Didn’t take me long to learn that I was born to blog

Since I’m feeling all Christmas-y I decided to hop on board with Karen at Home and Webbisodes 1st Annual Ornament Exchange this year.

My partner was the beautiful Leah at Happily Herring. Leah is a newlywed with a taste for Coach bags and running in marathons. She also has some fabulous taste in ornaments, because she chose the most perfect one EVER for me.

Check this out:

HOW PERFECT IS THIS??? I am so in love with this ornament!

In fact, I nearly bought one for myself just last week! I saw this exact same ornament at a local boutique here just one day after I purchased ornaments for Leah’s gift at an antique store. I was kicking myself for not waiting a little longer and finding this ornament since it’s so perfect for this exchange. It’s even got a little mouse that wraps around to the back of it.

I came this close to buying it for myself, but instead I bought this really special one in honor of my little train lover:

So now I have two really special ornaments this year!

And while I’m showing off new ornaments, let me show you the one I found to represent our new home. Love it!

So, Leah, let me say… THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love this blogger ornament as much as I love blogging! I seriously did a little happy dance when I opened it! It is just perfect on my tree o’ memorabilia!

A big huge thank you to our Shannon and Karen who arranged this swap! I know ornament swaps are not easy but you guys really made it nice and organized. Thanks so much for having me! I hope to see yall again at the 2nd annual swap! 🙂

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  1. I love all of your new ornaments Beth and I’m so glad you liked yours! I wish you and yours the absolute best this holiday season and in the New Year!

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  3. HI! Following via the Ornament Exchange! I L-O-V-E your ornament!! I think that’s my favorite one so far… Mine hasn’t arrived yet 🙁

  4. Karen At Home says:

    OMG, I want one! That is the coolest ornament ever. I love it! Thank you so much for participating!


  5. I am visiting from the ornament exchange. I am loving your ornament! It is perfect.

  6. That is just too perfect…for all of us! Gotta have the blog ornament for my tree!

    Thanks so much for participating and linking up! I am already excited to cohost again next year for our second annual exchange!

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Katherine @ Grass Stains says:

    LOVE that ornament! I need one! (Actually, one of each. They’re both terrific.) 🙂

  8. love the “born to blog” ornament so cute and so true

  9. Tammy Harvey says:

    Love the train up your child ornament! Was it specially made for you or can you tell me where I can get one? it’s so adorable!

  10. To The Moon and Back says:

    Hi Beth, visiting your blog for the first time today. Love it!

    I would love to know where you found that front door ornament. We moved into a new home we’ve had to completely remodel, and it would be such a special touch for our tree.

    my email is tothemoonandback8@gmail.com

    Happy Holidays!

  11. I love that ornament with the bible verse could you tell me where I can get one? Thanks

  12. Those are all fabulous ornaments, but I do love the blogging one the best. What a great find!


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