Fall 2012 Mantel: Decadent and Textured

I gotta say that I am nowhere near ready for Fall to arrive yet.  The link parties snuck up on me this year and I totally missed out on Layla’s and Rhoda’s parties.

Does it seem like it is too soon to be Fall to anyone else?

Pumpkins and mums are just coming into the garden centers around here this week, so maybe I’ll get in the spirit once I see more of that on the roadside and feel the temperature start to cool.  I go through this every year.  The rest of the country is raring to go hayriding while us Southerners are still lagging behind with our green trees and lawns.  Itsa coming though.  I can feel it.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-7
After last year’s light and bright mantel, I wanted to go all out this year with something super decadent, darker and decorative. This mantel looks like Thanksgiving to me. I had a lot more pumpkins up there but it kinda looked like a cornucopia puked up all over it, so I edited a bit and tried again.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-3

Yes, this is edited, I swear.

Wrought iron lanterns and pottery and peach pit pumpkins next to Swan Creek Candles and wheat stalks and acorns in front of an ornate carved panel? I never claimed to be a minimalist.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-4
But I love how this mantel overflows with teal blues and orangey-brown colors of autumn.  I love the

Alewine Pottery with the carving of a tree through the window on it.  It’s easy to shop my house for Fall decorations since I have so much of it.  Fall is always on display at my house.  It’s rarely put away.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas ALEWINE POTTERY AND WHEAT
I created this wrought iron “pumpkin” from two hanging planters.  I filled the bottom one with green moss and a pumpkin then turned the ornate one over and sat it on top.  The pumpkin is an old Funkin that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from my Haven swag bag.  Versailles is the color.  It muted that Funkin down and gave it some new life.


Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-5

It kinda reminds me of Cinderella’s carriage, even if it is a little rusty.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-8
On the other side of the hearth sits a bundle of pussy willow branches in a minnow bucket, another ASCP Funkin and a stuffed pumpkin I scored at The Country Living Fair last year.

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas-6
I can’t wait to get back to the CL Fair this year! I’m meeting up with  a bunch of bloggers from Hometalk!  It’s going to be a blast!

Fall and Thanksgiving Mantel decorating ideas

Now I’ve gotta get to work on my front porch and try to show up fashionably late to Rhoda’s party.  At least it’s good incentive to clean off all the cobwebs and cut back the hedges.

Welcome to Autumn, y’all!


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  1. beauuuutiful

  2. Beth this is so rich and luxe with texture and depth. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous mantel!

  3. So pretty and love the touch of the lite fire. Makes me kinda want to light mine 🙂

  4. Hi Beth, Ive been a loyal follower of your blog since you were pregnant with your son. I’m not an Internet stalker (ha) but also have a little boy who was born in February 2008. Always like to check in with mamas who have similar age little ones…anyhow enough of the backstory…first I want to say..love your mantle! You want to come decorate mine??? Haha. Second….was checking out your home tour and saw you added crown molding to the kitchen cabinets…any chance you know the color of your cabinets? I am really into cream cabinets and am trying to convince hubby to paint our builder grade espresso cabinets! Thanks!

    • Thanks Rachel! I didn’t add crown molding to my cabinets, but I added the crown to the wall in the kitchen. I”m so sorry but I have no idea what color my cabinets are! I wish I could be more help to you. Thanks for reading! I am so honored that you’ve been reading that long! I haven’t posted an update about G lately, but if I do I will post it over on my Family Life feed. I will make a post here letting anyone know who wants to follow along with the kid posts!

  5. Gorgeous! I love it all.

  6. Love all the mix of textures and natural elements – super pretty and cozy!

  7. You are way out ahead of me, girl~

    I’m just praying I can get something ready for Christmas at this point!

    It’s lovely!

  8. Just absolutely Fall Fall Fall!! SOOOOOO festive and Autumnal.Light the fire and pour me a glass of wine:) Love it.

  9. Lovely! I especially like the feathers and the wheat! Nice touch!

  10. Beth – love your no-minimalist mantel! Cinderella’s pumpkin never looked so good! And your vivid imagery – a puking cornucopia – will be in my head all day now!!

  11. An ill cornucopia? I’m gonna keep that in mind while I fumble with my mantel. And just for the record…… Cinderella is getting up there in years her carriage should be rusty. I know mine is and she’s older than me.


    • LOL! You crack me up! I saw where they have digitally remastered the movie and are releasing it this year. I was shocked to see it was made in 1950! I thought Cindy was a girl of the 70’s like me, but I guess every little girl thinks she’s the first to discover her. LOL

  12. Beth! That is just beautiful! I love that panel you used in the back and all of the layers are wonderful. Well done girl! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking this up last weekend to Inspiration Friday.

  13. Teddee Grace says:

    What is the source of the “peach pit” pumpkins? They’re great and I really like your style!

  14. Beautiful, love it, great elements. and the panel is perfect for Fall or Halloween.

  15. Your opulent mantel is just perfect for the season, I think! I love the Alewine pottery – I wish it were available in New England. 🙂 Painting the funkins with ASCP is a great idea! Definitely breathes a new life into them, and I’m just thinking of all the fun colors that you could do, if you got bored with the white! Beautiful mantel!

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  1. […] is one Annie Sloan Chalk painted fake pumpkin hiding in there. Can you spot it? I’ll give you a hint… it’s on the left. You’d never know […]

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