Holiday Home Tour Day 3 {Lucysinspired}


Have I got a HUGE treat for you today. This next house on the home tour is one of my absolute favorites in the whole world, not just because I love it’s owner, but also because it has more heart and soul than any other house I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s tucked away deep in a fairy land of woods, covered in English ivy and surrounded by the greenest greenery that you can ever imagine. We had our family portraits made at this house in the summertime, and it was spectacular. The owner is my friend Lucy, who blogs at Lucysinspired, and also covets all things vintage and chippy and lead-filled just like me! We share that love of repurposing old junky thrift store finds, and she also makes a mean Lucy Locket out of old door hardware and things most folks would toss in the trash. Lucy loaned me her daughter and friends for a feature in the 2013 Halloween issue of Yum Food and Fun magazine. She has a wicked good eye for design on her, and I just adore ever inch of her home. I also want to stroke her mantel corbels, and if they weren’t covered in lead paint I might consider a makeout session with that chippy beaded Christmas tree made from scraps of trim board. Kevin and Layla featured Lucy’s home in a recent blog post with more outside pictures of her place. Please head over to Lucy’s blog to pin the images from her site so she can get the page views!

Welcome to my home, aka Hansel and Gretel! I was thrilled when Beth asked if I wanted to join in on her Holiday Home Tour! This isn’t my front door, but it’s Mr. Snowman and he wants to welcome you to our home that is filled with character all year long! 
I picked up this baby pinecone garland from a new friend the other day and knew exactly where to put it. These windows open our world to our back yard that is forrest as far as the eye can see. I wanted to pull a bit of the woodland in and these do just that! Aren’t they sweet? 

As we move through into what we call the “big den”, our Dear Santa letter is empty? What in the world? I think what has happened is that is in mid-change-our-mind-mode. Do your kids do that? Mine are changing their minds everyday! I love to use natural ever green throughout the house. I didn’t let them take too much off the bottom when I bought my first-ever REAL tree, because I knew I could use it all around!

This is one of my favorite spots in the house. It could be because I built that table. Yep, I built it will my two hands and a couple of saws! 😉

Have I said this is one of my favorite spots, yet? You might hear that over and over in this tour. I’m pretty smitten with this house and love every inch. This is our smaller fireplace and I change this guy around weekly! A few staples are the deer that my husband shot and that big brown corbel? I like to pet that thing every once in awhile! It moves from one end to the middle, but is always on this mantel!

We believe in surprises at our house and our stockings need to be filled to the rim! That one with the pom-poms is mine. Santa knows how to fill that sucker up, too!!

This trim on this tree. Amazing, right? I love that chippy-lead-filled paint. It is all over my house! I made this tree from trim that was saved from a home that was built in 1890 in Montgomery. It had several owners and they all tried to refurbish the home until it was in a fire and would cost too much to make it livable. I work with a company that saves old things and got my hands on some of this trim. I’ve been saving it for something special and love how my trees turned out!

The centerpiece on the dining room table is my lazy susan from Create-ologie and those shiny brights have multiplied over the years! I have intentions to make a wreath out of them, but for now I will enjoy them on the table.

This cozy corner is new at Hansel and Gretel. I bought these tiny, yellow couches from one of my besties, Ashlee. They gave me more seating and makes this corner come to life where it was just a place to fill before. Now, we will use it for parities and my son loves to play Xbox from here! 

I have an extensive collection of Penny McAlister. I cherish every piece and love to have all the bright colors filling my holiday spaces! If you are new to my home, you should read the story about me inviting the family that built this house over last Christmas. It was as if they built it for me! 

Oh Christmas Tree! 
I have to admit, I love this tree! It’s the first real tree we’ve ever had and it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s so fat and full! I ended up not getting about 2 bins full of ornaments from the storage unit. I’m sure I could fill every gap, but I love it just as it is!

Channel letters are really popular right now and we have a pretty good collection at our house. I love this red F, it’s probably my favorite! 

This is the infamous walk-in fire place. It’s huge and I love to fill it with my holiday decor. It looks totally different from the Fresh Style spread this month. I did that back in August and changed it up for December! You can find the magazine in the app store or in most Books a Million stores!

John Connor painted this snowman when he was 4. I’m pretty sure I drew it and let him go with the paint. It’s my most favorite of his art. That name? Kills me every time!

Emma’s art on the chalkboard. She free-hand wrote it. I’m so jealous of her handwriting! 

I had Southern Accents build me this tree about 4 years ago. They thought I was crazy. I think it’s amazing! It’s my all-time favorite! 

Well, that concludes the tour for now. This house has been so much fun to decorate and work on this year. I call it my project house. I’ve gotten to do a lot of fun things with it. Stay tuned for continued updates. I’m always taking pics and posting them on Instagram. You can also find what inspires me on my Pinterest page and like my Lucysinspired page on Facebook. You might see my vintage inspired jewelry, Lucy Lockets, as well!

Thanks so much to Beth for asking me to join this tour! She is a blogging friend turned real friend and I’m so glad to know her!

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  1. Love your house! I collect “Ff”s as it begins my last name. Your red F is awesome! I adore all the chippy painted wood. So cool. (I thought it was bad to have lead paint around. No?) I do have my husband’s dog tags that I would love to have you make in to a bracelet/cuff. I’ll have to get on that and send it to you. thanks for sharing your home.

    • Thank you! I think it is bad for you to ingest lead paint. Like Beth, I would LOVE to lick it, but I won’t! hehe. The dog tag cuffs are my favorite! I just made 3 for a girl to give to herself, her mom and sister! They were her father’s who passed away a few months ago. They are so special to each person!! Thanks again for all your sweet comments!

  2. I love this house!!! Just gorgeous!

  3. Wow I love that Christmas tree! And the pine cones! Pine cones are my favorite for winter decorating 🙂

  4. Lucy, your home is stunning and so inviting! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  5. Geez… now that’s some awesomeness!

  6. I KNEW I would love this house! Lucy is so creative and funny and wonderful and humble and amazing….all rolled into one. 🙂 The tree takes the cake!

    Merry, merry, merry Christmas to you and Lucy!

  7. Oh, Lucy! It’s a good thing you live far away … because I might be knocking at your door just to come “ooh” and “aah” over everything in person!

  8. beautiful lucy! that tree is amazing!

  9. That’s it. I’m moving in. Everything is so wonderfully beautiful and speaks to my thrifted vintage soul!

  10. Beautiful! So warm and homey and just lovely!

  11. AWESOME!!!


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