How to create featured likes on a facebook fan page

 how to increase your facebook fans

Wanna give your best bloggy buds some extra facebook juice?  I’ll show you how to make their fan page a featured like on your facebook fan page, so they will get more exposure with all of your fans.  It stands to reason that if a blog reader likes me, my home, or my projects, then they might have an interest in knowing what blogs inspire me, as well, right?  By setting your favorite blogs as a featured like on your fan page, you can show your readers which blogs are your favorite. 

Start by signing into facebook as your fan page, then click “Edit Page”, then “Edit Setting”. 

how to create facebook featured likes on a fan page

Next, click on “Featured” on the left side column.   Obviously, you’ll want to have already have the fan pages “liked” that you want to feature.   Then click on “Add featured likes”.  Mine says  “Edit featured likes” since I’ve already added my faves.

how to create facebook featured likes on a fan page


This will pop up a box where you can scroll through all of your likes and give a checkmark to your favorites. Be sure to save it when you’re done.

how to create facebook featured likes on a fan page


And that’s it! You can now go to your fan page homepage and see all of your featured likes.   You can choose as many featured likes as you want, but only five will show up at any given time.  If you click refresh it automatically shuffles through your featured likes and shows them randomly, so that every time someone stops by your page they see your favorite fan pages and all the people who inspire you the most!    

facebook featured likes5
If you’re  a blogger with a fan page, try this out and ask your friends to add you as a featured like!  Hopefully it will help spread a little extra “like” love your way! 



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  1. Thanks Beth! Done and done! This was very helpful!

    Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

  2. Great tutorial! I am add you to my featured likes on my page:)

  3. Beth, I do this on a regular basis, but it takes me FOREVER to scroll through them all. 🙁

    great tips!

  4. I was wondering how this was done! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU! no seriously though. this is great. i’m much obliged.

  6. Danielle @ 2 Little Superheroes says:

    This is so great! How do you know so much! I never would have figured that out.

  7. Cool post, Beth! I just went and changed mine!

  8. Beth, thanks so much for sharing this! I’m off to do this now!

  9. Thanks for this simple and helpful tip 🙂

  10. Awesome idea Beth!!!! I am totally doing this! Thanks so much for always having the best ideas!

    Have a great day rock star!

  11. Thanks Beth! I am so thankful for your awesome tutorials!

  12. Awesome tutorial!! I never even knew this feature existed but I’ve just done it and added you as a featured “like”! 🙂 Thanks Beth!!!!

  13. Off to make some featured likes! Thanks for the tip, Beth!

  14. Thanks for sharing this! Going to do it now!

  15. Awesome tip, I never knew that!! I just added some to my Ask Anna page, thank you!!


  16. Great idea!


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