Homegrown Bloggers

  This past weekend, I had the honor of sitting down in an intimate setting with 25 other bloggers and teaching them how to use Lightroom for editing their blog photos. The Homegrown Bloggers event was held Saturday at Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville, Alabama. The winery has rows and rows of muscadine vines that they turn into THE sweetest wines I've ever tasted.  We got to learn about blogging all day long, then we had a wine tasting and tour that afternoon. A full day of … [Read more...]


Last Days to get the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

First off, let me say how MUCH I appreciate all of your comments, emails and kind words about my last post. My struggle with weight loss is not something I talk about very often here on this old blog, so I appreciate all of you being gentle on me. :) I got so many excellent website recommendations from you all to check out, so I will be bookmarking them along with these from The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to read, read, read to my heart's content. We have a long way to go, but it will be … [Read more...]

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Fall Wreaths to Fancy up your Fantel

Today is the first day of fall, which means it's time for all your favorite bloggers to start strategically posing their squeaky clean Hunter boots by their back doors and pumping out the pumpkin projects like madwomen. I hate to disappoint ya, but I don't even own a pair of Hunter boots. #bloggerfail I also have not put a single pumpkin out in my house yet. Been a little busy up in here.  So, instead of showing off my fall decor, I thought I'd share some awesome fall wreaths from some of … [Read more...]

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Healthy Living is Hard

I walked up and down the grocery store today and estimated that there are about 10 gajillion calories and fat grams in those aisles, give or take a jillion. All of those options yet so many of them are TERRIBLE for me. I shouldn't even give them a second glance, but they taste oh so delicious. Healthy eating is hard, y'all. I know it because I live it, and now I'm helping my mom try to figure it out as well. My mom was discharged from the hospital one month ago after open heart surgery, … [Read more...]

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Woodland Watercolors + 35 Free Fall Printables

When you think of a fall themed printable, what's better than a woodland creature wearing a Snapchat filter on it's head? I mean, really. I can't think of anything much better.  This handsome buck deer is wearing his flower crown verra regally, don't you think? This little corner of my living room is dressed up for fall, but this is about the extent of my fall decor so far. But, let me be upfront about something.  I totally did NOT paint this little guy myself. I wish I had those … [Read more...]

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Safe in the Arms of Love

As I wheeled my mother through the Kirklin Clinic last week in a metal contraption that was half-wheelchair, half-grocery buggy, I couldn't help but notice the difference between her and all the other patients. The main difference being that she was post-op, and many of them were pre-op. For her, the worst part was over and for them, it was a fearful unknown that was yet to come. She was there for a checkup with her cardiac surgeon, hugging her little heart-shaped pillow and smiling happily … [Read more...]

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Painting Tips from Betsy

Hey there! Today I'm opening up my blog to Betsy from Happily Ever After blog to give you some quick painting advice. It's been quite a busy few weeks (I'm sure you can imagine!) so I've invited some guest bloggers to share their knowledge with you while I'm getting life back to normal. I will be back tomorrow with an update on my mom's heart surgery, so stay tuned for that! XOXO, Beth Should I use Water-based or Oil Based Paint? (and how to tell the difference between the … [Read more...]

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Simple School Lunches for Normal People

School is in full swing here, which means I have spent a lot of minutes staring blankly into my pantry with a puzzled look on my face, trying to figure out what I should be putting in my son's lunchbox. If I'm being honest, with everything that's been going on in our lives lately, I filled up his lunchroom credit card with cash and let him buy anything he wants from the cafeteria, which is usually a cheeseburger, Doritos and an ice cream sandwich.  :/ Not good. Finally I decided to sit down … [Read more...]

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Serious as a Heart Attack

I keep saying that my life will slow down after I get over the next big hurdle. "After I get home from the Haven Conference, I'll have more time to blog." "After Caroline's first birthday is over I'll be able to focus on blogging again." "After school starts I can definitely get back to blogging." But then, I jump over those hurdles and bigger obstacles land squarely in my path. Last week, after Caroline's first birthday party was over and Garrett's first day of third grade came to a … [Read more...]

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Caroline’s Berry Sweet First Birthday Party

Caroline turned one last week, and we celebrated this weekend with a berry sweet strawberry themed birthday party!  It's so hard to believe that my little baby girl is already ONE. My goodness, time needs to slow down. I'll have a source list at the end of this post in case you are looking for any of these strawberry themed birthday decorations. I setup a little gift table in front of the fireplace, and decorated it with strawberries and flowers. I scored that sweet little green … [Read more...]

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