Welcome to Tara Lowery’s Holiday Home Tour

Today we’re touring the home of a lovely lady who shares my love of fantels, big wooden signs and dough bowls. Please welcome to the stage Miss Tara Lowery and her gorgeous Georgia home as the next stop of our Holiday Home Tours week!

Hi!  I’m Tara from between you & me, and since most of us are just meeting,
 I thought I’d tell you at least a couple things about me before we tour my home together.
How awkward would it be to walk through my house together as strangers?
We live in Athens, Georgia located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains,
and it’s the home of our Alma Mater, the University of Georgia
Over the course of our nearly 17 years of marriage, we’ve lived all over the southeast,
so we were beyond thrilled when we moved back to Athens, the classic city, a year and a half ago.
I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years, and 2 years ago our Etsy shop was born.
My husband and I {and our three kiddos} work together to help create custom signs, and we love it!
I hope you enjoy the bits and pieces of Christmas cheer that we’ve spread throughout our home.
Grab that second cup of coffee, hot chocolate or hot tea and come on in!
This DIY burlap wreath was worth every last penny of that twelve bucks I spent making it.
It’s seen us through football season, halloween, thanksgiving and now Christmas.
Who knew adding a five dollar evergreen to my grandfather’s old milking can could add such joy?
The pillows are from Dear Lillie, and the only thing that would make me happier is having ten more of them.
We are surrounded by cotton fields, 
and my favorite surprise this fall involved my husband coming home with my first ever bundle of it.
As if it’s beauty wasn’t enough, it went and gave us a history lesson.
My kids now have a very real appreciation for Eli Whitney and his cotton gin after we spent too many minutes to count trying to take the seeds out of the cotton bundles.
Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate bar? I scored major cool points with my kids for putting it on the countertops.
Someone came over recently and asked if we really drink it.  My reply?  “Every chance we get!”
The jingle bells have been just about the easiest little happy spot I’ve created this year.
They sit right in front of my kitchen sink and overlook that gorgeous cityscape that my friend created.
We’re so grateful that love came down and dwelt among us.
There has never been nor will there ever be a more Holy Night than the night of His birth.
We pray that his presence brings you unspeakable peace this next year.
I’ve loved visiting with you all today…thanks for taking the tour with me.
Merriest Christmas from our family to you & yours!!

Sigh… doesn’t Tara’s home make you want to put your feet up and stay a while? I’m in love with her wooden signs in her etsy store. And the cotton bolls in the pitcher and the evergreen in the milk pail? OK, all of it! Thanks so much, Tara, for sharing it with us!

If you see any photos you’d like to pin, please consider clicking over to Tara’s blog and link to the original source.

If you loved touring Tara’s beautiful home please leave her a comment here! Also, be sure to stop back by every day this week for a new home tour from some unbelievably talented ladies! In case you want to visit all the previous homes on the Holiday Home Tour this week, please click over to check them out! I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

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Thank you so much to all of these ladies for allowing my readers into their homes this past week.

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  1. Such beautiful decor and design! Simple, clean and elegant…it makes me feel like I’d like to make myself one of those hot chocolates and just sit and enjoy my surroundings!

  2. Thanks for sharing Tara’s home, Beth. Love all her down-home simple-to-do decorations. And you are right, her signs are awesome, especially the one over her mantel. I will check out her Etsy shop.

  3. thanks so much for letting me join your Christmas tour of homes this week!

  4. Oh Tara, thank you so much for inviting us into your home! It is so soothing and lovely! I especially love the cotton bouquets and the giant clock! I read Dear Lillie too and love, love her pillows! Thanks again for such a beautiful tour!

  5. What a beautiful tour, home and sentiment. I hope we experience unspeakable peace as well!

  6. It is truly special! That painting of the cows just charmed my face off. Lovely!

  7. Wow! I love every single detail! So bright and cheerful!

  8. Just gorgeous! So many little details to enjoy! Love all that burlap too.

  9. What a lovely home! The word art above the fireplace is just perfect!

  10. Beth Ezidro says:

    Wow such a beautiful home thank you so much for sharing it with us. Now I’m a new coming to your blogs and I’m loving every min. of it! Every chance I get I’m walking in your homes and I love it I’m getting so many awesome ideals for my home. Thank you so much Beth and Tara 😉

  11. Beautiful!! You have a beautifully decorated home, Tara! You are a master of sweet simplicity done perfectly! And thank you, Beth, for sharing Tara and her home with us.
    Merriest of Christmases to both of you!

  12. I love Tara’s home! Beautiful and her signs are wonderful too!
    Merry Christmas,

  13. Simply.stunning! Thanks for letting us in and sharing this gorgeous home!

  14. Lovely family and home Tara!



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