Christmas Gifts For The Crafty Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas is almost here, and it's time to start scrambling around looking for gifts for all those hard-to-shop-for folks. You know those annoying people who already have everything they could possibly need and the money to buy the things they don't? Ok, I will admit it. I am one of those people.  But because I am one of these people, I have insight into what crafty ladies like me would love to get for Christmas. So, to help you out with this gift-giving challenge, I have … [Read more...]


Unfinished Attic Turned Office / Playroom: Construction Begins!

Construction is beginning TODAY on a very exciting project in our house. I've been planning this playroom since way before we moved into this house, and today is the day it begins. We are finally going to finish out the unfinished attic space over our garage and turn it into an office for me and playroom for the kids.  Yaaaassssss. Here is the current 10x20 attic room: PROPOSED SPACE TO BE FINISHED: Mood Board for the finished room: This is a way bigger job … [Read more...]

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The Easiest Essential Oil Christmas Gift Idea, Ever.

Ok, all you non-crafty, time-constrained shoppers out there...I have got a cute idea for you today!  It's a spa bath in a cup.  This is simply a layer of Epsom salt on the bottom with a shower poof for the "whipped cream" and a little bottle of essential oil tucked in the top! To use these, just add a few drops of essential oil into the Epsom salt, give it a quick shake and pour straight into a soaking tub for a relaxing spa bath. Be aware that citrus oils will melt … [Read more...]

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15 Tempting Thanksgiving Desserts

Ok guys. Less than one week until Thanksgiving. Time to start scanning Pinterest like a madwoman to figure out what we are taking to the potluck. Have you made your game plan yet?  In the past few years, my husband has developed a severe peanut/tree nut allergy, so Thanksgiving is like walking through a land-mine for him. I've been looking around on Pinterest for nut-free Thanksgiving desserts that will not cause him any issues. It's way harder than it looks because nuts and … [Read more...]

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A Very Vintage Advent Calendar {#DIHWorkshop}

Today I'm teaming up with The Home Depot to show you how you can make a pretty ornament display at their upcoming DIH Workshop this week!   If you haven't heard, Home Depot offers do-it-HERself (DIH) workshops for women of all experience levels to come in and create cool projects for their homes.   This month they are making these Holiday Ornament Displays at all their stores.  To kick-start the workshop, they asked us to build the project ourselves, then put … [Read more...]

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Countdown to {a Simple} Christmas

Garrett found out the truth about Santa Claus this year. He's eight, and apparently the Thing To Do in 3rd grade is spoil the fun for other kids about the man in the big red suit. So, a few months ago he came to me and asked me straight up if Santa was real. And I answered honestly, because I could see in his eyes that he already knew and to lie about it would just delay the inevitable. He took the news in stride, and promised not to tell Caroline the truth once she was old enough to … [Read more...]

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You’re invited to a DIH Virtual Party!

Some of my blog buddies are getting together next week for a fun DIH party. What is a DIH party, you ask?  Well, if DIY means Do-it-Yourself, DIH means Do-it-HERself! Did y'all know that Home Depot hosts fun workshops that teach women how to use power tools and make really cool things while doing it?  Click here to check them out! I learned about this a few years ago, and thought it was such a great idea. I've been wielding my dad's circular saw since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, … [Read more...]

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Holiday Hostess Guide {using essential oils}

Y'all. It's NOVEMBER. Already?? No way. Not yet. Nope. I'm not ready yet. Is anyone else just staring at their calendar in disbelief going "There is no way that the holidays can be this close yet?" If you're feeling the stress of all that holiday partying already, you are not alone my friend.  Today we're gonna try to ease your pain just a little. Today I've teamed up with some of my very best blog friends to bring you a giant roundup of ideas on how to use those essential oils that … [Read more...]

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How Do I Make Money Blogging? {Spilling my money-making secrets}

When someone tells you they are a teacher or a nurse,  you pretty much know immediately what they do and how they earn a living doing it. But when I tell someone that I am a blogger, they usually give me this quizzical look and ask "But, how do you get paid to be a blogger?"  I love explaining my non-traditional job to folks, so today I thought I'd spill my secrets about exactly how I earn money as a full-time blogger. Think of a blog like a mini-magazine, except you (the reader) do not … [Read more...]

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I’m Not a Player, I Just Blog a Lot.

Big Pun? Anyone? No? Alrighty, then... Yesterday I shared The Lazy Girl's Guide to Lightroom, my new e-course that I've been building behind the scenes for the past two months. Now, I know that a lot of you are not bloggers and probably don't give a rat's patootie about how to build a blog or take better photos. If you are that person, feel free to skip right on past this post and wait for the next decorating post (they are coming, I promise!). But, if you are a long-time reader who is … [Read more...]

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