TUTORIAL: 10 minute no sew diy curtain

This was the easiest curtain I’ve ever made, so I wanted to share the simple instructions on how to create a no-sew DIY curtain in about 10 minutes or less.

A 10 minute no sew diy curtain tutorial 1
I made this curtain for my laundry room makeover to hide the unorganized shelves in a weird little corner nook. The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the height of the panel that you will need.  Add about 6” to that height for overage, then go shopping for your fabric.  I bought this pretty periwinkle, aqua and green floral curtain fabric at JoAnn.  I don’t include shopping time in my ten minutes or less, so don’t be suing me for false advertising here, ok?

Here are the supplies  you’ll need to make the curtain:

Water and a light colored clean, damp cloth
Steam iron (and ironing board)
Desired length of fabric (thicker fabrics like upholstery has a nice weight so it hangs better)
Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Tape
Levelor Classic Clip Rings
Tension Curtain Rod

Quick Instructions:
Hem the cut ends of the fabric following the instructions on the back of the box, or check out the photo tutorial below.
Clip hemmed end of fabric to clip rings
Slide rings onto tension rod and hang curtain at desired height.

And that’s it!

For those of y’all who are more visual learners…. here is the Captain Obvious Pictorial.
A 10 minute no sew diy curtain tutorial

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  1. Perfect tute for the sewing-challenged like myself!

  2. Pretty fabric Beth and your curtain turned out great! Gotta love the no sewing too, that’s all I do!

  3. Oh yeah! Love a good 10 minute curtain! I’m working on some myself for the living room right now! For the record I did try to sew, but my machine kept jamming on me. So out came the hot glue! Honestly, you can’t tell the difference. Love the fun fabric you chose, Beth!

  4. I just stitched up a slit in my dress with the same method! Fabric glue/Stitch Witch FTW!

  5. Totally gorgeous fabric!

  6. Perfect! Love how easy this is– just my speed!

  7. What’s that I hear? Angels singing – because I love anything no sew! Great tutorial and fabulous fabric!

  8. I’m totally doing this at the Hansel and Gretel house! I’m going to use burlap in the kitchen. For some reason my cabinets do not have backs on them and there are 2 windows that go to the floor! I have to hide the corning ware from the squirrels and other visitors!

  9. greensuzan says:

    Nice post, the pictures are warmful, thanks for sharing!
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  10. Laura Barnes- Miller says:

    I’m familiar with using the Stitch Witchery – but never even entertained the thought of these curtains! I love what you did with the laundry room and the curtains. I can’t wait to make some for a particularly odd window in my kitchen! Love your site and ideas. The Christmas Tree lights led me here and now I am here to stay! Keep up the great posts!

  11. Laura Cover says:

    Hi there,
    I love this curtain idea….my parents did this years ago in their basement!!! So fun!!! Can you tell me how you made the curtain in you office…the one at the window seat that is white??? Thanks so much!!! Love you stuff!

  12. Thank you for this. I’ve been inspired to put up some bright curtains in my dressing room but have been umming and ahhing over how to do it.

    Have a peek at the material I have picked out if you’re interested. You’ve got me inspired to just get on it already!

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold: Curtain Inspiration

  13. That room looks so pretty! I just discovered your blog by searching for diy curtains. I will be bookmarking this for sure!

  14. Monica Steele says:

    Could you pleaSe tell me the name of the fabric? Please email it to me?

  15. I need to know about that fabric. It is the perfect shower curtain fabric for my bathroom! I’m sure it was a remnant purchased ten years ago at a store that no longer exists, but if not, can you fill me in on where it came from?

  16. I don’t know the name of the fabric, but it’s a Richloom upholstery fabric that I found at JoAnn’s in 2012. Hope this helps!

  17. Jayne Look says:

    Great job! I want to try something very similar for my bathroom. I have a shower curtain in place (which is too short and needs to be replaced), but I wanted to try and create dummy panels for the ends. Just want a more polished and finished look to my little bathroom. You’ve inspired me with a way to get there without having to sew anything. Thanks!

  18. Ginny Walter says:

    Thank you! I have the same awkward space in my laundry and haven’t wanted to spend a fortune on a curtain for it!



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