TUTORIAL: Anatomy of a Window Table

My husband is a hobbyist who dabbles in woodworking. I love all of his pieces because they are unique, creative and pretty awesome to look at! He is very talented, and I am proud to show off his handiwork! We both really enjoy going to flea markets and antique stores and searching for unique or interesting things to recreate at home. He has made several really cool pieces of furniture and wall hangings for our house and to sell at vendor booths.

This is my absolute favorite piece that he’s made– my wedding shadowbox. I had my bouquet dried and separated into three tussy mussies. The we added pics from our wedding. He gave it to me as a wedding gift, so this is very near and dear to my heart.

Second favorite is this table:

Here are some photos of his other work from our Tannehill Trade Days booth:

I have been asked for instructions on how he made some of these pieces, so I will try my best to explain the process in a tutorial (with pictures!). I plan to do several more of these tutorials, so I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to ask any more questions if there is anything I left out.

(NOTE: I apologize that these are super skinny and hard to read for the sake of my blog layout. For more info click each page to enlarge and zoom in on the image.)

I am excited to share this tutorial over on Twice Remembered’s “Make Your Monday” Challenge

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  1. That’s awesome- thanks for sharing!

  2. I just happened upon your blog and am SO amazed by this. I think I’m in love with this table. Truly… I think this is going to be included on a wish list for my husband. I have faith he can do it.

    Thanks so much for sharing you and your hubby’s expertise.

  3. Twice Remembered says:

    This is just stunning! The details with the trim is amazing. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for old windows and table legs! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Love it!! Love it!!! I too will be making one, or two, or three! Good thing Kim and I live in different states. : ]

  5. Cheri Peoples says:

    Great tutorial. It looks amazing.

    This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come by for a visit and stay awhile.
    Its So Very Cheri I also have a party on Mondays called the Knock Off Knock Out go check out some amazing projects.

    Its So Very Cheri

  6. Cheri Peoples says:

    I just became a follower and will add you to my homespun friends (blog roll) and hope you’ll come over and do the same.
    This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come by for a visit and stay awhile.
    Its So Very Cheri I also have a party on Mondays called the Knock Off Knock Out go check out some amazing projects.

    Its So Very Cheri

  7. gail@myrepurposedlife says:

    wow! love this piece! Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long, long time.
    It looks like a lot of work, but maybe I could make one similiar!

  8. Shanty2Chic says:

    Wow… Thanks for the tips!! Can’t wait to try! It turned out amazing! Way to go!

  9. So beautiful! I love it!!

  10. Twice Remembered says:

    This is still one of my favorite window projects – the beautiful table your hubs made! I am definitely going to keep this tutorial in mind because my hubs is getting pretty good at building things and I may have him tackle this in the future! I just have to land the right windows first, hehe!

    {And that wedding collage is so special! Just beautiful!}

  11. I have been looking to find out how to do this! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  12. Beth@The Stories of A2Z says:

    What a fabulous tutorial! Love it!

  13. Shannon @ DoveNest28 says:

    That is a beautiful table! I like woodworking myself, but I have so much to learn, this is one idea that will go in my file! Thanks for posting the tutorial! Off to pin this to Pinterest!

  14. I love the window-picture holder. What a great idea! Well done to the hubby. I feel my creative juices going so thanks once again for sharing a few great ideas.

  15. Hello, I really love this tutorial. You say you take thangs and sell them. What price would you ask for this. I think I would love to make them annd sell them. Please excuse printing, something wrong with this site I can only see half of what I type. Thank you so much Julues

  16. monika riley says:

    where do you get the vinyl letters



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