Moose themed wall letters for G’s Great North Woods nursery

UPDATED May 2011: Please check out the Big Boy version of this bedroom here! Great North Woods Big Boy Bedroom

When I was pregnant with my son I made some wall letters for his moose and bear themed nursery. Everybody who has given birth in the past ten years seems to put the child’s name or initials above the crib.

Who am I to buck that trend?

But instead of doing the popular wall words on a ribbon, I decided to make something a little bit more rustic for my son’s Great North Woods themed nursery. They were very easy to make, and the end result was a one-of-a-kind wall decor that I feel gave his nursery a little bit of character.

Here’s the supplies:

First, attach the sawtooth picture hangers to the backs of all three of the wooden basswood plaques. Try to center them up as level as possible. Each wooden oval is different, so you’ll probably have to eyeball it. You’ll want to do this first so the surface is flat while you hammer them into the wood.

Next, paint the wooden letters with several coats of the acrylic paint, let dry. I used the large size oval in the center and flanked it with the two smaller oval plaques. That meant the “B” (last name initial) went on the large center oval with the “G” and “S” on either side. It is a good idea to put them all together first without any glue to see how the placement looks.

After all that is settled, Hot glue the painted letters onto the wooden plaques first. Then hot glue the birch bark letters on top of the painted letters, then attach the moose and canoe to the individual plaques. The canoe oars come separately so make sure they are glued in the position you like.

That’s it! I centered them up over the crib, and likely hung them a little bit too high because I have a tendency to do that. But that’s ok… it keeps them out of reach of exploring hands, right?  (UPDATE: I have had many folks ask me about his crib bedding– it came from Cabela’s, circa 2007!)

Of course I have no photos of any of the assembly or “before” photos, but here are a bunch of the “afters”. 🙂

Have fun with it! !

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  1. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage says:

    Your sons nursery is so cute!! I would love to see more photos of it. I love the barn red furniture! My sons nursery has a woodland animals theme. But I plan to transition it to a Northwoods theme as he gets a little older. I’ve already started buying moose and things and am storing them.

  2. That is so cute! I am about ready to make-over my son’s nursery into a rustic/cabin big boy room. Thanks for the inspiration. Your son’s room is so cute!!

  3. Beth,

    Your son’s nursery has to be one of the cutest I have seen. If we had had boys this would have been the PERFECT theme to have done since my hubby is a hunter. I LOVE the red, it is definitely not typical of most nurseries, what an excellent job you have done.

  4. Beth Ann says:

    I love Garrett’s nursery. And I like the initials you did. They go perfectly with the room!

  5. Ok Beth-just found you and I really wish that we lived next door to each other! You my friend are a crack up and I loved reading your blog!
    This one of a kind decor is absoulately darling! You rock girlie!! You rock!
    Love your fellow unskinny utah friend!

  6. So cute. I like it a lot.

  7. Great look- just my style! Can you tell me where you bought your red crib, cabinet , and chair?

  8. Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy says:

    N.- the crib and bookcase are My Haven Collection by Stanley Young America in Chili Pepper. The chair came from

  9. Brooke Crisp says:

    Oh my goodness…where did you find the bedding & pillows? I have been searching and searching for this kind of a nursery and cannot find it anywhere. I am so glad I came across your site!

  10. Carrie Roer says:

    Love love love it!! The colors are perfect. I’m a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today!

  11. WHERE did you find that bedding! I’m SO in love with it!!



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