Unskinny Boppy Reader Survey 2017!

Hi there. I'm ashamed to admit that in over a decade of blogging I have never done a formal poll of my blog readers to get your opinions on what you like and what you don't like. After talking to other bloggers at the Haven Conference last week, apparently I'm supposed to be doing this on the regular.  (Whoops.) So, who is willing to take a survey and let me know your feelings about this blog? I would be honored if you would take a minute to fill out this survey and give me all your … [Read more...]


Come Tour a Real Life Hobbit House

Outside a tiny village called "Tomich" beside Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, a man named Stuart Grant has carved out a magical home that resembles a tiny hobbit house. The house was originally a barn or "byre", as he calls it, but he decided that it had a better view than the actual house. In 1984 he began whittling tree stumps and repurposing his neighbor's castoff junk into THE most incredible house in the history of ever. … [Read more...]

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5 Best Free Kids Books for 9-12 Year Olds

We are coming into the last lazy days of summer before school starts back which means I'm hearing a lot of "Moooom... I'm BORED." from my 9 year old son. He is exhausted when he gets home from summer camp and just wants to veg out on the couch, so I let him do just that most nights. The Kindle app on the iPad has been a lifesaver because it's a way to keep him occupied that doesn't include mindless hours of playing Roblox or watching tv. Thankfully he is an avid reader, so I started … [Read more...]

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The Sunflower Field

I've driven down a lot of Alabama back roads in my lifetime, but up until this point, none of them were quite as memorable as the one I drove down yesterday.  It was a perfect day for a mini-road trip.  The sky was a brilliant blue.  The clouds were puffy and white. We tossed our sunscreen and snacks in the car and headed off with the kids on a summertime adventure. We left our house around mid-morning and trusted Siri to get us to our destination. … [Read more...]

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Caroline’s First Year Finally Documented. Guilt Averted.

Guess WHAT? I got Caroline's entire first year of life documented today. I've been meaning to do that for a YEAR. Now I'm glad I procrastina- ahem... WAITED for this steal of a deal that is happening this weekend only. I just ordered a 77 page 8x8 Shutterfly book of Caroline's entire first year of life for just $31.00!! I'm doing such a happy dance over here. Seventy-seven pages, y'all! $31.00! For the first time ever, Shutterfly is offering a never-before-seen UNLIMITED amount of … [Read more...]

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Top 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Time Online

Oh, the irony that a blogger like me would be handing out advice on how to stop wasting time online when my entire livelihood kinda depends on people wasting time online, right? But, considering I am forced to stay on the internet and social media pretty much 24/7 in order to write and promote my blog posts, I have become an expert on this subject. There comes a point when I have to force myself to stop chasing internet rabbits and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes I need a little extra … [Read more...]

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Free & Cheap Ways to Read (or listen) to Books this Summer

This post contains affiliate links which help pay my mortgage and put food on my table.  If you click them and purchase through my links I will earn a small commission.  Thanks for clicking! :)  Summertime is here, which means I get to enjoy quiet, lazy afternoons in the hammock, swaying in the breeze with my nose buried in a paperback. Ahahahahahaha Just kidding! Summertime around here means that the kids are enjoying a rousing game of  "Smack your brother upside the head with your … [Read more...]

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DIY a Vintage Flag with Ribbon and a Handkerchief

A few years back I found this set of vintage baby crib springs at a local junk shop.  It was chipped and rusty and moldy on one corner, but I loved the harlequin shape of the springs. At the same time I also saw an old weathered mantelpiece that called my name in a major way. I had NO idea how I would use either item, but I knew that I loved them both and would eventually find a way to work them into my house.  My husband gave me some major side-eye … [Read more...]

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Decorating the {new} Dining Room Table for the 4th of July

Sooooo remember when I thought it would be a good idea to have my home office in my dining room when we first moved in this house?  Welp. I was wrong about that.  Very wrong. Here is a cleaned up picture of the office dining room.  It looked this nice for about 2.4 seconds while I took this photo. And then the crap piled right back up in this room so fast it made my head spin. The dining room is the very first room you see when you walk through the front door of my house, … [Read more...]

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Dear Diary: Confessions of an Old-School Blogger

In an effort to get this here blog chugging along again, I have decided to post more updates of the behind-the-scenes parts of our lives like I did in the olden days of blogging. I'm ignoring the rules and going back to my roots. Unskinny Boppy will turn twelve years old this year. TWELVE. That means I have been sharing our lives here for a dozen years, which seems impossible when you consider social media was barely even invented back then. In the early days this blog … [Read more...]

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