Shopping for blog Props


Alright. Gotta be honest. My garage is like my prop closet where I keep all sorts of junky old stuff lying around.  If I see something cool while I’m out thrift shopping, I snag it and put it in the garage. Some folks might call it hoarding. Some folks might call me Fred Sanford. I call it blog propping.  You can see the difference, right?  :wink I always feel kind of guilty when I post a really cool project using vintage junk, because there is NO guarantees that you guys will be able to … [Read more...]


End Table Furniture Plans: Introducing The Rogue Engineer

Step 10: Install trim, door, hinges, and catch

  Hey there! Happy Cinco De Mayo! As promised, I'm back today with a full set of detailed furniture plans for DIYing the homemade end tables that you saw last week on the blog. But guess what? I have a very special guest to introduce to you today. Jamison over at the Rogue Engineer is here to show you guys how to build these end tables using his amazing CAD skills! I am SO honored and excited to be showcasing his talent here on my blog for the first time today, and hopefully you guys … [Read more...]

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The Lazy Girl’s Timesaving Tips for Decorating End Tables


  Decorating my house is something that just comes naturally to me.  Some folks are blessed with the gift of playing music by ear, or the athletic ability to slide on their knees while rounding third base into home plate.  Some people can do math in their head without a calculator.  I have none of those abilities, but thankfully God shoved me into the creative gene pool and gave me an eye for design instead. He also granted me a husband with amazing woodworking skills.  Thank you, … [Read more...]

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The Lazy Girl’s Timesaving Tips For Staining Furniture


Ok, raise your hand if the thought of staining unfinished wood makes you a little nervous.  I used to be in the hand-raised category, but then one day I decided to just go for it and tackled this stained sofa table top all by myself.  And guess what?  After nearly ten years, that sofa table is still going strong without showing any signs of aging.   If you are one of those who thinks staining wood is harder than painting it, then this post is for you.  The Lazy Girl is here today to show you … [Read more...]

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How To Shop Like A Pro At Fairs and Festivals


Remember that time I spoke on the Main Stage at the Country Living Fair and totally kicked my fear of public speaking in the booty?  If you couldn't make it out to see my presentation last October, today is your lucky day! I'm going to share my best tips and tricks from the speech, minus all the awkward introductions since you guys already know who I am if you're reading my blog. The original speech was called "Flaunt your Fair Finds", but for Google's sake I'm going to change the title to … [Read more...]

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Five Easy Ways to Organize your Pantry


When True Value asked me to provide a pantry organization post for their website, I jumped at the chance. What better way to whip my pantry into shape than deliver a blog post showing every nook and cranny of it?  But first, I had to suffer through taking that cringe-worthy “before” photo.  It’s ok, though. I have aired my dirty laundry on my blog before, I can do it again.  Are y’all ready? Ever wondered what my disorganized pantry looked like as a “before” photo? Here ya go…  (Note to … [Read more...]

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You’re Invited to a Pinterest Party with Hometalk, Michaels and Me!

Burlap and slate picture frame on reclaimed wood (3 of 6)

Did you know that I've never shown you guys my pantry on the blog before? True story.  I've never had the nerve to do it since it's the landing spot for all of our coats and bags as we come into the house from the garage.  I finally got it cleaned up enough to snap some photos, which I am going to reveal to you in tomorrow's post, along with some juicy before photos that will make you see how cluttered my house REALLY is most of the time. But I'm getting ahead of myself. What a tease, … [Read more...]

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Reclaimed wood: Trendy or Toxic?


When I was a little girl, I spent hours on the pier at our family’s river cabin casting my fishing pole into the water, waiting for the red and white bobber to get pulled under by a passing fish.  My Papa patiently taught me how to bait a hook and then reel in a slippery, wiggling fish once he was hooked on the end of my line.   He also taught me how to take a split shot lead weight and pinch it closed between my teeth around the fishing line. Source I used this method of weighting my line … [Read more...]

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Operation De-Darkify the Bathroom is complete {finally}


When you guys last saw my Master Bathroom, we had just moved into our house in 2010 and I had slapped some paint on the walls just to cover up the faux finish treatment that the previous owners had left behind.  Over the years I have dreamed about what my perfect bathroom would look like, specifically this Pottery Barn bathroom that I featured here: Oh, how I love that bathroom! As a reminder, here is the before photo with the brown faux finish when we bought the house in 2010:  And here … [Read more...]

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My 2013 Project Wrap Up

2013 Wrap up copy

It is always fun for me to go back through the year and create a post that shows all the projects we completed during the year.  It’s like a big virtual pat on the back to look back at what all has been accomplished.  Here is my 2013 year in review, starting in January.   My first big project of the year was one of my most popular projects ever (and it also won the contest and got me featured for the first time on Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping and MSNLiving!)  The DIY … [Read more...]

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