Because matboard is boring; Part II

After a year of sitting buck naked, the walls in the man cave are finally getting some adornment this weekend thanks to a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby and a little bit of ingenuity on my part. I have had the poster prints for a long time, but it’s taken me a while to find a frame that I liked enough to pull the trigger on buying.  I found these rustic ones at Hobby Lobby on sale, so they came home with me.   These Shutterfly poster prints come in a 20×30 size, but the only frames I could find had a 22×28 sized hole. 

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (1 of 18)

Which left me with a 2” gap on the sides and a 2” overhang on the ends.

 Booger.  Somebody at Shutterfly needs to get together with somebody at the frame manufacturer and figure this issue out.

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Here is what I was working with when I put the posters in the frames.  Bare cardboard edges on two sides.

I’m not gonna lie. I considered leaving it just like that for a minute.  I did like the way the brown color of the cardboard looked with the pictures. Even though the cardboard edge matched the sepia toned prints, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave an ugly edge like that.   SO, I got crafty.  If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I’ve never shied away from a no-matboard challenge. There are always ways to frame a picture without using matboard.

I went up to my never ending ribbon supply and brought down a roll of brown (cardboard) colored wired ribbon.
Basement theater room poster framing ideas (4 of 18)
Using glue dots to attach the ribbon to the glass,  I simply made a square of ribbon around the outside edge of the glass. 

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (6 of 18)

Which resulted in this!  The wired edges are kinda wavy and imperfect, which is fine by me.  I love that it makes the print look like and old vintage poster that have had the edges torn or burned.   

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (13 of 18)
Here are the three posters hanging on the wall above the theater chairs.  We have reason to believe that the theater seats came from the Alabama Theater, so that is why I wanted to hang these pictures that I took of the Alabama Theater and other Birmingham landmarks around the seats.  The Dr. Pepper building and the Martin Biscuit Co. at Pepper Place Market are two of my favorite downtown buildings, so they made the gallery wall as well.

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (10 of 18)

You can read all about the history of the other two photos and why they are important to me in my previous blog post when I wrote about the day I took the photos.

Basement theater room poster framing ideas (18 of 18)
I love the city of Birmingham so much, and I wanted to fill the basement walls with unique, personalized pieces of art instead of cheap reproduction posters.  The older I get, the more I appreciate meaningful artwork instead of mass produced stuff.

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (12 of 18)
Speaking of unique, meaningful artwork… that brings me to the other side of the room. 

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On the last day of our recent vacation to Pennsylvania Dutch country and The Hamptons (blog entry coming soon!) we ventured up to the north fork of Long Island and drove along the wine trail.  I’ve never seen so many wineries all in one concentrated area before.  One of the most favorite things I tasted along the trail was this True Believer Hard Apple Cider from Peconic Bay Winery.


I loved it so much, in fact, that I tried to buy a bottle or four.  However, since I live in the Baptist capital of the world and alcohol is not allowed to be shipped into my state, I wasn’t able to get the bottles home with me.  Instead, I bought one of their posters that was not even for sale.  They had to track down someone to give approval to sell us the poster which took a little bit of time, but it was worth the wait. I’m so glad we were able to bring home this piece of The Hamptons to remind us of our amazing trip to that beautiful place.  And it looks perfect with the other three photos in the room.  Admittedly it’s not the manliest poster for a man cave, but it definitely matches really well and we both love the Old West feel of the graphic design.

 Basement theater room poster framing ideas (16 of 18)
We are nothing if not unique in this room.  J found this lamp made from an old Westinghouse power meter at Bella Rustica in Tennessee last month.  When the light is turned on the meter runs.  J thought this was the coolest lamp ever, so it came home with us. It’s perfect for J and his man room.

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That lampshade needs a serious makeover, but we will save that for another blog post. Smile 

Basement theater room poster framing ideas (17 of 18)

Slowly but surely, the basement is coming together.  It’s such a great place to watch movies and hang out.  I can totally see Garrett and his buddies lounging all over this place in about 10 years.


UPDATED:  I’m giving away FREE Printables of all the photos that I took from this post!  To download the free High Res images click here.

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  1. Love them! Just showed “Bama Boy” each of these photos, cause you know we love a room with anything Alabama in it. lol That lamp is seriously to die for! The mancave is looking pretty darn awesome! I might have to make some of my own posters out of those photos….hint…hint…when we finally get moved into a new house. 😉


  2. What a great solution Beth! You would never know the prints didn’t fit the frames. The space is looking so great!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love this entire room! So many cool pieces and that artwork is PERFECT! I love how the ribbon turned out for your “matboard”. That’s the way to think out of the box. I’m going to have to pin every picture in this post. I love so many things about it!

  4. Nice job Beth – your man-room is looking wonderful! The photographs really fit in with your space too, I love the rustic frames they’re in!

  5. You are so creative!

  6. Simple and brilliant! I love the texture that the ribbon adds. Your whole basement is just dreamy. You must feel so cool and hip when you’re watching movies down there. 🙂

  7. Beyond fantastic, my friend! I love every. single. thing. The ribbon, the photos, the poster, the light-meter-light!

    I LOVE apple cider, but I’m a total freak for Pear Cider… It’s amazing… wonder if they ship to VA…

  8. Those look AMAZING Beth! I love the personal touches, like you – as I get older (and wiser) the art in my house has gone from generic Jack Vettriano pieces from to items I’ve picked up on our journey in life!

    And that paint color, swoooooon, I need it! With the rust accents? Damn perfection.

  9. Beth! You’re such a talented photographer! I love the space…I would have never thought about bridging the gap with a ribbon. Great idea…I’m going to grab my copy of “Say Anything” and some beer and be right over, k?

  10. Crazy how much that ribbon looks like torn paper! Brilliant solution. My husband would totally take over that mancave.

  11. Using the ribbon was a great idea! I can have 100 frames and 100 pictures and none would fit. I’ll have to remember that nifty little trick.

    Love the Birmingham pictures. My passion for old town pictures is Sylacauga, but Birmingham comes in a close second.

  12. The ribbon in the frame is genius!! I have the same issue with a smaller frame. Now I know how to ‘fix it’! Loving the man cave as well!

  13. I’m jealous of your decorating skills. Those prints look great the way you framed them and you’re so generous to offer the originals for download! Also that lamp is awesome!

  14. Finding frames to match pictures is a constant source of agony for me, lets start a petition or lobby Washington. In the meantime the ribbon was a pretty smart solution that looks great but I want that lamp.


  15. What a great fix, Beth! I love it! And I love all the historic spots in Birmingham, so of course I love the spots you chose. 🙂

  16. Several thoughts: As soon as you mentioned rustic frames from Hobby Lobby, I knew it would be this barnwood frame. I have several and love them! Also, I love how you treated it with the ribbon. And this is the best-looking man cave I’ve ever seen. Love it.

  17. I love your ribbon matting!! Fabulous.

  18. I LOVE this ribbon border for filling in the gap! How clever. And, your prints are awesome! They inspire me to get out and take some local photos for our walls.

  19. This is an awesome post, but just wanted to mention that Matboard And More can do your matting in any size 🙂 No need to get stuck with odd size edges.



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