Who’s ready for a duck hunt?

In honor of tonight’s National Championship game where my beloved Auburn Tigers are playing against the Oregon Ducks I invite you to join me in a fun little game of duck hunt!

And if 80’s Nintendo games are not your speed, you’re welcome to join me in a few Auburn Christmas carols! Here are a few snippets of the Auburn Christmas carols that my friend Aly and I wrote for her Christmas cards. I know Christmas is over, but these are too good not to share here on the blog.

Here comes Cammy Claus, here comes Cammy Claus, right down Cammy Claus way…

All I want for Christmas is some Oregon duck meat…

Grandma got run over by Nick Fairley.

Christmas in Dixie, it’s snowing in the Plains.

There’s a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy, when we pass around the TP and we watch it fly.

Oh Toomers Christmas tree, Toomers Christmas tree. How TP’ed are thy branches?

Come on it’s lovely weather to slay Oregon together, AU!

A beautiful site, we’re happy tonight…walking in a Weagle Wonderland…

But the prettiest sight to see is the trophy from the BSC at the final score!

And finally, my favorite carol to sing:

Up on the housetop click, click, click. At least Cam was cheaper than old Saint Nick.

We wish you a Cammy Christmas and a Happy Newton Year here at Unskinny Boppy!


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  1. those were all great holiday greetings!! too bad I never sent any cards!! War Eagle!!


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