Dream House tour: 39 Blue Stem in Watercolor, Florida

Yesterday I turned 35 years old.

Up until this point in my life, I have always felt like I was just a pretend adult.  But not anymore.  Now I feel like I’ve crossed some imaginary threshold into real adulthood.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun!  I am recovering from a weekend of annual excess with my best girlfriends from around the country. This year we ventured down to my favorite spot in the whole world—Seaside, Florida.  Before I tell you about the trip and the good times let me first give you a tour of this dreamy home!

My incredibly generous husband gave me THE best birthday gift ever by renting this amazing house for us to stay in the lake district of Watercolor.  Watercolor is a planned community with unbelievably gorgeous houses that all look like they are straight out of a magazine.  For ten women who all met on an interior decorating internet forum, this house was a dream come true.

Our house was located at 39 Blue Stem. Thankfully we arrived before anyone else so I was able to snap these pictures of it while it was still clean and pristine before 10 women arrived and scattered clothes, shoes, beer bottles and breast pumps all over every square inch of it.

Watercolor House Tour-49
Parking was in the back of the house, so when you entered the huge screened in back porch this is how you were greeted.  Fireplace, gorgeous windows, pops of red.  Heaven in a porch.

Watercolor House Tour
The bronze windows paired with white.  So beautiful.

Watercolor House Tour-40
Then you stepped inside and were greeted by this….

Watercolor House Tour-3

The kitchen / dining / living area was one big open space that was perfect for entertaining and hanging out together.  That island was easily five feet wide and fifteen feet long.

Check out this ten seater rustic wooden dining table!

Watercolor House Tour-5
Oh how I lusted after this table.

Watercolor House Tour-8

We ate big family style brunch together each day a la Jersey Shore Sunday dinners.  It was perfection.

Watercolor House Tour-63

Thanks to my friend Allison for letting me steal a few of her pictures.  The kitchen…. I just don’t even have enough acronyms. White plank siding walls, open shelving, pristine grey/blue cabinetry, marble countertops, stainless appliances, and they even had my favorite Duralex picardie tumblers stacked oh-so-perfectly in giant window filled spaces…. Ahhhhh….

The pictures speak for themselves.

Watercolor House Tour-6
The house was the epitome of eclectic.  Modern yet rustic, mid century yet contemporary, beachy yet urban.  Simply freaking amazing is what it was!

Watercolor House Tour-7

Watercolor House Tour-12

Watercolor House Tour-14
This giant sink had the quietest garbage disposal on the planet.

Watercolor House Tour-46
The ice maker saw a ton of action as did the huge refrigerator.  We packed that sucker full!

Watercolor House Tour-15
This is what happens when 10 women buy food separately for a 4 day weekend. We all bought the same thing!  Whoops!  Next time we will plan ONE menu together and stick to it.  Shew…  And this didn’t even include all the wine inside the wine cooler!

The gas stovetop was a dream to cook on.  Eggs scrambled in a flash and marshmallows roasted in mere seconds.  Ert.werse.erhmerzing.  I miss cooking with gas.

Watercolor House Tour-16
The living room.  Spectacular.

Watercolor House Tour-11

Vaulted, coffered ceiling.  Woah.

Watercolor House Tour-17
We decided that the hallway alone was nicer than anything in any of our houses.  Best Hallway Of the Century.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when this hallway was conceived.

Watercolor House Tour-18
The designers must have thought “Why have just one amazing light fixtures when you can have three?  Oh, and throw in a sliding barn door so no one has to look at the half bath and laundry/mud room.  Why the heck not.”

Watercolor House Tour-21
The half bath.  Can you believe this place????  The wallpaper had a sheen that was decadent and over the top and just unbelievably beautiful.  I swoon.  I die.  I couldn’t figure out how to flush the fancy toilet.

Watercolor House Tour-22
Here is the downstairs king size master bedrooms where I slept.  There was another one upstairs!

Watercolor House Tour-23

And the master bathroom.

Watercolor House Tour-26
That single rustic wooden beam was so perfect in the sea of white.

