The Best (and cheapest) Father’s Day Gift Idea- Clean his grill!

Over the winter, our back patio turned into a grime-fest to rival the dump truck bumper from Toy Story 3 where Lotso was tied up at the end.  Somehow springtime slipped by so fast that I have not had a chance to get out there and clean up the pollen and dirt and dog hair yet.   

On Friday night my husband got started pressure washing the pool deck while I set to work on cleaning the grill, windowsills and patio furniture.

Pool Patio (12 of 45)

Magic Erasers are kinda like that Bill Wither’s song from the ‘70’s. 

You just keep on using them until you use them up. 

Pool Patio (15 of 45)

And that’s exactly what I did to several of these magical pads in the course of a few hours.  I used them right up.  I scrubbed down our patio table and chairs. Then, I tackled the windows.  Check out my windowsills. They were so gross.  And now? Clean as a whistle, baby.

WindowsillB&A copy

But the true test?  That would be our barbecue grill.  This sucker was NASTY.  It had years of dirt and pollen and grill-caked grossness on it.  I saved this job for Saturday, since I knew it was gonna be a big one.  Check out how bad it was before I started cleaning:



Here is how I got it so clean: I rolled the grill out onto the asphalt driveway ( so it wouldn’t stain the concrete with all the sludge that came off of it during cleaning) and set to work cleaning it.

Just sprayed on the Outdoor Pro Cleaner, let it sit for a minute, then wiped off with a magic eraser and rinsed with a hose. Most off the grime came off with that minimal amount of effort, but there were a few really tough stains that needed some extra help. I brought out the steel wool and sprayed more of the Outdoor Pro cleaner on it.

With a bit of elbow grease and steel wool, I was able to remove all of the major stains. Then I cleaned the grates and burner covers with a wire brush and more of the Outdoor Pro, being sure to rinse, rinse, rinse with water. I hosed out the interior and removed all the black sludge that was sitting in the bottom. After that I let it air dry completely in the sun before I reassembled it to keep it from rusting on the inside.

Then I wiped down the entire outside of the grill with a heavy coating of olive oil and buffed it with a few Bounty paper towels. The results speak for themselves! Pretty impressive!

I took our grill from looking like it was bound for the trash dump to looking nearly brand new. 

Grill Cleaning Before and After  

Seriously, can you believe that?  There are a few rust spots that aren’t gonna come off no matter how much elbow grease I put into it, but still…  it looks a million times better than it did.  That Mr. Clean really knows his stuff. I was pretty blown away by it!  Talk about the perfect Father’s Day gift.  What better way to show your man that you love him than to give his filthy grill a bath and olive oil massage?

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My planters got some fresh flowers from the Lowes garden center.  Hopefully soon the sweet potato vine will be spilling out all the way to the ground and the bougainvillea vines will crawl all the way up the fence.

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You probably haven’t noticed, but we got a new pool liner earlier in the year.  The original one was WAY past it’s expiration date, and I love how dark blue the new liner is.  Since we switched from Baquacil to chlorine a few summers ago we’ve been buying our pool supplies at Lowes, also.  It’s been a huge money saver for us over the local pool supply store.

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I’m also a huge fern fan in the summer, and Lowes has a great selection of those.  Check out this pretty one my inlaws gave me for Mother’s Day.  I stuck him inside of my vintage Carnation milk crate on my back steps. 

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Our back porch is now ready for a party!  Who wants to come over for a cookout and a swim?

Pool Patio (27 of 45) 

If you want to get your back patio ready for outdoor entertaining this summer, too, I have a little surprise to help out with that! 

I had this Spring Cleaning Checklist of all the things that needed to be done out there, so I’ve assembled them into a free printable in case you could use it, too.

Patio Cleaning Checklist
Click here to download a Patio Spring Cleaning Checklist.

See? I told you it was a lot!


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  1. I don’t think my husband understands why Mr. Clean and his magic eraser mean so much to me. (Which sounds vaguely euphemistic, but there you have it!)

  2. Mary Happymommy says:

    My favorite thing about summer is beach time.

  3. I need to do this over the weekend – thanks for the tips!

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m excited about this giveaway! I love to clean!!!

  5. Me!! Me!! I want to come over for a cookout and a swim! Gorgeous pool and patio Beth – you and your family must really enjoy it! I love Magic Erasers too! Fab giveaway – pinning!

