The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See.

As promised in yesterday’s vintage student desk makeover tutorial, I’m back today with a tour of The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See. Here is the new home of the little chevron desk… my mom’s craft room that we recently made over:Vintage Student Desk DIY makeover-8

My mom is a lover of all things crafty.  Y’all know I had to get all this creativity from somewhere, right?  Well, my mother gave me a healthy dose of it for sure.  Ever since I can remember, she has been sculpting or painting or hot-gluing something and turning it into a fun craft.  She transformed her basement into a gigantic scrapbooking heaven, with more storage drawers than you’ve probably ever seen.  The scrapbook paper organizers are from Best Scrapbook company.  And no, they are not paying me to say that. Just heading that question off at the pass.

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-6

She has a desk for herself, a desk for my niece, and another desk for Garrett so that they can all have their own place to create artwork when the kids come to visit.  And now they also have the little student desk in case a friend comes to visit! 

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-12

The kids LOVE having their own craft spaces where there is a strict “no touching” rule if something is under construction on another person’s desk. That “no-touch” rule is very important when it comes to kids and their masterpieces, right?  And Grandma’s too, for that matter.  This space is absolutely jam-packed with any kind of material  you could ever need to get your creative juices flowing. From paper to play-doh, she’s got you covered.

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-4

Everywhere you turn there are stacks of pretty colored paper organized by color or holiday or size…

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-13

There are containers of artsy-craftsy stuff sitting everywhere, all within arms reach of a desk. Check out her assortment of paper punches stacked up on the tiered stand! Love that idea.

craft room storage

And, do you recognize this setup?  She used the same IKEA Fintorp storage racks and buckets in her craft room just like mine. I have to give credit to my mom for finding these awesome containers and sending me on a mission in IKEA to find them for us.  They are perfect for both of our craft rooms!

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-10

Isn’t this a happy room?  I could spend hours in here playing.  Oh, and before I forget, you gotta check out this Beth Bryan original painting circa 1999.  I painted this for my mom many moons ago and she still has it framed in her house.  I think that might beat my cheapo wire curtain rod that I strung up to hang Garrett’s artwork in the Motherly Love Artwork Displaying department. Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-9

I bought this watercolor artwork for my mom for Mother’s Day 2011, but I totally forgot to give it to her until last week.   Better late than never, I guess.  My mom and I have a long standing tradition of star-gazing together, so this was the most perfect gift I’ve ever seen for her.  I bought one for her and one for me, so we have a matching pair. I got this Galileo print about the stars from etsy seller thewheatfield.  (Again, not paying me.)

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-14

Over in the other corner of the room sits a very special project that my mom, Garrett and I have been working on lately.  We have slowly been gathering materials to construct the ultimate Fairy Garden, and finally it all came together last week.  Here is a peek into the Garden! 

Awesome Scrapbooking and Craft Room-11

I’ll leave you with that cliffhanger for another day.  The tour of Grandma’s Fairy Garden is definitely going to take a post all by itself.

Hope you enjoyed the craft room tour!  Previously the basement had ugly cheap carpeting and was painted a safe beige color that wasn’t doing that fluorescent lighting any favors. But, after my parents gave it a facelift with some luxury vinyl tile plank wood flooring similar to to this product (and also similar to the LVT flooring I used in my basement), the floors look outstanding! If you’re wondering, the paint color we chose for the room is Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey.  It totally transformed her dreary basement to such a bright, happy space. 


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  1. What a great space! I love all of the scrapbooking storage and that little kid’s desk is adorable!

  2. Wow!!! The organization makes me so happy!! I love how it’s still welcoming though, and love the storage ideas!!! Those desks are killer too. I can’t wait to see that fairy garden! I’ve always loved those.

  3. So……can I fit in the guest desk? Tell her I’m coming over to play!!

  4. Oh my word! I have some SERIOUS craft room envy right now Beth!! This room is amazing and what a neat project to work on with your mom. I love how it’s super organized and yet still feels so warm. Well done girlie! 🙂

  5. Love this Beth! Thanks for the tour!

  6. It’s official, I have craft room envy..:( It’s perfect ! and ummmm…why didn’t you tell me you are such a great artist? one more reason to love you…xo

  7. There’s so much to love about this room! I want to come over and craft in here. It’s so beautifully organized and that garden is making my heart happy. Seriously, can I play with paper too? Great job, Beth! (PS- pinned this one for sure, for future reference when I get a spare room just for making things and displaying beautiful items…)

  8. OMG! I am so jealous of that room, what an amazing crafting space!!!

  9. Your mom’s beautiful room definitely shows where you got your creative passion from! I love all of the vibrant colors…definitely inspiring. Can’t wait to see future posts on some of the project going on there…esp the fairy garden! I have a vendor who has made a few and they are gorgeous!

  10. Oooo, please invite me over to craft! That room is a crafter/scrapbooker’s dream!!

  11. Holy mother. That is AMAZING.

  12. This room is AMAZING! I am super jealous. So clean and refreshing.

  13. What an awesome room! I’m totally jealous of all the great work surfaces she has!

  14. Amazing. I love it, especially the desk for the kids or grandkids. 🙂

  15. Warm, inviting, charming and organized… there’s so much to love here!

  16. You think your mom would let me come and be crafty with her?! Maybe Garrett would share his desk with me? 😀 I see where you get your impeccable taste from.

  17. Sigh – is there a little chevron desk with my name on it? I could use this space – it’s so organized and fabulous and of course who doesn’t love a fairy garden! Now I am determined to whip my crafts into shape and take over a guest room! Hear me roar!

  18. I love your choice of colors, so fresh and fun, not to mention what everyone else has said. Love your space!

  19. Wow, what an amazing space you have for your crafting! Totally jealous!



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