why we only have three chairs, the fourth chair came out of the box with a broken leg. No way was this repairable, so it’s on reorder.

Let me say that while I absolutely LOVE that this table is pretty, what I love more is that I’ve already made some great memories around it. Like New Years Eve when J spent an entire afternoon cutting out Playdoh “cookies” with Garrett and creating next year’s handprint Christmas ornaments from clay.

Talk about priceless.

Then on New Years Eve when we rang in the new year laughing our heads off with my cousin Jackie and her husband Bruce.

That is what is most important in life. So even if I have one mismatched chair for a while, it doesn’t matter to me at all. This is what I intended to see when I bought this table, and this is what I hope to see a lot more of this in the future of this table:

And this:

And this!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 brings you the greatest joy that you’ve ever known.

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  1. Beth, I LOVE THAT TABLE! I was just saying to my hubby over the Christmas break that I wished we had not gotten the Farm table we have (lots of nooks and crannies for crumbs to get into) and wished that we had gotten a round one…hmm..maybe next time…Happy New Uear!

  2. omg.. you are killing me! the picture of you two at the table. you look so fudgin’ happy! but honestly … i would be too if i had that table.

  3. I read reviews that this table was easily scratchable and not meant for every day use. Have you had any issues? because I have young kids that will be doing lots of crafts on the table!

    • I’m considering this table too (Paula Deen pedestal) so if it scratches easily, I’d like to know in advance. Thanks for any info that you can share after having your table for some time. 🙂

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