Do you have a curious little guy or gal? Do you want to participate in a Halloween activity but don’t want to risk sawing off a finger while pumpkin carving?

Are you completely and utterly lazy?

Do you have a drill with a drill bit?


Then this post is for you! Read ahead!

J saw this Mr. Potato Head pumpkin decorating kit at Target a few weeks back, and decided this was the easiest way ever to “carve” a jack-o-lantern with a three year old.

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin

He picked a nice warty pumpkin so our cowboy looked authentic. After that the most strenuous part was drilling holes for the potato head pieces.

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin kit from Target

First J tried to punch a hole with a regular screwdriver. Yeah, not happening.

So he broke out the drill bit. Sorry Mr. Potato Head.

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin

That worked great. Then it was just as simple as popping the parts and pieces into the holes.

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin

Garrett loved this part!

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin

He was all boutit boutit.

deep in concentration

The final touch was the tater lasso and our Potat-o-Lantern Cowboy was all ready to go. .

Mr Potato Head Pumpkin

Highly recommend this one! Happy almost Halloween everybody.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats really cute, I didn’t see that before now I want to go too Target. Oh come on who says you can’t do that when your past 10? lol..


  2. DianeTaylor says:

    How cute is that??? Now I REALLY want a Mr. Potato head for myself (yes a 52 year old woman can still want a toy now and then!).

    Nice job, Garrett! He looks so grown up in these pics.

  3. Carla @ All That Mathers says:

    What a neat idea! It looks like G really enjoyed decorating it!

  4. fixitfaerie says:

    The look on your son’s face is priceless.

  5. Miss Kitty says:

    Garrett is such a cutie pie! And such great eyelashes. His hair color looks a lot like his daddy’s. Your photography is just great.

  6. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Oh Beth – too cool! Our family has an annual pumkin carving contest (sometimes we’re lazy and just use jiffy markers) but this year it’s a full out contest! I’m going to do this just like yours and we’ve got mr. potatoe head stuff too, I know I will win!!! Thanks girl!


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