Vermont Vacation: Day 2 and 3; Still in Weston

Day 2:

The next day we awoke to a beautiful Vermont morning. The weather was perfect– crisp, cool with blue skies. We went next door to the Inn to have our breakfast in the dining room.

I was so excited to eat on this trip. Because being pregnant and unskinny all at the same time = NONSTOP HOooNGRINESS. And I enjoyed every meal while we were in Vermont. Plus I was thankful that we didn’t have to drive 20 miles to get breakfast!


Look at this yummy meal! It was outstanding.


And check out our gorgeous surroundings:

We had big plans for the second day of our vacation. We had booked a ride on the Green Mountain Flyer, expecting it to take us over and around (or even through!) mountains ablaze with fall color. We drove to the town of Bellows Falls on the New Hampshire border to get on the train.

Bellows Falls

The Bellows Falls Union Station was built in the 1850’s and looks just as it did in the 1940’s when people still used it as their major form of transportation.

Green mtn flyer


Mom says “Choo Choo!” as we depart the station in Bellows Falls.

Choo choo

But instead of traversing the mountains we saw a lot of this:


and then some more of this, which is really only interesting if you are M. Night Shamalan or trying to find your way through a corn maze shaped like Sarah Palin:

But there were some interesting sights along the way. We went over Brockway Mills Gorge with a nice rushing stream below it.

RR over gorge


We also caught a glimpe of the first of many covered bridges that we documented on the trip:

Covered Bridge

And we stopped for just a minute in the town of Chester, VT where we saw lots more of that barn red paint. Somebody is making a killing off of paint sales in Vermont.

Chester Depot

This was inside the Chester Depot:

The train headed back to Bellows Falls and we saw more cornfields. The swaying of the train car made for a hypnotic ride, so I think I took a little cat nap on the way back. Here was our train car, straight out of early 1900’s.

train car

After we arrived back at the depot we decided to head back toward Weston and do some shopping in the small towns along the way. We shopped all afternoon, then went back to the tiny town of Londonderry for dinner a second night in a row. After that we it was getting dark, and dark in Vermont means it is very dark.

Extremely dark.

Like, Booger dark.

There are not many streetlights, and lots of small curvy roads


with bears and meeses and maybe even a reindeer or two ready to jump out at you any second.



Soooo… knowing my family’s luck with hitting cows, we decided not to take any chances and made our way back to the Inn at Weston for the night.

Day 3:

The next morning we decided to head out and find a monastery of Benedictine monks that Mom had read about in one of the tourism brochures.

monastery lake

At first I was like, “A monastery? For real?” But once we arrived I was glad that I visited.

It was peaceful, serene and beautiful.


It was here that we got our good first dose of autumn color in the trees.


fall color

And then I began to feel as if I was in the middle of a Robert Frost Poem.

Mending Wall

We got a little lost on the drive home, but that was ok, because we saw some really cool sights like this:

tire swing

and this:


and this:

fiery tree

and this:

red barn

From there we decided to just start driving and see where we wound up. We made our way all the way over to Charlestown, New Hampshire, where we decided to stop and see the Fort at No. 4.

Fort at No. 4

It is a Fort that dates back to the 1740’s when some of the first colonists used it as a safehouse during the French and Indian War, all the way up through the American Revolution. Here we met this nice man, who served as our tour guide through the Fort.

French Indian

He was an interesting fellow who gave us spent a good deal of time talking to us about the history of the area, and also about the lighthouses of Maine.


Basically we had the place to ourselves, aside from a bus load of school kids who were on a field trip. But we are nerds and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

I played a drum solo for Boudreaux in my belly.


And coveted the rustic wooden kitchen bowls.

Wooden bowl

We watched a nice lady churn butter and said a prayer of thanks for Land o’ Lakes.

churning butter

I have no idea what this is, or why I am sniffing it, but it made me feel very Pocahontasy.


The tour was cool, and definitely something you won’t see in Alabama. It did make me stop and say “Thank you, Lord.” for the fact that I live in more modern times.

wolf bag


Imagine how bad your back would hurt if you had to sleep on this every night:


And you had to cook your meals here:


And poor baby G. Do you think this would have any safety recalls?


After we left the Fort, we moseyed south down the interstate and exited at Brattleboro, where we took Route 9 west toward Bennington. Along the way we saw another covered bridge, so of course we had to stop for the photo op.

creamery covered bridge

covered bridge

We kept spotting all these painted bears along the way. I later learned the bears were used to raise money for charity. They were all very cute!

painted bear

We stopped along the way and took photos at the 100 mile view overlooking the Green Mountains.

100 mile view

After arriving in Bennington, we exciting Route 9 and headed North on Route 7 toward Manchester. We were basically making a big circle back to Weston, and this appeared to be the fastest way that we hadn’t seen before. Along Route 7 we spotted a sign that I just had to stop and pay homage to, being a fisherwoman:


Farther up the road we spotted another sign for the Norman Rockwell museum in Rutland, so we made a pit stop to check it out.

Norman Rockwell Museum

At the museum I saw something I had never seen before, and it gave me a chuckle.

All I could think when I saw this was “I’m Mister Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mister Plow.”
Mister Plow

Inside was chock full of Rockwell’s work. It was amazing.

Norman Rockwell

Rockwell Museum

How cool would it be to be a teacher and receive this from one of your students? It says, “Please excuse Tommy Rockwell’s absence from school on Nov. 12th because he was deer hunting. Norman Rockwell”

Rockwell Absence

And here’s one for fishing. Talk about priceless.

Norman Rockwell

It was getting very late, so we decided to head on back to the Inn at Weston for our final night in Southern Vermont. The next day we had to pack up and head north to White River Junction because the busy weekend had arrived, and there was no more room for us at the Inn.

To be continued….

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  1. I am a... says:

    OMG Beth…the scenery pics are amazing! Definitely like something out of a poem. The hills covered with autumn leaves remind me of our honeymoon in Tennessee. 🙂

  2. This is such a great series. And your photos, as usual, are wonderful. I especially love the photo of the road lined with the fallen leaves and surrounded by trees.



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  2. […] the rest of the story here!Day 1Day 2 & 3Day 4 & 5Day 6Day 7 & […]

  3. […] the rest of the story here!Day 1Day 2 & 3Day 4 & 5Day 6Day 7 & […]

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