Bless it! Decorating the Dining Room for Fall

Ahhhh crisp cool air. Pumpkins. Leaves falling.  Fall has been calling my name this month!  How about you?  I've gotten a head start by decorating my dining room so I wanted to share that with y'all today. I'm teaming up with my favorite bHomies for this fun blog hop, and there will be prizes at the end! Woot! Sarah at She Holds Dearly was the previous stop on this bHome blog hop, so if you're joining me from her site, welcome! Wasn't this photo of Sarah's fall front porch just gorgeous? I … [Read more...]


How to add a Laundry Chute to your home

When we remodeled our attic space one of the key elements I wanted to install was a laundry chute from the second floor to the laundry room. We had one at our old house and I have missed it terribly, especially now that Garrett is older and his clothes are getting bigger by the second. We lucked out in a major way because this empty space beside the attic door turned out to line up perfectly over the corner of our laundry room ceiling. I had been eyeing this spot for a while, doing … [Read more...]

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Come Tour a Real Life Hobbit House

Outside a tiny village called "Tomich" beside Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, a man named Stuart Grant has carved out a magical home that resembles a tiny hobbit house. The house was originally a barn or "byre", as he calls it, but he decided that it had a better view than the actual house. In 1984 he began whittling tree stumps and repurposing his neighbor's castoff junk into THE most incredible house in the history of ever. … [Read more...]

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DIY a Vintage Flag with Ribbon and a Handkerchief

A few years back I found this set of vintage baby crib springs at a local junk shop.  It was chipped and rusty and moldy on one corner, but I loved the harlequin shape of the springs. At the same time I also saw an old weathered mantelpiece that called my name in a major way. I had NO idea how I would use either item, but I knew that I loved them both and would eventually find a way to work them into my house.  My husband gave me some major side-eye … [Read more...]

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Decorating the {new} Dining Room Table for the 4th of July

Sooooo remember when I thought it would be a good idea to have my home office in my dining room when we first moved in this house?  Welp. I was wrong about that.  Very wrong. Here is a cleaned up picture of the office dining room.  It looked this nice for about 2.4 seconds while I took this photo. And then the crap piled right back up in this room so fast it made my head spin. The dining room is the very first room you see when you walk through the front door of my house, … [Read more...]

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Caroline’s Nursery, Take 2

We have a small second bedroom on the main level of our house that started out as Garrett's bedroom when we first moved in. I was pregnant with Caroline at the time and Garrett was a 7 year old little dude who still needed some "nighttime support" to get to sleep in his own bed (especially in a new, unfamiliar house) Before she was born we decorated a nursery for Caroline on the second floor, which I blogged about in this post.  It was a really pretty room, but she never even … [Read more...]

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The Garage Door Dilemma

When we bought our house, the upper garage had a HUGE and janky double garage door.   This "double" garage door was seriously like 20 feet wide, and it was constantly breaking down.  I paid a local door company many hundreds of dollars to come out on several occasions and patch this behemoth up, but it was on it's last legs.  Notice I put "double" in quotes because there is no way two SUVs are fitting inside this garage side-by-side.  It has always been … [Read more...]

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Like a Room without a Roof {Spring Home Tour}

Welcome to the middle of March! Can y'all even believe we are already 3 months into 2017?  The flowers are blooming, clocks have sprung forward and there's like three feet of snow on the ground in New England right now.  Here in Alabama, though, all signs point to SPRING up in hurrr, which is just fine by me. My bones need some sunshine and warmth again. Today I'm joining a few of my most talented blog friends along with our co-hosts Homegoods and Country … [Read more...]

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Attic Renovation Before and After- The Full Room Tour

The attic is finally complete, so I wanted to gather up all my Before and After photos in one place to show just how far we have come in this room. Here is the room before-- nothing much to see here except potential... And here is the finished attic turned office! The transformation is really hard to believe unless you see all the progress pictures. I will link all those up at the bottom of this post so you can get all the details in one spot.  This is hands-down … [Read more...]

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Anatomy of the Attic Cubbies {aka Storage Galore!}

When I decided to finish out the attic as an office and a playroom, I knew I didn't want to waste any of the precious floor space with excess furniture. Garrett's playroom at the old house had tons of little furniture pieces scattered here and there, and after a while it all just seemed to contribute to the clutteriness of the room. Since this room was going to be my new home office, I knew I had to figure out a way to tame the clutter all over the floor for my sanity's sake. Memorabilia-type … [Read more...]

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