Watercolor House Tour-13
Upstairs there was a loft area with bunk beds.

Watercolor House Tour-28
And a small gathering area.  I’m gonna let the pics do the talking on most of the upstairs.  Guest rooms were all light, bright and happy with pops of bright colors against the white walls.

Watercolor House Tour-29Watercolor House Tour-30Watercolor House Tour-31Watercolor House Tour-32
Here is the second king size master bedroom upstairs.

Watercolor House Tour-33Watercolor House Tour-34Watercolor House Tour-35

This picture pretty much sums up the way we felt about this house all weekend.  Pure and unadulterated giddyness.

happy girls

Watercolor House Tour-37
We all decided that this house could never be a place that we could live with our messy kids (hello, white walls smeared with peanut butter!) but for a vacation away from the kids?  This place was total heaven on earth.

Watercolor House Tour-65
Best girls weekend retreat ever. Thank you SO much to my husband for this gift.  I couldn’t ask for more.

If you’re looking for the house plans for this gorgeous beach home, you can click here to purchase the plans (or pin it for later!)

Best Beach house plans

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  1. {swoon} Absolutely amazing! I would never leave that kitchen!

  2. Oh that place is just gorgeous!! Lucky, lucky you. Looks like you all had a great time and a wonderful Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Wow, 35 makes you feel like an adult? I’m in for a rude awakening in October then. I always did feel like a pretend grown up too. Gorgeous place, so glad you were able to snap all those pics to share with us! Looks like a great place to celebrate with friends!

  4. I’m still mad at my hallway – I mean, CMON! I’ll be forever grateful for our weekend surrounded by beauty in people and decor! And I still want to paint the shit out of that house! lol

  5. See that king-sized bed with the brown & white chevron pillows? I got to snuggle up in that thing with Unskinny Boppy for three nights. Yeah that’s right.

    A great big huge thanks to Jeremy (a.k.a. Husband of the Year) for such a generous and wonderful gift! This house was seriously amazeballs and made our weekend even that much better!

  6. Kent Brannon says:

    In my mind, I”m still there in that house. I had such a blast and the beautiful surroundings just made it even better!!! XOXO

  7. The house is gorgeous! But what caught my eye was the TWO six-packs of Raspberry Woodchuck in the fridge. Must be something about that stuff that screams “Girls’ weekend!” because it was the libation of choice for my trip to Florida in April as well. For some reason, I can’t find it easily here in NC, but it’s apparently all over the place in Florida and Michigan.

    • Those are mine! LOL I bought two because, like you, I can never find them at my house. I have asked my grocery to carry them but all they have are the regular and granny smith kind. I should take them an empty box and be like, “I expect to see these on your shelf next time I walk through the door.” hehehe

  8. Um, that is amazing.

  9. Cindy Miller says:

    Wow, I’m jealous, what a great group of friends you guys have! Beautiful home. I love the half bath mirror!

  10. This place looks amazing! I go on a trip every few years with my college roomies and it would be perfect… how did you all get there? Doesn’t seem like it’s very close to any major airports? That’s always the tough part for us – finding a place that’s relatively easy to get to from Minneapolis, LA, and Billings Montana… that can fit 8 women comfortably.

    • Northwest FL Beaches Airport is in Panama City about 35 minutes from this house. We have this exact same issue (and similar cities!) Delta and Southwest both fly there. ECP is the airport code. Definitely check it out! Anywhere along 30-A is a beautiful area. So relaxing and peaceful!

  11. Ummm…..where are the after photos? I double dog dare you to post one! = )

    That house is beautiful! So glad you girls had a fantastic weekend. You deserve it!

