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I’m way behind on my blogging. Sorry bout that.

The Mardi Gras themed couple’s shower was a huge success. I made the mistake of being too tired and stressed out to enjoy it, but everyone else seemed to have a great time. The bride and groom really racked up. They got great gifts, and I was happy for my best friend to be showered with love from everyone. One of the best parts of the party for me was filling my play list with all these great jazz, blues and mardi gras songs that make me HAPPY. (Thanks, Nat!) I’ve been listening to my mp3 player for weeks with all this great music on it.

There were about 30 guests, which was just too many in my house at one time. It got a little claustophobic in my kitchen and living room. I stayed in the dining room and the foyer most of the night trying to avoid having a small panic attack. We decorated for a week, and the house looked like Mardi Gras puked up all over it. Beads beads beads everywhere, along with tons of food and other decorations. I made the topsy turvy cake for the party. Everyone thought I was crazy for attempting it, and looking back I probably was. But I can cross it off my list of things to do before I die. Martha and I saw a pic of a topsy turvy cake for the first time in an InStyle Weddings magazine back in 1999 or so. We both fell in love with it and fought over who would get to have it as a wedding cake. Turns out neither of us will have it. I chose a bass boat for my cake, and Martha isn’t planning to have one for her wedding. So this was my little gift to her. It was my first attempt at fondant, so I was pretty nervous. It is like edible modeling clay. Very weird stuff that tastes like sweet spongy nothingness. But it works great for decorations. I chose chocolate buttercream for the majority of the cake. Much tastier.

Here’s some shiny happy photos for you to enjoy.

The Cake:


Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Women:


ummmmmm  Spicy Meats:



Bourbon Street in my dining room:




Christmas decor came in handy for this shower:


Obligatory Hostess with the Bride Pic:

Obligatory Hostess Pic 

Just a portion of the panic attack inducing crowd of the night:

Party crowd

And finally, we ended the late night with my Baptist Deacon Uncle getting a little crazy with the decorations. His sons will be so proud.

King of the mardi gras

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  1. […] and such. I only have about one of these cakes in me every few years. The last one I made was the topsy turvy Mardi Gras themed cake for my friend’s wedding shower in 2007, so yeah… about once every half-decade […]

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