DIY Ribbon and Lace Nursery Mobile


I’ve known all along that I wanted to DIY a pretty mobile for baby girl’s nursery, but I never knew exactly what I wanted until I walked into a local consignment store (Easy Street Resale) and saw these beautiful, but oh-so-simple ribbon and lace mobiles hanging from the ceiling.  Theirs were for decoration only and not for sale, so I decided to create my own version at home with a few simple (and cheap!) items. Last week was a super productive week in the nursery thanks to my friend Dusty … [Read more...]

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State of the Nursery Address


Hello friends! I thought I’d hop on here real fast and give you a few nursery updates.  We are T-minus six weeks and counting until this little girl arrives, and finally we are making some progress on her room.  I know from experience that she likely won’t be sleeping in here for a while after she’s born, but that also means I won’t be sleeping for a while after she’s born so I’d rather get this marked off the to-do list ASAP! Here's where we are so far... If you follow me on … [Read more...]

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A Dream Backyard Tour


Recently I realized that I have never blogged about my parent’s beautiful home.  They’ve lived here for 12 years, so I’m not sure why it’s never occurred to me to put it on the blog before now. Since my home is still not blog worthy (sorry, y'all) I am going to give you a tour of my parent's dream backyard today. It’s a stunner! When we moved in right next door to my parents, I agreed to become the Special Events Coordinator for the whole neighborhood where we live.  My dad has been … [Read more...]

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Pass Me A Floppy Hat, English Roses Are Here


Before we moved into this house, the previous owner had all new landscaping put into the front flower beds.  As with any new landscaping, unfortunately some of it didn’t survive.  The house sat vacant for at least six months before we moved in, so this likely happened from lack of water for these new little plants. When we moved in I knew that I wanted to replace these dead plants with some colorful flowers instead of more shrubs. I have always wanted to learn how to grow great roses.  … [Read more...]

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Five Home Decorating Trends from the 2015 Parade of Homes

Birmingham Parade of Homes Decor Ideas 2015-72

The 2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes is wrapping it up this weekend, so there is still time to get out there and see all the amazing home decorating ideas.  I have spent hours touring the homes in the Parade this year, and they are all stunning. Here are the top five current home design trends that I noticed this year for this area. 1. Grey is IN. The majority of the houses I saw on the parade featured light grey walls. I’m a fan of light grey, as long as it’s warm and not too … [Read more...]

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Giving our House an Instant Facelift


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen several pictures of our new house already, including the patchwork quilt of a roof that we’ve been living under for a few months.  A new roof was the very first thing the inspector recommended that we do after we moved in, but it unfortunately it rained for approximately 89.666 days of the first 90 that we lived here.  Thankfully the roof held up through all of those torrential spring rains. But finally, the sun came out and the rain dried … [Read more...]

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2015 Parade of Homes is Here!

Bham Parade of Homes 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least for decorophiles like me, anyway. The Birmingham Parade of Homes starts this weekend, which means I can snoop around perfectly appointed houses and get tons of decorating ideas without having to bring a bottle of wine or be very sociable.  All Parade homes are open to the public and totally FREE to tour. House-hopping around the Parade is the best thing ever.  It’s also starting over Mother’s Day weekend, which makes it a perfect time … [Read more...]

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Finding Southern Romance in Mobile, Alabama


When Esther de Wolde decided to checkmark her dream of renovating an old southern home off her bucket list, I bet the idea of sharing her porch railings with a bunch of bloggers from across the continent wasn’t even a blip on her radar. But, that is exactly what happened last week at Esther’s turn-of-the-century home in Mobile, Alabama. Do you like how those of us on the left harnessed our inner Susanne Sugarbakers and lounged right on that railing like we owned it? I had the honor of … [Read more...]

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Learning A Lesson About Plantation Shutters

half plantation shutters vs aluminum blinds

Hello, hello! I know you guys think that I have fallen off the face of the earth because I have been frantically decorating this new house and getting it blog-ready to take you all on the Grand Tour soon. But no. In reality, I’ve been laying on my couch watching marathons of Fixer Upper and rubbing my growing belly.  I am 22 weeks pregnant today, and we are in our sixth week of getting used to waking up in this new house.  I was a hermit last time I was pregnant, and I am a hermit this … [Read more...]

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Everything I Own in a Box to the Left

Beth has a lot of junk

Oh hai. ::peeks out from behind the tower of boxes surrounding my computer:: So, many of you have checked in with me to wish me luck with the move, and I wanted to let y'all know that we survived and have arrived at our new destination. The move itself went as smoothly as possible, considering that once the movers arrived I realized that I could easily have my own tv show that is a combo spinoff of Hoarders, American Pickers and Samford and Son. If you follow me on Instagram you already … [Read more...]

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