How to DIY a Giant Wooden Star for the Christmas Mantel


When it came time to decorate my Christmas mantel this year, there was absolutely no doubt about what I wanted to create for it.  Remember my late summer mantel post when I showed y’all the scrap wood star that everyone raved about?  I just couldn’t get that pretty little star out of my mind, so I decided to recreate it in a BIG way for my Christmas mantel this year.   Here is my version of the scrap wood star… standing 42 inches high, looking totally chippy and marvelous on my mantel.   The … [Read more...]

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Have yourself a Junky Little Christmas


What an amazingly awesome weekend it has been!  Between all the food at our Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping and Auburn winning the Iron Bowl in the very last second of the game with a 109 yard field goal return that left me screaming so loudly I nearly passed out from glee, I feel like I need to book a weekend at a spa just to get my blood pressure to come down. I have also been working like Buddy the Elf on speed to get my house decorated for Christmas so that I can begin sharing my … [Read more...]

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A Handmade Christmas: 10 DIY Christmas gifts you can make from scratch

DIY Christmas gift ideas

I don't know about you, but when I see all the stores opening their doors for their "Black Friday" sales on Thanksgiving Day this year--making their workers take time away from their families and friends on a holiday to come in and work so the store can earn more profits--it kinda makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.   Can we not wait ONE day? Just one day before the pushing and shoving and trampling begins?  Really, 'Murica? So, instead of standing in the long lines on Thanksgiving, … [Read more...]

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Christmas in a Minute: Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees


Guess what? DIY Christmas project time is upon us!  If you're searching for an easy Christmas craft project, you came to the right place. These cute pumpkin seed Christmas trees are quick and fun to make at home with a few simple supplies.  Have you guys ever gone into Costco and gotten sucked into buying something that you totally don’t need because you just KNEW you could use it?  That is what happened with me and these pumpkin seeds.  Standing in Costco one day I spotted this GIGANTIC bag … [Read more...]

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The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See.


As promised in yesterday’s vintage student desk makeover tutorial, I’m back today with a tour of The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See. Here is the new home of the little chevron desk… my mom’s craft room that we recently made over: My mom is a lover of all things crafty.  Y’all know I had to get all this creativity from somewhere, right?  Well, my mother gave me a healthy dose of it for sure.  Ever since I can remember, she has been sculpting or painting or hot-gluing something … [Read more...]

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Thrift Store Makeover: Vintage Student Desk Edition


I keep seeing these vintage student desks popping up all over thrift stores and antique malls these days.  Prices vary, depending on the condition and age of the piece, but we picked up this cute little metal guy for $30.00.  I was actually shopping with my parents when my dad spotted the desk.  He started reminiscing about his school days spent studying in a metal desk exactly like this one, so I’m going to guess the age to be a mid century piece, since that is when my dad would have been in … [Read more...]

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Fabulous Fall Party: Fall Decorating with Nature


There are moments when being a DIY home blogger who lives in the Deep South has it’s advantages, but right now is not one of them.  When it’s 97 degrees outside and the leaves outside my window are greener than Kermit’s ding-a-ling, it’s very hard to get in the fall decorating spirit. However… All of my blogging buddies are breaking out their autumnal adornments this week, so the pressure is on.  I was invited to join a few AMAZING home bloggers in the Fabulous Fall party today.  Since my … [Read more...]

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Before and After Contest Winner!


The Before and After Contest that I co-hosted with One Project Closer this past weekend is over and it’s time to announce the winner.  Let me first say that you guys did NOT make this an easy decision.  I have been going through all of these links and so many of them are just outstanding.   Trying to pick a favorite out of this group is like trying to choose my favorite flavor of cupcake… Um.  I LOVE THEM ALL.   But Jocie is forcing me to pick just one, so I finally narrowed it down … [Read more...]

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The Houses that Built Me {West Blocton}


In 1979 my parents decided to build a house. They like to call this era the “Mother Earth” phase of their lives.  I just call it my childhood.  My earliest memories begin in this home that they built for us nestled underneath the tall loblolly pine trees in West Blocton, Alabama.  Actually most of my memories take place outside of the house, since that is where I spent the majority of my time running around barefoot in the dirt with my older sister and neighboring kids. I was less than two … [Read more...]

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DIY Lampshade Tutorial using a Sweater


 When I was contacted by to give a DIY lampshade makeover to a plain white shade, the first thing that popped into my head was to create a cozy cable knit sweater lampshade.  Since I don’t own any cozy cable knit sweaters that I want to chop up, I ran down to the Thrift Store on Friday night and scored not one but THREE sweaters that were potential candidates for my lampshade makeover project.  Who knew the thrift store had such a plethora of knitted goodness? The final sweater winner … [Read more...]

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