Hey Girl

A bunch of my blog buddies are hosting THE funniest link party today. 

So, Hey Girls, I’m joining your link party!   It’s pretty self explanatory, so I think I’ll just leave you with the pictures from here on out…  Happy Hey Girl Day! 🙂

  Hey girl1

hey girl2_edited-1

hey girl spray paint

hey girl

hey girl ipad

hey girl vegetables


Head over to Kelly at View Along the Way, Michelle at Decor and the Dog, Chelsea at Two Twenty One, Bliss at Bliss Ranch and Ashley at Domestic Imperfection to link up your own Hey Girl posts!

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  1. OMG….HAHAHA! Why didn’t I know about this!? Going to check out the others now!

  2. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha………. I kid the family that we had a pre-nup, I don’t scoop poop and in exchange I cut his hair. Ah ha ha ah ha ha.

    This is the funnest party ever!


  3. LOVE these!! The light fixture and ladder … funny, funny!!

  4. Funny. I especially like the eagerness to take down a light fixture. That would for sure happen at my house — not!

  5. Hahahaha love the haircut one!!!

  6. LOVE your ‘hey girl’ quotes Beth! I wanted to do this too but haven’t had a chance to try to get pics of my hubby.

  7. I LOVE the iPad one. My kids can’t keep their sticky fingers off my Kindle!

  8. OMG!!!!!!!! The spray painting light fixtures one has me rolling!!!!!!! That pretty much sums up my life. This whole post is adorable and hilarious. Love. ~V

  9. Beth!! AHAHAHA, omg! I was rolling by the second one and you kept the funny coming! “While I brush my teeth and put myself to bed” — can that PLEASE really happen in my house?! Thanks so much for the huge laugh today!

  10. These are so cute! I almost did a “Downton Abbey” one myself…

  11. OMG- I love that you got the little one in on it too! Hilarious- really enjoyed.

  12. HAHA! Love them all …great “hey girl” shots!!

  13. I’ve had so much fun reading all of these! The one’s of your son totally had me cracking up.

  14. Ah-mazing. I love a man always willing to grab a ladder. Thanks so much for joining in on this non-sense!

  15. ahhhhhhh-dorable!!! LOVE

  16. LOL These are awesome! I love all your memes! What a great party idea…so many fantastic posts!
    Debbie 🙂

  17. Both your men are too, too cute! 😀 LOVE the one about Downton Abbey!

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  18. too funny!! I wish I’d had more time to come up with something funny! Oh well, there’s always next year 🙂

    Love your Downton Abbey one the best!!

  19. So cute!!! Both of them :). Love the haircut one!!

  20. Ha! The scoop the poop one, and the I’ll put myself to bed are my faves!!!

  21. Hilarious, Beth! So cute too!

  22. These are hilarious, Beth! Who wouldn’t love a poop scooping, ladder retrieving husband and an ipad sharing, vegetable eating child? Thanks for linking up!

    P.S. Haven 2013, yes?

  23. LOL! I have been working my way through the party…..and this one made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! You are the very best my sweet friend!


    PS Counting the days until Haven. 🙂


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