Unskinny Boppy Reader Survey 2017!

Hi there. I'm ashamed to admit that in over a decade of blogging I have never done a formal poll of my blog readers to get your opinions on what you like and what you don't like. After talking to other bloggers at the Haven Conference last week, apparently I'm supposed to be doing this on the regular.  (Whoops.) So, who is willing to take a survey and let me know your feelings about this blog? I would be honored if you would take a minute to fill out this survey and give me all your … [Read more...]


How Do I Make Money Blogging? {Spilling my money-making secrets}

When someone tells you they are a teacher or a nurse,  you pretty much know immediately what they do and how they earn a living doing it. But when I tell someone that I am a blogger, they usually give me this quizzical look and ask "But, how do you get paid to be a blogger?"  I love explaining my non-traditional job to folks, so today I thought I'd spill my secrets about exactly how I earn money as a full-time blogger. Think of a blog like a mini-magazine, except you (the reader) do not … [Read more...]

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I’m Not a Player, I Just Blog a Lot.

Big Pun? Anyone? No? Alrighty, then... Yesterday I shared The Lazy Girl's Guide to Lightroom, my new e-course that I've been building behind the scenes for the past two months. Now, I know that a lot of you are not bloggers and probably don't give a rat's patootie about how to build a blog or take better photos. If you are that person, feel free to skip right on past this post and wait for the next decorating post (they are coming, I promise!). But, if you are a long-time reader who is … [Read more...]

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Get Your Design Fix at bHome!

Today I have a HUGE announcement that I’m so excited to finally share with y’all! bHome is a new Home and Garden app on the market featuring all of your favorite magazines and DIY bloggers.  It’s available on iPhone and iPad, (coming soon to Android!).  If you love getting inspired by gorgeous photography and design ideas, this is the app for you.  There are almost 40 incredible design bloggers and magazines for you to follow, including some of my daily reads and blog friends like The … [Read more...]

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Best of 2014: Top 10 posts of the Year

As we come to close of 2014 I’m looking back on how my blog has morphed and changed over the years. For the past few years I’ve considered myself to be a DIY & design blogger.  But as I was searching through my analytics to find my top ten most viewed posts of 2014, I was surprised to see that most of them were not DIY related at all. I believe I have officially crossed over into “lifestyle” blog territory.  Fine by me, because it’s WAY easier to document how to toss together some bath salts … [Read more...]

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Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0

A few weeks back I opened an email from my friend Jen Rizzo asking if I'd be interested in joining in on her upcoming Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0 class. In the email she asked a whole bunch of questions that I answered silently in my head... Are you a dreamer?  Yes. You may say I'm a dreamer.  But I'm not the only one. (name that tune) Do you have ideas, dreams and a beautiful product to go with it? Yep.  So many ideas.  So many dreams. So little time.  And energy. Have you been … [Read more...]

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

Hey there. I’m back. I have to admit that most of my days in 2014 have gone just like this…. Source But I'm better now. Fourteen days and 43 comments later, I’m back and ready to begin blogging this year. I took a deliberate break from everything for a few weeks, and I’ve got to admit that it felt pretty good.  I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about what I want from my blog, from my life, from my everything.  It’s been an introspective few weeks. I don’t quite have all the answers … [Read more...]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

As we enter the new year, I’d like to take a minute to find out what kind of posts you would like to see on my blog in 2014.  Also, I want to get some things off of my chest that have been burdening my brain for the past year.   I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately, about how it’s changed and evolved over the years.  Gone are the carefree days of blogging when I had no filter, no concern about who I might offend or what people might think when I posted something ridiculous.   For years … [Read more...]

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How to create featured likes on a facebook fan page

  Wanna give your best bloggy buds some extra facebook juice?  I'll show you how to make their fan page a featured like on your facebook fan page, so they will get more exposure with all of your fans.  It stands to reason that if a blog reader likes me, my home, or my projects, then they might have an interest in knowing what blogs inspire me, as well, right?  By setting your favorite blogs as a featured like on your fan page, you can show your readers which blogs are your favorite.  Start by … [Read more...]

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Goodbye, Google Reader. And Now What?

In case you haven't heard, Google announced that it is doing away with the old standby blog feed reader which was so appropriately named "Reader". Unfortunately, this is how nearly 1,000 of you read my blog according to the Reader statistics thingie. If you are currently following me through Google Reader, you've got a few options on how you can easily continue to get my content on your screen if you so choose. I'm honestly humbled to have a great readership like you guys, and I hope you will … [Read more...]

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