Updating and Organizing the Craft Room

The last time I showed you my office/craft room, it had a new makeover and a fresh coat of paint.  That was over a year ago, and it’s been extremely well broken in over the past 18 months. All summer long Garrett and my cousin Sammi (our summertime nanny) sat in this room and got their craft on while it rained buckets outside.  They painted and colored and made bead art and polymer clay sculptures.  G loved it, but by the end of summer my happy little sanctuary looked like a bomb had gone off in a craft store.  Now that school has started back, I decided it was time to get organized with my arts and craft supplies.

Project Desk in Craft Room

While I was in Atlanta last month for the Haven Conference my mom asked me to stop by IKEA and pick up a few supplies for her scrapbooking room.   She emailed me her wish list, but since there were no photos to go by I nearly had a panic attack searching for those Swedish Grundtals and Bygels in the hay stack.  Finally a nice IKEA worker saw the crazed look in my eye and took pity on me.  He typed out a new list with the departments where each item was located, and I was on my way. Once I saw what all she was buying for her room I decided to buy some for my room, too!

Project Desk in Craft Room-3

(Affiliate links ahead)

The IKEA Fintorp series of buckets and hooks turned out to be the perfect, pretty organization idea for my craft room! You can mix and match buckets, wire baskets and hooks to create any combination of storage solutions. Plus it’s CUTE.

Project Desk in Craft Room-2

Paint brushes, hot glue sticks, polymer clay, washi tap, bakers twine, markers and TONS of craft paint compliments of my buddies at DecoArt.   Be sure to check back later this week to see what all I’ve been creating with all that paint!

Store art supplies in hanging buckets from IKEA for easy craft room organization.

Another thing I couldn’t resist when I was in IKEA was this frilly light fixture.  I’ve been needing some lighting over my craft table, but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of installing an actual light.  So, with a ceiling hook and a burlap cord cover draped over to the corner, I now have this pretty ruched light fixture that matches the curtains.  I’m still iffy on the burlap cord cover.  there is a part of me that thinks it looks like a large intestine hanging from my ceiling.  What do you think?  Love it or leave it? Project Desk in Craft Room-6

Funny thing about IKEA—you can never just buy things for yourself.  It’s kind of like a Costco run—you come out with all sorts of goodies for your mama and sister that you never really intended to buy.  When my friend Dusty heard I was going to make an IKEA run she asked me to pick her up another set of (affiliate link) Dignitet curtain rods and Riktig curtain hooks for Kate’s artwork display.  And what the heck?   A few sets also made their way into MY side of the buggy, too!  I decided to steal Dusty’s excellent idea for my own little artist’s artwork.  I haven’t seen a better way to display a whole bunch of kid’s artwork in an organized way!

Project Desk in Craft Room-7

Love this. Garrett has brought home a new color of the rainbow every day from school, so they are all hanging proudly across the art corner now. I have to admit that I had to watch this youtube video to figure out how to install these things properly since those hieroglyphic instruction manuals and I don’t get along at all, as you can tell from my facebook post over the weekend…

Since all those fall projects are just around the corner I got my jute and sisal and raffia ready.  Bring on the pumpkin projects!

Project Desk in Craft Room-8

Another idea I had was to mount a curtain rod right at the top of my project table for a roll of craft paper that can be rolled out to keep the table clean when a big paint project is underway.

Project Desk in Craft Room-9

I am SO digging this idea! Since messy is our middle name around here, so I try to keep craft paper around to catch all the drips.  Here’s a peek at what the table looks like the other 99% of the time when it’s not all fake clean and staged for the blog.

Project Desk in Craft Room-11

Overall I’m super happy with the way this little corner turned out.  Now Garrett and I have a great place to sit and create together…. mess and all!

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  1. I love your craft room. Don’t you just love IKEA? Wish I had one a little closer. I also have the Dignitet curtain rods with the Riktig hooks. I use it to hang quilts. That way it is very easy to change out for the season. It does not hurt the fabric and you can see all the beauty of the quilt.

  2. angela epp says:

    I am curious where you got this table from. It looks great!

  3. Nicolette says:

    Where did you get your adorable work table???

  4. I love your creative area! In fact, I liked it so much I included it in my blog post about the Top 6 Craft Rooms! I was sad to read in the comments that the crafting table you use isn’t available anymore.

  5. I love the actual table itself. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Can you tell me where you bought it? Thanks!

  6. KeriWonggu says:

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  7. I just hung that same light in a desk nook I made in my daughter’s room after ripping out a weird tiny closet under the pitch of the roof. I bought the woven cord rather than the rubber one. I didn’t think of intestines until I read it and now that’s all I think of, ew! I also used the Fintorp and it was such a pain to install mine are slightly off level as well. Your room looks adorable, intestines notwithstanding!

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  9. I just love the metal buckets hanging from the rods. Did the buckets come with the hooks already around them or did you have to add that? If you added them can you please tell me how you did them. Love the whole wall area. I’m definitely doing the craft paper on the rod in my craft room

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  11. doris chalk says:

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  12. Martha Couturier-Coleman says:

    May I ask where you got the table…I love it

  13. Hi there where did you purchase the actual workstation?

  14. Hello

    Where did you purchase the actual workstation in your craft room?

  15. Kay Valleskey says:

    I just found your room pictures on Pinterest. The first thing I noticed in the photo of your room was your cool light AND the cover over the card. It is now years later and I wonder if you have made changes. It is a beautiful space!
    (Just adding my vote….)



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