How to: DIY Reindeer Moss Christmas Wreath


Who else is always looking for a unique, handmade Christmas wreath idea? How about a quick and easy DIY Reindeer Moss wreath?! Reindeer moss (aka lichen) is just begging to be turned into a big, beautiful, bouncy wreath for my front door. I made this wreath using just a few simple “ingredients” in about 30 minutes or less.  It turned out to be one of my most favorite wreaths that I’ve ever constructed, and believe me, I’ve made a LOT of homemade wreaths in my day. There have been … [Read more...]

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Blankenship Farms Backyard Tour


Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Donnalee’s house, aka Blankenship Farms.  I first met Donnalee at a craft fair where I bought one of her burlap wreaths and Alabama shaped Christmas ornaments.  We have become friends, and lemme tell ya—she is my kind of people.  As if the burlap wreath making and pottery-kiln ownership were not enough, her family also keeps bees in their beautiful backyard, which means free honey for me. And, as a major bonus, they also have designed this … [Read more...]

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DIY Painted Serving Bar: The Big Reveal


Yesterday I talked about how I chose my Glidden  paint colors for a fun new DIY painted furniture project using the My Colortopia and Color 101 website, and today is the big reveal!  Remember this 1980’s chest o’ drawers?  Well speaking of drawers, hold onto yours (name that movie)… Eeeeeee!!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!  Our basement is loving it too.  This big blank beige wall just got soooo much cooler.  I cannot believe what a difference a little paint and some reclaimed wood made for this … [Read more...]

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How to Paint Stripes on Furniture with Glidden Paint


Today I’m tackling one of the biggest questions I get asked as a DIY blogger, along with a fun painted furniture project. Question: How do I choose a paint color for DIY furniture painting projects? Answer: It depends. I have painted SO many different pieces of furniture over the years, and I learn a little bit more each time I create a new project.  I tend to lean toward the "muddy" paint colors-- and by that I mean the ones that have a lot of grey or brown added to them to tone them … [Read more...]

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{Be Our Guest} Fall Tablescapes and Placesettings Blog Hop

Thanksgiving- Fall Tablescape

When I think about Thanksgiving, I don’t typically think about place settings and tablescapes. I think about turkey and dressing, family, football and red solo cups.  But for all of you out there scouring Pinterest looking for inspiring Thanksgiving table decorations, this post is for you.  Today I’m teaming up with TWENTY-FIVE fabulous bloggers to bring you some crazy gorgeous fall tablescapes that are going to blow you away. My table is filled with all things rustic and fall!  Pumpkins, … [Read more...]

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My Favorite Fall Candle Scents {GIVEAWAY from River City Candles}


Fall is finally in the air at my house, and I’m gearing up for my favorite season by burning some of my favorite candles.  Last year when I was introduced to River City Candles I fell head over heels in love with all of her scented candles.  When Kathleen reached out to me again about collaborating on a blog post for Fall?  It took me about .24 seconds for me to whip out a response to that email. Y’all NEED to know about these candles! When it comes to scented things, I am not a floral … [Read more...]

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Here is the Church, here is the Steeple


Open it up, and count all the people! I have been searching for an old church attendance sign for YEARS, you guys.  Like, years and years.  When I was a little girl I would sit in my Granny and Pop’s Missionary Baptist Church and stare at their attendance sign hanging over the preacher’s left shoulder.  Then I would look around the room and mentally try to count all the people to see if there were more or less in the pews than there were last week.  Here is a confession… I don’t remember a … [Read more...]

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New Favorite: Reclaimed Wood Initials from Urban Farmgirl

Reclaimed Wood Initial made from old flooring-2

I have a confession to make. I didn't sign up for a single Fall home tour this year.  I got invited to join a few, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  My life is going through a good deal of an upheaval at the moment, and I didn't have the energy to completely redecorate my fantel with all the usual autumn accoutrements. In fact, I still have my Christmas mantel up from last year because it makes me THAT happy. Up until this morning, I not pulled out a single piece of fall decor … [Read more...]

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It’s all in the Details


The first thing you notice when you pull up to Dana Tucker’s beautiful Franklin, TN home are those chartreuse double front doors.  Those suckers are spec-freakin-tacular. Dana, who is one half of the Dynamic Duo that make up Forest Home Media who invited us up to Nashville for a girl’s weekend last week, is also a blogger.  She and her husband own Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, a high end specialty painting company.  Inside Dana’s beautiful home, there is eye candy on every single wall.  … [Read more...]

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Have a Coke and a Smile


Ever since we started the Whole30 Challenge a few months ago my husband and I have made a pact to stop drinking soft drinks. Cold turkey.  Just sat them down and never looked back.  Considering we both used to guzzle cokes like a dried up cactus, it has been a little bit of a challenge to keep that promise.  But, so far so good!  We are trying to maintain our good eating habits but with all the end of summer parties and back to school stress, we’ve let some junk slip back into our diets.  But … [Read more...]

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