It’s a magic kind of medicine that no doctor could prescribe

Since I cannot seem to muster up too many words lately, let me just show you some more pretty pictures. Hibiscus are one of my favorite flowers.

Don’t they just scream “SUMMERTIME!” to you?

As a quick sidenote: Someone should get paid just to walk around Walmart with these flowers in their buggy. I had no less than seven women gasp when they saw these in my cart and ask where I found them.

Um. The garden center? They had tons. Go getcha some!


Back to the purty pictures.

I’m a long time Jimmy Buffett Parrothead. My first email address was short for Margaritaville. I have so many memories spent in Panama City Beach and Destin and all along the Florida Panhandle. Seeing these flowers bring them all back for me. In my head, hibiscus = cold fruity drink + steel drum band + ocean breeze = heaven on earth.

We’re heading to the Emerald Coast of Florida for some R&R real soon, so I hope to see a lot more of these beauties. And a fruity drink in my hand. I heard a rumor that Buffett was playing at Margaritaville in PCB a few weeks back. Maybe I’ll run into him. 🙂

“But there’s this one particular harbor, so far but yet so near. Where I see the days as they fade away and I finally disappear.” -J. Buffett

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  1. What great pictures! I really enjoy reading your blog – I’m passing on a blogger Sunshine Award to you!



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