A look back at the old house and old Nest Bio

I ran across some flickr photos of my old Nest bio recently, and had a little walk down memory lane. I also had a few big realizations about myself and how my style has changed over the past couple of years.

First, let’s start with this.

Australian researchers have named Pantone 448 Opaque Couché the “world’s ugliest color” for 2016. They asked a thousand smokers which color they found most visually offensive, and this was the color that was chosen. Now they are requiring it to be used on cigarette packaging to discourage smoking.

On the right is my dining room paint color, circa 2005. Sherwin Williams Coconut Husk, if my memory serves me correctly.

Unfortunately this visually offensive color never discouraged me from eating, so good luck with that whole smoking thing.

world ugliest color

To be fair, though, it was a really beautiful house. I loved it very much when we owned it from 2005-2010 .

original house

Here’s the floor plan of this house. I think it was about 2200 square feet with an unfinished basement. 

2000 sf house plan

From 2004-2008 I was a very active member of the Decorating and Renovating board at The Nest and before that the Your New Home board on The Knot. My nest name was TheBryansWeBe (aka TBWB). Back then we didn’t blog about our houses… we created bios and directed other Nesties to them when we need to show something to someone. Just say PIB! (pic in bio!)


My Knot and Nest bios were HTML 101 classes for me. I learned how to write very basic code and create page layouts on the web. From there I progressed to using Photoshop to create my bio pages. When I look at them now it makes me smile remembering all the laughter and fun times I had on that board. I met some of my very best friends through the Nest, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of that. I’m also grateful to have a lot of those girls still in my life today. I’ll be seeing a bunch of them again in just a few weeks and I’m pee-in-my-pants excited about it!

But when I look at my old house nest bio pages, I seriously feel like Uncle Knitknots from Imagination Movers. Beige was my signature color. It was everywhere. Walls, cabinets, furniture, floor.

All around.

ledge over foyer

All beige. I even used dark beige for the background on the page layouts!

And I LOVED it.

I absolutely adored my house at the time. It was a very beautiful house, no doubt. I bought furniture to match the style of the house- lots of scrolly wrought iron and distressed French Country pieces. I had a lot of hand-me-down things that I worked in and around. I adored every inch of our home.

Eat in Kitchen

But HOLY MOLY it was dark in there! AND SO BEIGE!! And my photography on the old point and shoot left a lot to be desired. Wheeewww what terrible pictures I took.

living room with burgundy and beige

Somebody turn on the lights! Oh wait. They’re already on. Nevermind.

brown dining room

Look, here’s a room that isn’t beige! It’s dark olive green with brown accents. Earth tones were my thing, obviously.

green master bedroom

Man room? More brown! We even bought a brown slip cover to match the walls.

Even the nursery was beige, beige, beige with some red thrown in.

moose and bear nursery

I even listed out a handy dandy paint chart for anyone wishing to emulate my beige/brown style.

paint colors

But the only room in the house that I painted myself that I felt represented the true ME, was this one:

shabby chic craft room

My girl crafty room.

I loved being in that room. It was a total mood lifter.

It was painted Behr Celery Sprig- a bright green color. My husband built the desk himself and I spray painted the two little file cabinets to go underneath. I used periwinkle accents and a little bit of black. I loved this room so much. It was a very happy room. Then I got pregnant, and it all got ripped out to make room for a guest bed so I could sleep upstairs next to Garrett.

Such is life, huh?

But here is what I have learned about myself from looking back on these old photos.

I am no longer a beige person. I crave light. I am in love with all those white rooms I keep pinning. Blue is my signature color. I’ve always loved blue and always will. I need lots of windows thrown open and the sun streaming in. Heavy curtains make me depressed. I am tempted to paint every room in my house in high or semi-gloss paint to reflect the light better. I miss having periwinkle blue and green and clear, non-muddy paint colors in my life. I want a much more relaxed and laid back style in my house instead of being so formal and stuffy.

So, slowly but surely, I’m trying my best to make the transition in the new house from boring dark beige to something lighter and brighter and airy-er. Exactly where I’m going, I’m not really sure. Somewhere between coastal cottage and rustic cabin and normal everyday home. I just know that I want to move as far away from overdoses of beige as possible.

