2012 year in Decorating Review


2012 is over already?  WHAT? 

I blinked.  Seriously. 

When I look back at my blog and the past three years that I’ve been showing off my DIY projects here, I get the warm and fuzzies at how much has been accomplished.  This helps offset the feeling of remorse and guilt that I get when I look at how incomplete my list of 2012 DIYables and Would-be-niceables remains. 

Whoops.  I set my sights WAY too high.  I really need to lower my standards, huh? 

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As for 2012?  Well here we go…

The first and biggest undertaking of the year wasn’t a DIY project at all, but a birthday party!  Garrett turned 4 in February and we transformed our house into a giant space ship birthday bonanza, complete with a rocket ship photo booth and a alien creation station.  It was a BLAST!  Possibly the best birthday party I’ve ever thrown, or will throw in the future.  I’m wallowing in my success while I can.

Blast Off rocket ship themed birthday party

My first major DIY project of the year began with a bang.  The Lazy Girl’s Timesaving Tips for Painting Wall Stripes was a good’un!  This how-to on painting wall stripes was a huge hit, and remains my second highest source of pinterest traffic.


Next up was a little playing with electricity.  How to replace an ugly sconce light for something much cooler shows you just how easy it really is to replace the lighting in your home. Don’t be scared! Just flip the breaker and go for it.

How to replace a light fixture

April came and I revealed my new home office / craft room / girl room.  It’s filled with my treasures, and I love it still.

 Rustic home office & craft room with craft table

After that I waxed romantic and came clean about my love of Bob Ross and painting furniture.  That man is still some xen and Xanax for my soul.  He picks me up when I’m feeling blue.  Now how ‘bout you? How to paint distressed furniture is another big Googler on my blog.

 funky frame collage on a striped wall

 In July I aired my dirty laundry and revealed my big aqua blue laundry room makeover, complete with a new beadboard ceiling instead of drooping ceiling tiles.  I still love this room, even if it’s not as spotless as the day it was born.

 aqua blue laundry room makeover reveal

This reveal lead to my next DIY post, a ten minute no-sew DIY curtain tutorial.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.


 In August, I had just two measly posts.  One was featuring other people’s work (meaning I didn’t lift a finger for the post), and the other was describing an in depth look at How to Go Viral On Pinterest. I guess I was so spent after writing that one post that I had nothing left to say for the entire month.


In October, the spooktacular dining room ruled the blog, and I showed you how to create Halloween chalkboard art without needing a lick of artistic ability.  Just trace it!

 How to create chalkboard art without being artistic.  TRACE it!

 November brought the completion of an item on the to-do list that had been waiting for a year—the hanging of my photography with DIY matboard above the Alabama theater chairs in the basement.  FINALLY.


November was also a month of thankfulness for finally figuring out how to make DIY galvanized metal bunting.  Hallelujah, thank you Krylon.


Also in November I was SUPER honored to join the FOLK magazine blog, where I wrote some tutorials including how to make semi-natural evergreen wreath….


…and how to make DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub!  Yum. 


 And finally, in December, I was honored to be a part of Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk and give a tour of all my holiday decorations.


So there you go!  That wraps up my 2012 year in Home Decorating Review.  It’s so much fun to look back through the months and see what all was accomplished.  If you’re a home blogger, I definitely recommend doing this fun little end-of-the-year post! 

Hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Years Eve!  I’ll catch y’all in 2013!

For the complete Archive of my DIY adventures click on either of these posts:

2010 Year in Decorating Review

2011 Year in Decorating Review


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  1. Oh you’ve had a wonderful year Beth! Your home looks beautiful and your blog is just filled with inspiration! Thanks for posting all of your advice too, you are so kind to share. Here’s to a good 2013 and I wish you great blogging success!

  2. What a fun year you had! I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for you!!

  3. Wow! What a year. I somehow missed the birthday party, so I’m off to check that out. Happy 2013!

  4. Yep, you killed it in 2012! I know there’ll be some amazing things to come right here in 2013 and I can’t wait to tune in!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love the rocket ship…way cool! I’m glad you did this so I can see some of the things I missed from earlier in the year! Fabulous!!!

  6. Great idea for a post, Beth! You’ve had one heck of a year – I love it all!!

  7. Hard to believe this year is coming to an end. I always enjoy coming over here and seeing what you’ve been up to…can’t wait to read all about your decor adventures in 2013! Happy New Year Beth! XO

  8. Wow hard to believe a whole year is about to have passed! You have had a great year of projects!

  9. I came to you in the very end of 2012 and have enjoyed my short time here with you! What a GREAT Year in Review…I went to each and every post!! I look forward to what 2013 brings!
    Happy New Year,

  10. Hi Beth, I saw your galvanized bunting on Pinterest and just had to stop in to say hello! I am happy I found your blog and look forward to following you and your great ideas in 2013. Happy holidays!

  11. Love all your projects from 2012 Beth! Don’t be so hard on yourself for not finishing projects on your to-do list! 😉 Maybe they’ll get done if you take them off the list. At least that’s how it works around here…the to-do list always gets shoved aside for other projects!

  12. I remember that craft room/office reveal. So many fun, personal memories in that room! It was a good one 🙂 The rest? SUPER CUTE too. It’s so fun looking back and remembering these as a reader, can’t imagine how proud you are to look back at your accomplishments Beth. You really had a killer year :)))

  13. Love this!! What a great year you’ve had! I have been stuck on my end of the year posts and never thought about this! Gotta go write one now.

  14. I think you accomplished a lot!!! Congrats girl on a successful year! Can’t wait to see 2013! One of my highlight was getting to meet you at Haven! Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year!

  15. What an amazing year! Love all your projects and getting to see you at Haven was awesome~can’t wait to see you again! I love your projects at Folk too. You rocked ’12, can’t wait to see what you do this year 🙂
    ps. I really need to paint some of those lazy stripes 🙂

  16. Hi Beth! Wow! What a great blogging year you had! It was great to finally meet you at Haven. I think I saw your picture in the revolving header that the Haven website has up for the 2013 conference. Are you going again? Thanks for your recap…I need to go back and catch up on some of your posts that I missed.

  17. Wow! It’s fun to look back and say “I remember when she did that one, and that one..and that one…” All fabulous projects! PS…when I come over here your google ads show me the FansEdge website featuring Alabama gear. guess they know which team is the best to root for. 😉 Love ya my War Eagle friend. 😉


  18. Happy New Year Beth! You are a blogging and creative genius and I (very much) look forward to following you and being inspired in 2013. Happy New Year! 🙂


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