DIY Body Butter using essential oils


As they say in Game of Thrones… Winter is coming.  Which means it’s that time of year when my skin gets as dry and ashy as a White Walker with a bad case of the blue eyes.  Yeah, not pretty.  Before someone sticks an obsidian shiv in my ribs, let me show y’all how I have started making my own DIY Body Butter using essential oils!  Also, I wanted to let y’all know real quick that my super September sale for Young Living essential oil starter kits ends on September 30th!  You’ll get a $20 … [Read more...]


The Painted Fox Challenge!


  Today we’re going to do something FUN.  I was challenged to receive a mysterious item from the Painted Fox, an online store specializing in fabulous farmhouse décor and vintage treasures.  The challenge is to go head-to-head with 8 other bloggers to see who can use their mystery items the best way in their home.   The previous stop on this blog challenge tour was over at Live.Laugh.Rowe, so let me first say “Hey!” to everyone visiting from Kelly’s blog!  I just love that girl. I’ve been an … [Read more...]

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Best of DIY Link Party


I was asked recently what my favorite DIY project is inside my home.  There are so many that I love it’s honestly hard for me to pick just one, but if I have to narrow it down, then I choose this project right here: You can read all about this project here and find the tutorial here, but here’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed version: My Grandparent's home stayed in our family after they passed away, so when my uncle decided to renovate it he gave me a bunch of the old wooden trim from around … [Read more...]

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New Favorite: DIY Wood Pallet Projects


There has been an awesome trend lately of a bunch of my blogger friends writing books!  And not just e-books, but real glossy chapters of amazingness that you can hold in your hand and display on your bookshelf and sniff if you’re a book sniffer. (Go ahead. I won’t judge…) The best part about having blogger buddies who are also authors? I get to review their new books when the launch!!  And today, I have the HUGE honor of introducing my friend Karah from the space between blog’s new book!  Her … [Read more...]

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Tour of the DIY Blogsphere


Last week, I was featured by Rhoda of Southern Hospitality in a big hop around the blogosphere!  This week, I'm paying it forward and introducing two bloggers to y'all.  But first, I've been asked to answer these questions, so here we go. What am I working on? Let's see... As far as DIY projects go? I got nothin.  I haven't been doing much of anything at all with home projects lately, even though I have a to-do list that is longer than my left leg (which is about 1/2 shorter than my right leg, … [Read more...]

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September Promo: Essential Oil SALE!


Hey there friends!  It’s a VERY big week around here!  On Wednesday of this week, I get to blow out the candles on my 37th birthday cake AND I will also be celebrating my one year Anniversary with Young Living essential oils! Yep, that means it's Birthdaversary month!   To celebrate, I'm offering a GREAT promo to help anyone who might be interested in essential oils get started! Here are all the details on how to take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER: Step one:  Click here to sign up as … [Read more...]

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Super Cute & Unique Fairy Garden Ideas

Amazing Fairy Garden Ideas15_thumb.jpg

Who else has developed an obsession with all these super cute fairy garden ideas you see pinned all over Pinterest?  I cannot get enough of them! When I recently stepped inside Myers Plants and Pottery and saw all their amazing fairy garden ideas, I was literally blown away.  I asked the owner if I could take photos, and he kindly said yes, so here you go!  Take a tour of some of the cutest little fairy gardens you ever did see! I love the little white house center of this fairy garden.  … [Read more...]

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Gonna buy five copies for my mother


On Monday I had a reporter and a photographer come out to my house and snap pictures for a feature in the “Cool Spaces” section of my local newspaper.  For nearly 24 hours, my home sat on the front page of, our local source for news in Birmingham.   They tell me it was also in the print version of the paper, but since I'm a forgetful slacker posing as a professional blogger I completely forgot to go out and buy a copy.  If anyone in Birmingham has a copy (or five, so I can share with my … [Read more...]

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It’s all in the Details


The first thing you notice when you pull up to Dana Tucker’s beautiful Franklin, TN home are those chartreuse double front doors.  Those suckers are spec-freakin-tacular. Dana, who is one half of the Dynamic Duo that make up Forest Home Media who invited us up to Nashville for a girl’s weekend last week, is also a blogger.  She and her husband own Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, a high end specialty painting company.  Inside Dana’s beautiful home, there is eye candy on every single wall.  … [Read more...]

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Ideas for a Fun Girl’s Trip to Nashville


Last weekend a group of my friends and I got together in Nashville for a weekend getaway with our friends at Forest Home Media.  Dana and Nancy are super well connected Nashville PR ladies who also happen to be total BFF material.  Seriously, I love these two women.  I first met them at the HGTV Smart Home in April, and then again when they came to Birmingham to tour the offices at Southern Living.  We kicked off the weekend by meeting up for lunch at Pinewood Social, a unique restaurant with a … [Read more...]

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