State themed Projects are all over the map!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed with state shaped items.  I love the shape of my home state of Alabama.  There are a few states in our Union that have easily recognizable shapes, and I feel like Alabama is one of them.  It's a mirror image of Mississippi, so I guess that could be confusing to some.  But for someone born and raised in the Great State of Alabama I am a big fan of decorating my house with Bama pride. You might have noticed this cutting board in yesterday’s … [Read more...]


The Greatest Haven Photos That were Never made


I’m home from Haven 2014, without very much to show for it except the memories and a hangover.  I never even pulled out my big camera, so I have VERY few actual photos that turned out from the weekend.  All of my iphone selfies taken at the ballroom parties look all dark and downright embarrassing.  Plus, I totally forgot to actually take ANY photos AT ALL with most of my bloggy BFFs (both old and new).  So, instead of showing you the grainy assortment of pitiful photos that I actually have on … [Read more...]

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How to Edit Photos Faster with Lightroom


As promised, I’m back this week to update you on my Haven Conference presentation about How To Create An Efficient Photo Editing Workflow with Adobe Lightroom 5.  Or, how to edit photos faster! Beth’s Quick Photo Editing Workflow Tips: 1. Copy and save all your photos from your camera card into folders on your computer or external hard drive.  Don’t try to import from your big pool of photos from your camera card or you will not be able to find all your images, then you will get frustrated … [Read more...]

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