Away Beyond the Blue, One Star Belongs to You

Can you believe that this little chick right here is already three months old?? By the time Garrett was three months old I had documented every single drop of drool that hit his chin, but it's not looking so hot for Caroline. My blogging mojo has still not returned even though I'm waiting patiently for it to come back. Between you and me, though?  It's HARD, y'all! This sweet baby right here?  My goodness.  I love her so much but wow this new baby gig is so incredibly tough some … [Read more...]


I’m in Old Apothecary Heaven

It finally happened.  After years (decades!?) of searching for the perfect apothecary cabinet for my house, I have found it. This pre-1900 beauty was sitting in one of my very favorite antique stores in the world- Scarlett Scales Antiques in Franklin, TN.  And now, after our weekend road trip to the City Farmhouse Pop-Up show... it's sitting in my foyer! Once it got settled in at home I wasted no time decorating it for fall. But the fall decor is not why we are here … [Read more...]

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Fall Decorating Ideas from 25 Home Bloggers

Today I’m sharing 25 links to amazing decor, crafts and recipes right here in one place.  The bHome bloggers are here to show you all sorts of great fall inspiration, so grab a pumpkin-spice flavored hot drink, sit back and get that pointer finger ready to scroll away!  This is gonna be FUN! Yesterday I showed you my 2015 Fall mantel and told you all about the HUGE giveaway from Decor Steals. If you haven’t entered yet, CLICK HERE to head over to that post to read more and get … [Read more...]

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Falling up the House {and a giveaway}

It’s finally time to get Fallish up in this new house. And, considering I haven’t posted many pictures of the new house at all, it’s about time y’all saw some glimpses of it, huh?  Here is my 2015 fantel!   (Fantel = Fall mantel, in case you haven’t heard.)  You can check out my past mantels, chrantels and fantels right here. Every day for the past month as I sat in my living room nursing this newborn, I would stare at my mantel and try to mentally decorate it for Fall. Since my … [Read more...]

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Cloud Artwork in the Nursery

I’ve always loved clouds, stars, constellations and pretty much anything celestial. When I was a kid I would lie in the field beside my house and stare up at the puffy white clouds floating by. In my mind I could envision elaborate white castles with rainbow slides and cumulus cloud trampolines where I could bounce and play to my heart’s content. Oh, and there were also some Care Bears hopping from cloud to cloud with me.  Because what little girl in the 80’s didn’t love the Care Bears? When … [Read more...]

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DIY Ribbon and Lace Nursery Mobile

I’ve known all along that I wanted to DIY a pretty mobile for baby girl’s nursery, but I never knew exactly what I wanted until I walked into a local consignment store (Easy Street Resale) and saw these beautiful, but oh-so-simple ribbon and lace mobiles hanging from the ceiling.  Theirs were for decoration only and not for sale, so I decided to create my own version at home with a few simple (and cheap!) items. Last week was a super productive week in the nursery thanks to my friend Dusty … [Read more...]

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State of the Nursery Address

Hello friends! I thought I’d hop on here real fast and give you a few nursery updates.  We are T-minus six weeks and counting until this little girl arrives, and finally we are making some progress on her room.  I know from experience that she likely won’t be sleeping in here for a while after she’s born, but that also means I won’t be sleeping for a while after she’s born so I’d rather get this marked off the to-do list ASAP! Here's where we are so far... If you follow me on … [Read more...]

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A Dream Backyard Tour

Recently I realized that I have never blogged about my parent’s beautiful home.  They’ve lived here for 12 years, so I’m not sure why it’s never occurred to me to put it on the blog before now. Since my home is still not blog worthy (sorry, y'all) I am going to give you a tour of my parent's dream backyard today. It’s a stunner! When we moved in right next door to my parents, I agreed to become the Special Events Coordinator for the whole neighborhood where we live.  My dad has been … [Read more...]

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Pass Me A Floppy Hat, English Roses Are Here

Before we moved into this house, the previous owner had all new landscaping put into the front flower beds.  As with any new landscaping, unfortunately some of it didn’t survive.  The house sat vacant for at least six months before we moved in, so this likely happened from lack of water for these new little plants. When we moved in I knew that I wanted to replace these dead plants with some colorful flowers instead of more shrubs. I have always wanted to learn how to grow great roses.  … [Read more...]

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Five Home Decorating Trends from the 2015 Parade of Homes

The 2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes is wrapping it up this weekend, so there is still time to get out there and see all the amazing home decorating ideas.  I have spent hours touring the homes in the Parade this year, and they are all stunning. Here are the top five current home design trends that I noticed this year for this area. 1. Grey is IN. The majority of the houses I saw on the parade featured light grey walls. I’m a fan of light grey, as long as it’s warm and not too … [Read more...]

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