  6. I love the warm weather during summer!

  7. My favorite part of summer is the projects. All the planning and shopping, planting and sitting back to enjoy it all.

  8. Sandi Allen says:

    Working in my gardens. Flower and vegetable garden.
    Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway.
    My grill could really use a cleaning.

  9. Vunda V says:

    i love going to the beach

  10. My favorite part of summer? Getting in the water. I don’t care if it’s a pool, a river, the Bay (Mobile), or the Gulf (all of these are fairly accessible to here in South Alabama). I’m a true water baby and as long as I can indulge in soaking in some liquid in the summer, I’m a happy girl!

  11. Hey! We have the same pool liner! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  12. Love those products! They work great!

  13. I love having time to read a great book, enjoy the beach and eat everything on the grill!

  14. The kids are out of school! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

  15. My favorite part of summer time is the longer hours of sunlight.

  16. I love your tips!

  17. I bet it feels amazing to have everything all sparkly clean! It looks amazing! And I see you have fallen for the sweet potato vines, I knew you would join the dark side 😉

  18. Ben Nieves says:

    Hey, I like how the grill came out. I have a tip to remove those surface rust spots.. I use Ceramabrite. Its this polish used to remove grease stains off the glass cooktops. I use it in my sink for the rust spot reason. then I use Pledge to clean the stainless steel sink.

  19. The best thing about summer is picnics and swimming!

  20. Kelly W. says:

    Hmmm…maybe those magic erasers could get my kiddo in on the outside cleaning action!

  21. honestly summer’s not my favorite time, but I do love seeing everyone’s flowers in bloom and enjoying time in my sunroom (that’s if it’s not humid as summer often is).

  22. My favorite is sitting on my small deck surrounded with friends and flowers! Then when it cools down we light a fire in the fire pit…..ahhhhhh!!!! So wonderfully relaxing!

  23. Living in Minnesota our summers are 3 months long (if we’re lucky!). My favorite part is just being able to get outside and enjoy the warm summer days and not bundling two kids up in all of their snow gear to go out.

  24. Leslie Galloway says:

    I love spending lazy mornings swimming with the kiddos.

  25. What a beautiful outdoor area you have!

  26. You’ve got me inspired to get myself outside and get everything cleaned up! Also, I’ve always been a big fan of magic erasers, but didn’t know they had the outdoor type. Who knew!!!

  27. My favorite thing about summer is spending a week at the beach with my family! The fastest week ever!!!

  28. Love playing tennis

  29. You have a beautiful place to entertain!
    Love Mr.Clean products, especially the Magic Erasers!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love walking the lake and going to the beach

  31. the smell of honeysuckles!

  32. Susan M. says:

    I’m guessing my e-vite with the date and time is forthcoming? 🙂 Consider me there! I’ll even bring a few birch branches for ya.

  33. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  34. Thomas Murphy says:

    I love going in my pool.

  35. Rosie Galbraith says:

    I hope I win 🙂 great blog!

  36. Megan J. says:

    I love the long summer days and all the outside fun we can have!

  37. Definitely visiting family at the beach.

  38. Susan Graham says:

    It looks great Beth!! Want to come to my house!!!

  39. Love the beach in the summertime!

  40. My favorite part of summer is our long days at the lake!

  41. Jen smith says:

    Fun giveaway! Jealous of your mad gardening skills!

  42. wow, what a big difference!! i need to go get me some of that outdoor pro! 🙂

  43. I love the warm weather and how green everything is!

  44. Natalie Lyons says:

    Early mornings on my deck with coffee and a good book

  45. Last Minute Lynn says:

    I am thrilled to learn that Mr Clean is now making Magic Erasers to use outdoors! I have a million places to use them. Love how they worked on the grill.

  46. Monica McPherrin says:

    Love the grill clean up. I have a stainless steel grill that could use the same TLC. I will definately give it a try.

  47. my favorite thing about summer is warm weather

  48. Dee Hartnek says:

    I would love to win this cleaning package!

  49. Dee Hartnek says:

    I would love to win this cleaning package! My favorite thing about summer is grilling so it would be nice to have a sparkling clean grill.

  50. Now that is inspiring! I hope to win all the goodies but will be buying some of that outdoor cleaner this weekend. LOVE the blue of your pool liner…gorgeous 🙂 My favorite thing about summertime is enjoying meals on the patio, the beauty of nature and watching movies outdoors.


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