30+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

  With less than two weeks until Halloween, I'm on the search for some cute crafts for the kids that are not too hard to create.  I thought you guys might want to see what all I've found along the way, so here's a quick little roundup of 30+ Halloween Crafts for Kids... Kid's DIY from dreamalittlebigger.com DIY Halloween Treat Bags With Duck Tape from thecountrychiccottage.net DIY Silly Ghost Balloons from studiodiy.com 12 Fun And Creative DIY Masks For Kids from … [Read more...]


Billy Goats on a Leash & Shower Poof Prom Dresses: My Life in a Legacybox

My mama has been videotaping me since the day I was born. She’s always been a documenter, scrapbooker, life-bio-keeper.  That’s how she rolls. She was blogging when blogging wasn’t cool. Seriously, here is a soundless video of my parents holding me as a newborn baby in the hospital, in all my 10 lb, 6 ounce glory. Yes, I was a giant newborn. I added a little muzak to spice it up a bit. YOU GUYS!! HOW COOL IS THAT???? Almost 40 year old footage from my birth in 1977 that’s now … [Read more...]

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Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

Two years ago I was sitting in the middle of an apple orchard in Wisconsin, u-picking apples straight off the trees and reveling in the cool, crisp air.  I LOVED our Wisconsin vacation so much, and now every time I think of apple recipes, I'm reminded of that fun 10th anniversary vacation. I think about that vacation so very often because it was such a turning point in our lives. Do you ever have moments that you can pinpoint as THE moment when something changed in your life? These … [Read more...]

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How to Save on Plus Size (and kids!) Clothes

I'm not sure how it works in the rest of the country, but down South we have these MASSIVE kids consignment sales. Have you been to one? Every spring and fall, these kids clothing sales draw crowds of thousands of mama shoppers. They line up outside the door with a competitive gleam in their eye, ready to hurdle over each other when the doors open to find the best deal on like-new clothes for their kiddos. Some of these sales are held in church gymnasiums, but the biggest one around here … [Read more...]

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Ultimate Halloween Desserts to Flop Your Lips On

Planning a Halloween party soon?  Any ghoul knows that the best part of a Halloween party are the devilish desserts. We went to a FUN Halloween party that was all decked out with tricks and treats, including a pumpkin puking spinach dip (awesome)... And "Goblinade" punch. Inside there were bloody handprints on all the doors and skeletons at the dining table. It was awesome!  The kids loved it. But the part the kids loved the most were the desserts. Today I've got a … [Read more...]

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Rocky Mountain High {Young Living Lavender Farm Tour}

I'm home today from my rocky mountain high after a trip to Utah (sorry John Denver, not Colorado) where I spent the weekend with Garrett visiting Salt Lake City and the Young Living Lavender farms in Mona, Utah. Y'all.  There is TOTALLY NOT ENOUGH ALPHABET to describe the beauty we witnessed on this trip. It was just.... I mean. For real, y'all. I cannot even. Absolutely stunning views every single direction I turned. I won the free trip to Utah … [Read more...]

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Homegrown Bloggers

  This past weekend, I had the honor of sitting down in an intimate setting with 25 other bloggers and teaching them how to use Lightroom for editing their blog photos. The Homegrown Bloggers event was held Saturday at Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville, Alabama. The winery has rows and rows of muscadine vines that they turn into THE sweetest wines I've ever tasted.  We got to learn about blogging all day long, then we had a wine tasting and tour that afternoon. A full day of … [Read more...]

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Last Days to get the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

First off, let me say how MUCH I appreciate all of your comments, emails and kind words about my last post. My struggle with weight loss is not something I talk about very often here on this old blog, so I appreciate all of you being gentle on me. :) I got so many excellent website recommendations from you all to check out, so I will be bookmarking them along with these from The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to read, read, read to my heart's content. We have a long way to go, but it will be … [Read more...]

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Fall Wreaths to Fancy up your Fantel

Today is the first day of fall, which means it's time for all your favorite bloggers to start strategically posing their squeaky clean Hunter boots by their back doors and pumping out the pumpkin projects like madwomen. I hate to disappoint ya, but I don't even own a pair of Hunter boots. #bloggerfail I also have not put a single pumpkin out in my house yet. Been a little busy up in here.  So, instead of showing off my fall decor, I thought I'd share some awesome fall wreaths from some of … [Read more...]

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Healthy Living is Hard

I walked up and down the grocery store today and estimated that there are about 10 gajillion calories and fat grams in those aisles, give or take a jillion. All of those options yet so many of them are TERRIBLE for me. I shouldn't even give them a second glance, but they taste oh so delicious. Healthy eating is hard, y'all. I know it because I live it, and now I'm helping my mom try to figure it out as well. My mom was discharged from the hospital one month ago after open heart surgery, … [Read more...]

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