Finding Southern Romance in Mobile, Alabama


When Esther de Wolde decided to checkmark her dream of renovating an old southern home off her bucket list, I bet the idea of sharing her porch railings with a bunch of bloggers from across the continent wasn’t even a blip on her radar. But, that is exactly what happened last week at Esther’s turn-of-the-century home in Mobile, Alabama. Do you like how those of us on the left harnessed our inner Susanne Sugarbakers and lounged right on that railing like we owned it? I had the honor of … [Read more...]


GIVEAWAY: Weekend Passes to the Nashville Country Living Fair!

Nashville Country Living Fair Ticket Giveaway copy

Hey my fellow Country Living Fair lovers! I'm sure you've heard by now, but if not, Country Living is headed to Nashville in a few weeks for a brand new CL Fair, Music City style.  I am SO VERY excited for this show, because after frequenting the Nashville Flea Market and the City Farmhouse Pop Up Show in Franklin last year I can attest to just how much high quality junk the people of Nashville can dig out of the old barns around that area. I will be there along with a ton of my … [Read more...]

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Learning A Lesson About Plantation Shutters

half plantation shutters vs aluminum blinds

Hello, hello! I know you guys think that I have fallen off the face of the earth because I have been frantically decorating this new house and getting it blog-ready to take you all on the Grand Tour soon. But no. In reality, I’ve been laying on my couch watching marathons of Fixer Upper and rubbing my growing belly.  I am 22 weeks pregnant today, and we are in our sixth week of getting used to waking up in this new house.  I was a hermit last time I was pregnant, and I am a hermit this … [Read more...]

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APRIL essential oil SALE!


Hey guys!  April is here, and I've got an irresistible essential oil offer starting today! For the entire month of April if you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, you will also receive: FREE Essential Oil Pocket Reference (a $30 value) FREE Essential Oil Starter Guide from The Oil Revolution (a $5 value) And a $20 credit toward your future purchases! Since the Premium Starter Kit is already such a great deal, this makes the savings even sweeter.  If you've been wanting … [Read more...]

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Dreaming of Remodeling? Come to BREXPO!


Since moving into the new house I have been dreaming of all the ways I’d love to remodel.  Lucky for me Spring is the season of Home Shows and Expos and Parade of Homes, all of which give me plenty of great ideas to inspire me for this house.  Along with the playroom and fireplace, the kitchen is right up there at the top of my wish list.  I absolutely love this kitchen with the double island.  Unfortunately I’d need to build a new wing off of my house because there is no way to fit all of this … [Read more...]

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Get Your Design Fix at bHome!


Today I have a HUGE announcement that I’m so excited to finally share with y’all! bHome is a new Home and Garden app on the market featuring all of your favorite magazines and DIY bloggers.  It’s available on iPhone and iPad, (coming soon to Android!).  If you love getting inspired by gorgeous photography and design ideas, this is the app for you.  There are almost 40 incredible design bloggers and magazines for you to follow, including some of my daily reads and blog friends like The … [Read more...]

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Everything I Own in a Box to the Left

Beth has a lot of junk

Oh hai. ::peeks out from behind the tower of boxes surrounding my computer:: So, many of you have checked in with me to wish me luck with the move, and I wanted to let y'all know that we survived and have arrived at our new destination. The move itself went as smoothly as possible, considering that once the movers arrived I realized that I could easily have my own tv show that is a combo spinoff of Hoarders, American Pickers and Samford and Son. If you follow me on Instagram you already … [Read more...]

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Playroom Planning


Next up on the sneak peek tour of the new house is the attic space that we plan to turn into a playroom. It’s not much to look at right now, but I’ve got big hopes and dreams, folks. I’m totally envisioning turning it into something like this amazing attic space… (Source) Except, since it’s going to be a playroom space in my house you’ll need to image it with giant plastic toys covering the floor and peanut butter and jelly smeared on the walls. And don’t forget the crayons and … [Read more...]

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Perfect Homemade Popcorn {Just 3 Ingredients!}


Popcorn is one of the easiest things in the world to make at home, yet so many people still insist on microwaving their popcorn in those bags o’ chemicals since it’s supposedly more “convenient”.  I am here today to show you just how simple it is to make your own popcorn at home, plus it tastes like a million times better than the stuff from a bag. When I was a kid my mom was constantly making homemade popcorn and tuna salad for lunch.  I still crave that combo to this day. Here’s all you’ll … [Read more...]

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Fireplace wishes and mantel Dreams


Over the next few weeks as we bust our humps packing up this house and preparing to move, I wanted to give y’all some glimpses into the new house so you can help me dream and plan for future DIY projects.  Pinterest is, of course, my main source of inspiration these days, so I’ve been pinning ideas way more lately than normal. If you want to follow my pins to see where my thought process is going, feel free to join me over there and give opinions. So, welcome!  Here is the living room in the … [Read more...]

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