I realize there’s a big chance that in another five to ten years I’ll be ready for another change. But that’s the beauty of interior designs. They are constantly changing, ever-evolving, always keeping us on our toes.

It’s fun to take a little stroll down memory lane every now and then. You have to know where you’ve been to figure out where you want to be.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your boards! You had/have a beautiful home.

  2. I remember you from The Nest back in the day! lol I thought that your ledge above your front entry was so neat. It’s nice to be following your blog now, and to see how your tastes have evolved. I was stuck in the dark earthtone phase for many years, and finally broke free when we built our home 2 years ago!

  3. Beth – I totally remember your gourgeous house from the D&R/YH days.

    I also recall when you “redid” your bio bc of all the BSC-ziness that went on!

  4. Aww The Nest… I haven’t been on there in years!

    I could have written this same post! I recently moved and realized everything I own is beige or chocolate brown. WTF?! When did that happen?! I’m definitely leaning towards lighter, brighter, and less stuffy as well.

  5. Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy says:

    @ Leslie- Thanks so much, friend!

  6. Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy says:

    @Melodie-The naughty ledge!   That thing was the bane of my existence. Lol. 

    I’m so glad you and I both broke free from our dark earthtones!  Time for some light up in here! 

  7. Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy says:

    @Ana- yeah there was plenty of craziness on that board! I learned a lot about how the anonymity of the Internet bringsout the worst in some folks.

  8. Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy says:

    @Tiffany- glad I wasnt the only one who needed a change. I think it’s normal when you get a new house to want to break away from the way things were done in your old house. You get a whole new perspective on things.

    I do struggle with trying to reinvent my decor though. It is hard to not fall back into arranging things exactly the same because it’s easy and convenient. But if it’s not making me happy I’ve gotta force myself out of my decorating box and take some chances.

  9. Oh my gosh, I remember you from the Nest! I even saved your bio b/c I loved your house so much. And what’s even more funny is I recently saved a picture of your dining room and used it as an inspiration for my dining room paint job! Gotta say, I love your taste!

  10. So funny – I literally JUST posted on my blog five seconds ago about how much whole living room is TAN and blah and I can’t wait to inject some white!

    Your home was beautiful though! Looking forward to meeting you at haven! 🙂

  11. mandie lane says:

    Ha! That brought back memories. I still think you had one of the prettiest houses on the board, even if it was a total beigefest, in retrospect.

    And now I’m wondering if you bought your “Loo” sign during the infamous Ballard Raid?

    And now I’m thinking about Catfight Tuesdays. Bwahaha!

  12. Stalked your pics way back during the d&r days! I loved your home and style..beige and all!

  13. allenaim photography and design says:

    I LOVED reading this about you beth! I also look back a few years and am a bit horrified at my love affair with red 🙂

  14. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    It’s hard to step outside of beige and take risks with color, isn’t it? I have the same problem! I love your craft room. 🙂

    Visiting from Haven’s FB page. So excited to have the chance to meet some new bloggers. 🙂

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Mandy @ This Girl's Life says:

    Oh what a walk down a very beige memory lane. 😉 Your house was gorgeous, even if it was very brown. This makes me want to go track down my old bio photos…my house was the exact opposite. I remember someone told me it looked like Easter had thrown up.

  17. Here I am just looking at some of the Roominspiration posts and I come across yours. Then I get further on and see this about the nest and I am cracking up. I read more than I posted back then but I totally remember your screenname! So funny. Anyway I am now following you – your home is beautiful!

  18. Gail @ Sophisticated Steps says:

    I like you already. 🙂 I hear ya on the beige. It’s “safe”, but safe does not necessarily equal fun or fresh, light, airy..and on and on. I admit, I have beige, but I have soft smoky blues in my bedroom, sons’ room and bathroom. (Oh…and some pink…that’s for my little girl, of course! 😉

    I checked out your current home. Oh my. Beautiful. Very fresh…and welcoming. Fun to see your transition. (And both homes exteriors – wow! We don’t have that in Miami. Sigh.)



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