Harry Potter Bath & Body Potion Recipes

Did you know this year is the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book? If you have a Harry Potter fan in your house, I'm sure you've already discovered that. My 9 year old son, Garrett, is OBSESSED with all things HP.  He is planning to dress up as Harry for Halloween, and we have not one but THREE Harry Potter themed events to attend between now and October 31st. Since we are in full-on Pottermania up in here, I thought I'd share some kid-friendly potions to conjure … [Read more...]


Plan your Summer Cookout {with essential oils}

Did you guys know you can use essential oils in recipes? I had no idea you could cook with essential oils until I discovered Young Living a few years back. I always assumed they were just for the smell-good factor but there is so much more to them than that. Here is the biggest advantage to cooking with essential oils- they give your food a flavor kick that regular extracts cannot provide. These little bottles contain some potent stuff. Also, have you ever used a bottle of expired extract … [Read more...]

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DIY Wood slice essential oil holder

I saw this cute birch log slice essential oil holder from etsy seller Wood and Oils and my immediate thought was "I can DIY that."   So, we did.  :)  I had this birch log slice lying around and my husband grabbed his drill bit set from the basement.  Within about 5 minutes we had a homemade essential oil display that is SUPER cute. Here's how you can make one of these for yourself to display your essential oil collection.  Supplies needed: … [Read more...]

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The Easiest Essential Oil Christmas Gift Idea, Ever.

Ok, all you non-crafty, time-constrained shoppers out there...I have got a cute idea for you today!  It's a spa bath in a cup.  This is simply a layer of Epsom salt on the bottom with a shower poof for the "whipped cream" and a little bottle of essential oil tucked in the top! To use these, just add a few drops of essential oil into the Epsom salt, give it a quick shake and pour straight into a soaking tub for a relaxing spa bath. Be aware that citrus oils will melt … [Read more...]

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Holiday Hostess Guide {using essential oils}

Y'all. It's NOVEMBER. Already?? No way. Not yet. Nope. I'm not ready yet. Is anyone else just staring at their calendar in disbelief going "There is no way that the holidays can be this close yet?" If you're feeling the stress of all that holiday partying already, you are not alone my friend.  Today we're gonna try to ease your pain just a little. Today I've teamed up with some of my very best blog friends to bring you a giant roundup of ideas on how to use those essential oils that … [Read more...]

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All Natural Body, Lip and Facial Scrubs using essential oils

Winter is almost here, and so is the dry, cold weather. I've got three body and facial scrub recipes that offer an all-natural way to keep your skin silky soft all winter long using ingredients you probably already have on hand in your pantry.  Plus, read all the way to the end of the post series to find out how you can win one of two handmade pine bread boards like the ones that are featured in this post! Each scrub in this series offers varying degrees of coarseness, and I’ll start … [Read more...]

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Layered Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

Looking for a great little gift to give to all the girly-girls in your life? This layered peppermint sugar scrub recipe is perfection and it's SO simple to make. Give this one to all the girlfriends, sisters, moms, grandmamas and teachers for a one-of-a-kind present that will knock their socks off.  I saw this idea last year at my friend Jessi's blog and LOVED it, so this year these are at the top of my list of DIY Christmas gifts. Ingredients needed: about 1.5 cups white Granulated … [Read more...]

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How to Clean an Oven like a Boss

We are down to a matter of minutes before Thanksgiving is here! I hope you all have your turkeys defrosting and shopping lists ready! I cannot wait for the smell of fresh baked goodness coming out of the oven.  But unfortunately, right now, the only smells coming out of my oven are the smells of charred cheese and blackened bits of burned food from years of use.  Once upon a time I used the self-cleaning feature to clean my oven and nearly suffocated from the fumes.  I had to open all my windows … [Read more...]

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Handmade Body Butter recipe {& Essential Oil Gift Guide}

A few weeks ago I posted a very popular post about how to make your own body butter.  I had some questions about the way I got my oils to whip up so light and fluffy, so I wanted to make you guys a video to show you exactly how I make this creamy goodness in a step-by-step video tutorial. This is not my Youtube debut, but it IS the first time I’ve ever spliced clips of footage together and added music, so I apologize in advance for my lack of editing skills.  There is a reason I am a … [Read more...]

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EASY HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Citrus Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

There is just nothing better than a handmade gift for the holidays, amiright?  I love getting homemade treats that wouldn’t normally make for myself.  This year is going to be a very handmade holiday around our house, and right up at the top of the Christmas lists are quick gifts that can be made using essential oils.  One of my favorite quick gifts using essential oils are sugar scrubs!  So, today let's chat about how to make handmade sugar scrubs! I've even made a quick Youtube tutorial for … [Read more...]

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