How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree {in daylight}

After we got the Christmas tree up this weekend we had a “Baby’s First Christmas” photo shoot with Caroline.  I thought I’d share the details on how I took these pictures in case any of you are looking for instructions on how to photograph your kids in front of the Christmas lights this year. Here is my favorite picture straight outta the camera: To get this shot I used a tripod with my camera settings on the following: ISO: 100 Aperture (f-stop): 1.8 Shutter Speed: 1/30 Turn … [Read more...]


Handmade Body Butter recipe {with a Video Tutorial}

A few weeks ago I posted a very popular post about how to make your own body butter.  I had some questions about the way I got my oils to whip up so light and fluffy, so I wanted to make you guys a video to show you exactly how I make this creamy goodness in a step-by-step video tutorial. This is not my Youtube debut, but it IS the first time I’ve ever spliced clips of footage together and added music, so I apologize in advance for my lack of editing skills.  There is a reason I am a … [Read more...]

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DIY Painted Serving Bar: The Big Reveal

Yesterday I talked about how I chose my Glidden  paint colors for a fun new DIY painted furniture project using the My Colortopia and Color 101 website, and today is the big reveal!  Remember this 1980’s chest o’ drawers?  Well speaking of drawers, hold onto yours (name that movie)… Eeeeeee!!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!  Our basement is loving it too.  This big blank beige wall just got soooo much cooler.  I cannot believe what a difference a little paint and some reclaimed wood made for this … [Read more...]

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Whatcha gonna do with all that junk

In case y’all haven’t noticed.  I love junk.  Any kind of rusty old junk. I’m on it.  And chippy, peeling doors.  And vintage anything.  So, when I combine all of those elements together with some beautiful container gardens it kinda makes my head want to explode with joy.   I might as well get it over with and change my name to Tow-Mater, because I am in LOVE with these rusty aqua sideboards from an old Ford truck (or Chevy? What the heck are these things… I have no idea.)  I spotted them at … [Read more...]

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The Lazy Girl’s Timesaving Tips for Decorating End Tables

  Decorating my house is something that just comes naturally to me.  Some folks are blessed with the gift of playing music by ear, or the athletic ability to slide on their knees while rounding third base into home plate.  Some people can do math in their head without a calculator.  I have none of those abilities, but thankfully God shoved me into the creative gene pool and gave me an eye for design instead. He also granted me a husband with amazing woodworking skills.  Thank you, … [Read more...]

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I hate to admit this, but we don't give our dogs a bath very often.  Which means that they are stinky. Their crates are stinky. Their bedding is stinky. Their breath? Oh, don’t even get me started. Gus and Woodrow, our two 100 pounder Labrador Retrievers, have been outdoor dogs their entire lives.  Don’t feel too bad for them.  They have it made in the shade, quite literally.  They come inside the garage to their crates at night, but the rest of their days are spent lounging pool-side on … [Read more...]

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The secret to perfect homemade hot chocolate

During the last Snowpocalypse when I had 5 kids stuck in my house during snowy weather I whipped up a batch of homemade hot chocolate that the kids just loved.  The parents were pretty impressed that I could make homemade hot chocolate from scratch without a recipe.  My mom taught me at a very early age to make this recipe for hot chocolate with just three ingredients, so today I’m going to pass along my secret recipe to y’all.  I actually had to do a few test batches to figure out the … [Read more...]

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Operation De-Darkify the Bathroom is complete {finally}

When you guys last saw my Master Bathroom, we had just moved into our house in 2010 and I had slapped some paint on the walls just to cover up the faux finish treatment that the previous owners had left behind.  Over the years I have dreamed about what my perfect bathroom would look like, specifically this Pottery Barn bathroom that I featured here: Oh, how I love that bathroom! As a reminder, here is the before photo with the brown faux finish when we bought the house in 2010:  And here … [Read more...]

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How to DIY a Giant Wooden Star for the Christmas Mantel

When it came time to decorate my Christmas mantel this year, there was absolutely no doubt about what I wanted to create for it.  Remember my late summer mantel post when I showed y’all the scrap wood star that everyone raved about?  I just couldn’t get that pretty little star out of my mind, so I decided to recreate it in a BIG way for my Christmas mantel this year.   Here is my version of the scrap wood star… standing 42 inches high, looking totally chippy and marvelous on my mantel.   The … [Read more...]

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Constructing An Epic Fairy Garden

Anyone else out there have a fondness for fairy gardens?  The Epic movie was one of my very favorite cartoons released this year.  Every time I wander around our yard with Garrett we point out little humps of moss or gnarled knots in trees that could hide a fairy lurking underneath.  I love the imagination behind it all, and the magical wonder of the possibility of a tiny world that exists right underneath our noses.  Every time a bug splats our window Garrett asks if it was a Boggan.  If you … [Read more...]

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