A Christmas Cookie Swap Party and Holiday Home Tour Wrap up

I hosted a Cookie Swap Party at my house this past weekend. I’ve always wanted to host a Cookie Swap, so this year I finally pulled the trigger and made it happen. I am still coming down off that sugar high. Thanks to facebook I got to meet all sorts of brand new friends and see a few really old friends, too. I loved talking to everyone so much that I totally didn’t get a single photo of the people or the cookies. I’ve decided that I truly miss hosting parties. We used to always be the party house, but once I got pregnant I stopped hosting because I was too tired to deal with the things partying involves. After this last party, though, I realized that I need that real life interaction with people. The extrovert in me craves it. So, I’m making myself a promise to have more parties and get togethers at home in 2012. Y’all are all invited over to sit around my house and hang out! Just be sure to let me know when you’re coming so I can hide my unmentionables, mmkay?

Even though I didn’t get a single photo during the party, I did manage to snap a few shots of the table setups so I wanted to share them here. I moved my blue desk in front of my mantel to serve a few non-cookie appetizers.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (9 of 20)

There was a lot of cheese. And grapes. And sausage balls. And a few veggies. I tried to find things that would be salty to cut all that sweetness.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (10 of 20)

Over on the coffee table I had some popcorn and other snacky stuff.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (11 of 20)

Drinks were on the butlers pantry- I made this recipe for Crockpot Hot Chocolate (yummmm) and bought some hot spiced apple cider for another crockpot. We also had coffee and water.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (12 of 20)

The dining room table was left open for everyone to put their cookie trays on when they arrived. To get more cookies on my smallish table I added this board on top of upside down flower pots.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (17 of 20)

The board is actually a big wooden sign I stole from Garrett’s bedroom and turned upside down. I used placemats to cover up the metal hangers. Nobody was the wiser.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (13 of 20)

I had one more folding table set up in the living room for more trays of cookies when they arrived. I’m glad we added this extra one because we filled both tables up with trays of cookies during the party.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (18 of 20)

I kept the decorating easy with some candy canes and tealights hung on a little Christmas tree and some stockings hung from the staircase with care. That is the extent of my decorating for this party, though. Very simple and easy! That’s the name of the game this year.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (20 of 20)

Now, in all the Christmas posts this season I can’t believe I haven’t shown y’all where I put the wooden Christmas plaques this year! Even after the big giveaway I still forgot! So, let me throw those pictures in here while I’m at it. The little wooden plaques are sitting on the blue dresser in my living room.

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (24 of 27)

I put a bunch of ornaments inside the birch log planter that I found at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta in October. On top of that went a wooden log slice, then I put out the bobble head Christmas trees.

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (26 of 27)

I hope that the winners of my wooden Christmas plaques are enjoying their signs this year as much as I’m loving mine!

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (24 of 27)

They look happy with the shaved wooden wreath on my tin wall tile.


I’m trying to participate in all the holiday link parties out there in the blog world, so I’m going to make this a multi-purpose post by linking up all of my previous Christmas decor posts here in one spot. Hopefully it isn’t too confusing.

To see my Classy & Trashy Christmas Trees, click here.

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (6 of 27)


And here is my glowing tree post this year.

Christmas 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (7 of 20)

To check out my 2011 Christmas mantel, click on over here.

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (5 of 27)

If you’d like to see my blue kitchen tablescape, follow this link.

Holiday Tablescape  (9 of 11)

Over in this post I showed off my front porch decor and how I transformed old fake wreaths into new updated wreaths with a few evergreen sprigs.

DIY Evergreen Christmas wreaths (10 of 16)

Christmas Mantel 2011 from UnskinnyBoppy.com (19 of 27)

And I got my craft on in this post by showing off my DIY Scrap Wood Christmas tree.

Holiday Tablescape  (4 of 11)

There you go. All my holiday posts right here under one roof.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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  1. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Oh Beth your home looks just lovely! Thanks for the tour around and for showing us your party set up – everything looks beautiful!

  2. Looks like a really great time. I’d love to host more parties myself but people have become so busy and hosting has become so expensive.

  3. Wendys Hat says:

    Love your pics! Looks like your party was a great time. I used to have them all of the time also and am finally doing it again this year. This weekend I am hosting 2 big parties in my home. I’m realizing now {even though I am in the middle of craziness} that I’ve missed doing it.

  4. allenaim photography and design says:

    I so so so SO so wish I lived closer to you…a cookie exchange party – really? I would SO be there! Clever with the flower pots and sign too chica!

  5. Heaven's Walk says:

    Amidst all of the awesome Christmas decor you have out, I couldn’t help but notice your beautiful house, Beth! Wowzer! I’m drooling over your double set of French doors – and all the sunshine in your house is amazing! What a lovely place you have! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  6. Just lovely…you have a beautiful home. I really liked the shabby wooden box full of bulbs and lights. Enjoy your holidays:)

  7. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    your home looks so beautiful! i love your mantle and your candy cane tree!

  8. Miss Charming says:

    You have so many beautiful elements in your home. I love the wreath over your fireplace mantel as well as the natural greens. So pretty.

  9. Happy Little Crafter says:

    I just discovered you website…and I, too, love having parties at my house! The most favorite one for me and my girlfriends is a PJ Party that I host every year on the first Sunday in December. It lasts from 5 to 9 pm and everyone brings a wrapped gift to recycle – something that they are not using in their home but something that someone else might enjoy having – it can be useful or funny – and we have a gift stealing exchange! I have a light dinner ready for everyone and they must come in their PJ’s and slippers. There is something about being able to come to a party in your PJ’s that is simply THE BEST! People also bring 3 dozen of their favorite store-bought cookies for a cookie exchange, and we also play a game that I think up every year – like To Tell the Truth. It is a party no one wants to miss because of all the fun we have with very little work! LOVE your photography! Keep those pics coming!



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