  12. Pretty house, love that kitchen!!! glad you had fun, happy belated!

  13. Gorgeous house!
    (suggestion – remember to put the toilet seat down before snapping pics.)

  14. That house is AMAZING and makes me want a vacation immediately! I’m so glad to be following your blog. I found you from G&D’s post about this girls weekend. I remember you ladies from The Nest. 🙂

  15. BONNIE JOHNSON says:


    • LOL! That’s because I ran through and snapped pics before anyone else arrived because I knew the place would be trashed as soon as everyone arrived and hauled all their stuff inside! I didn’t even notice the toilet seats were raised until y’all pointed it out in the comments. I was too busy being in awe of the beautifulness. 🙂

  16. Firstly Happy Birthday! What a fabulous house and a way to stay in style! (Do you know how he found this house or it’s his secret?)
    I found your blog just a while ago, lovely job.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I love Seaside, beautiful down there! And wow what an amazing home! Such a fun time for you ladies! Did you all get a chance to visit the Coastal Living Dream home while there in Rosemary Beach? We did a tour of it while on vacation in July, it’s pretty amazing too:)

  18. Holy. That is quite possibly my newest dream house. Look at all that white & metal with little splashes of color! I want that kitchen! The outside is adorable. Your husband is pretty awesome. Happy to have met you through hometalk. Love your blog design. (My latest color love is teal/turquoise against a gray & white backdrop.) xo Jami

  19. Wow…

    I love that house.

    I also think it is awesome that you have such a large group of friends… how many girls can say that they have best girlrfriends from all over the country?? Yep, I am a tad jealous. Can I get an invite next trip? lol

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  20. MUAH!
    The house was amazing, Beth. Thank you again for sharing it with us. It was beyond amazing. I could spend the weekend in a cardboard box with you ladies and still have a blast, but being in a house like this was like putting an amaretto-soaked cherry on top of an already perfect weekend.

  21. Hi, Beth. I and my wife, along with our friends the Heads, built and own the 39 Bluestem house. I’m really glad you all had such a good time. Watercolor is hard to beat, especially with friends in tow. Thanks for the nice things you had to say about the house. We were very pleased with the outcome and while we don’t get there as much as we would like, it’s good to know folks like you get to enjoy it as well.

    Thanks again and happy early 36th b-day! I hope you make it back to WC sometime soon.

    Take care


  22. Looks like y’all had a blast! Stacey, can you share the paint color on the outside of your house by chance? We are building in Atlanta, however, I want to mimic your elevation with a metal roof. Thanks in advance!

  23. It’s undeniably one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. Such impeccable taste and the layout is perfection. It’s hard to get an exact sense from the pictures – do you have floor plans that we could see? My husband and I have been scouring for the perfect layout that compliments family and entertaining and I think this is it! How beautiful!

  24. Absolutely beautiful! missing the south! 🙁

  25. Love it!!! You wouldn’t happen to know the architect or plan number for this home?? I am obsessed…great job!!!!

  26. Beth, Beth, Beth … I know your post is 3 years old, but can I just tell you how much I needed to read/see this? Today? Heartbroken for one of my dearest friends who’s had the worst two years ever. I just sent her a link to your page here (which is adorable, by the way) and told her we need a getaway like this! Thank you for a ray of hope and sunshine on a reeeeeally cloudy day.

  27. I love the homes in Watercolor and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. Although, I have o admit that I love seaside a little more than watercolor or rosemary beach. I swear I leave a part of my soul every time we turn off of 30A to head home. Your husband did great job on this birthday present!

  28. Beth,

    I just wanted to reach out and thank you for writing such a flattering review of this home. I never had it professionally photographed, but feel your blog does a much better job of showcasing the home in a very intimate way. I see in your thread that some folks are looking for the floorplans. Here is a link to purchase them through Houseplans.com:

    Happy New Year!


  29. Liz Cockrill says:

    I would love to find the floor plan for this house

    • http://www.houseplans.com/plan/2799-square-feet-4-bedroom-4-5-bathroom-1-garage-beach-craftsman-cottage-39119

  30. Do you have the address or the builder of this house?? I HAVE to see the full layout and dimensions, it is perfect!

  31. Love that! Any suggestions on who to contact for house plans or even a picture of layout?!?!!

  32. Hi there!

    I would really love to have more of an idea of the layout/floor plan of this house. Is there somewhere I could view it?

    Thanks so much!



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