We Love Usborne Books

My four year old son loves Usborne Books. Are you familiar with them?

Usborne Books

If you have a curious child who loves to read and learn, these books are an absolute must. They are all jam packed with colorful illustration and information that takes learning to a whole new level. Every single one is a work of art. If you can think of a learning category, Usborne has probably written a book about it (for all ages, boys or girls!) Garrett cannot get enough of them, so I’m trying to build up our collection.

Another benefit? They offer internet linked books, so you can go to www.usborne-quicklinks.com, type in the name of your book (or if you don’t have a book, just type in keywords that interest your child) and find all sorts of great websites that can be free learning tools for your kid (and maybe you!) When I entered “See Inside Space” it takes me to thirteen websites about space, including the kids astronomy site on the American Museum of Natural History and the NASA Kid’s Club, aka educational websites that I never even knew existed before Usborne! And that’s just for space related stuff. Imagine how many other great sites you can find!

We currently have four Usbornes… See Inside Space and See Inside The World of Dinosaurs (both are lift-the-flap books), The Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do and a Pirate Sticker Book.

Usborne Books

I bought two of these at a toy store in New Orleans to use as decoration for his rocket ship themed birthday party. See them back there behind the pouches of rocket fuel? Dontcha love it when a birthday gift does double duty as decor?

The See Inside Space book turned out to be one of his very favorite books.

Usborne Books

We have to lift every single flap and read all about how the universe was formed… well, how it was formed according to these scientists who wrote the book. 😉 It also teaches him all the facts about the solar system and gives interesting little bits of trivia along the way. He’s like a little sponge, absorbing all of this knowledge right now. There’s not much that makes me prouder to see. Ok, except maybe poopoo in the potty.

Usborne Books

I’ve spent many evenings reading it to him before bedtime. Just like his mom, he is fascinated by the planets and the stars and constellations. Every night he sleeps with his Twilight Turtle making constellations on his ceiling and his Moon In My Room shining from the top of the wall.

I’m hoping I have the next Neil Armstrong on my hands. Or at least Buzz Aldrin.

Usborne Books

The dinosaur book is just a little bit too mature for him, but he loves dinosaurs so we read it anyway.

Usborne Books

I try to skip over the bloody, scary parts, though. I don’t need any T-Rex induced nightmares at 3 am.

Usborne Books

The Big Book of Science Things To Make and Do has page after page of great science experiments and activities. Alan Jackson said there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues, but this book might shoot down that theory.

I mean really, how cool is this?

Usborne Books

It’s chock full of great ideas for all those “Mom, I’m bored!” whines when it’s 106 degrees outside.

Usborne Books

And then there is the final favorite- the Pirate Sticker Book.

Usborne Books

This book created an entirely new meaning for the term “Pirate Booty” in my house. See this butt crack right here? Garrett thinks this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen. There was a phase for a while when every time he saw my husband’s plumber’s crack (which, admittedly, was pretty often) he yelled “PIRATE BOOTY!” Now we are onto the more eloquent “I see London, I see France… ” rhyme.

Usborne Books


He thinks it’s hilarious.

But pirate booty ruled the coin slot jokes for a long time.

I definitely need more of these books for our home library. What’s your favorite Usborne?

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  1. Christine @ First Home...Love Life says:

    I’ve never heard of these before! I’ll check out the site tomorrow! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Beth, as a retired teacher, I’m a HUGE fan of Osborne books. They appeal to a wide range of age groups. I used them extensively in a 5th grade classroom. Now I’m buying them for my grandchildren, so I may place an order. Thanks for sharing your party!

  3. thistlewoodfarm says:

    I am the biggest fan of Usborne books! My sister sells them and each book is like an interactive teaching lesson!

    No home should be without one….
    ……or twenty 🙂



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