Garrett wrote out his Valentine’s cards himself this year.

garrett writing valentines cards

Here is the one he made for his Granddaddy.

2012 valentine from G to granddaddy
If you look really closely you can see all the letters in his name, plus all the letters in “Grand”. That’s as far as he got before he moved on to something more fun, but how precious is this? My sweet boy can WRITE HIS NAME!! Check out the Concentration Face it took for him to form those letters.

concentration face

I love it.

I’m going cheap on my cards this year. All the family got one of G’s Valentines from Target.

To my husband, I spent .99 cents on the Country Living Treemail app to make this just for him.


And to all of you, I stole a pretty picture from Pinterest to proclaim my love for you.


With all my heart, I thank you for reading this little blog of mine. Wishing you all a very beautiful day, even if you think V-day is a fake/commercial/pagan holiday.

I love you all.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best readers in the whole fudging world.

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  1. We all love you back!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

  2. Love your blog! I receive your post via email & now it’s so nice to be able to follow you on the new Linky tool. Stop by and follow back so we can stay connected. Jeanine

  3. your son did a great job!! good for him!


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