Holiday Home Tours Day 2: {Sew a Fine Seam}

Welcome back for Day Two of the Holiday Home Tours! Today I am welcoming my friend Jill from Sew a Fine Seam to share her home with y’all! Jill and I met when we were both contributors at Celebrating Everyday Life Magazine. Her images and articles for the magazine always inspire me, so I knew she’s be a great fit here for the 2013 Home Tours. As always, PLEASE remember to click over to Jill’s blog to pin any of the images so she can get the pageviews!


Ah, Home Tours at Christmastime! Is there any better time of the year to take a virtual stroll through a home? I love the warmth of the lights, the glitter and tinsel, the gold silver, white and red, (and blue and green and pink!) the nativities, the togetherness and a memories-in-the-making that just belongs to the Season.

My name is Jill Flory. I write the blog, Sew a Fine Seam, where you will find me talking about the things I design and sew, along with lots of furniture painting, home decorating, photography, and bits and pieces of life in general thrown in here and there. I live in Ohio (which is very cold and snowy now) with my wonderful husband and 3 daughters whom I home school. I am thrilled to be part of Beth’s Holiday Home Tour this year! I tell ya, it got me scrambling to get some things done around my home that I’d been putting off! I’ll point them out as we go along ‘kay?!

house tour christmas 2013-59

house tour christmas 2013-60

I didn’t get a wreath for the front door this year – instead I put this together and hung it on the porch to the right of the front door.

house tour christmas 2013-24

Come right on in and shut the door behind you – the cold and snow can stay outside! Our front door opens into our dining room – old houses have interesting layouts and lots of quirks and character.

house tour christmas 2013-28

house tour christmas 2013-18

house tour christmas 2013-10

house tour christmas 2013-51

house tour christmas 2013-54

Our living room – and one of the projects I was talking about. Those slipcovers on the couch and chair are hot off the presses – er, sewing machine!

My deer from last year still presides over this room and considers it his own. Beyond him you can see the first glimpse of another project that is still cooling off from its very recent finish.

house tour christmas 2013-53Antique shutters are finally hanging at my living room windows – I’ve only been waiting for them to be hung for 6 years. Six very long years! I’m so happy to finally have them up! If you come over to my blog and follow I’ll be sharing the story of the shutters very soon!

house tour christmas 2013-43

My chalkboard art from last year never got redone but it did find a new place to hang this year. We don’t use the corn stove anymore so the cupboard I had hanging here that stored all the stove stuff, was removed earlier this fall. The chalkboard was the perfect thing to hang in its place. Hopefully by next Christmas the stove will be gone too.

house tour christmas 2013-45

Christmas tree with packages tucked neatly underneath.

house tour christmas 2013-40

house tour christmas 2013-34

house tour christmas 2013-47

The deer on this shelf I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago and painted them white with gold accents. They found a resting spot on the shelf in our bathroom. It’s always fun to add some touches of festivity to the room we use for getting ready to go places!

house tour christmas 2013-38

Can you spot the camera that is an ornament? I found it at Target.

house tour christmas 2013-23

I had impressive goals for some makeovers in my kitchen this year but somehow the months slipped away and those goals are going to have to get passed on to the New Year. So I added some Christmas touches and called it good for yet another year!house tour christmas 2013-1

house tour christmas 2013-2

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy, and blessed Christmas this year. Thanks so much, Beth, for including me in this year’s Home Tour!

Don’t forget to come back and stroll through the rest of the homes in Beth’s Tour, and I’d love it if you would come visit me at Sew a Fine Seam! Merry Christmas!

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  1. It is all beautiful!

  2. what a beautiful holiday home!!!! what a great eye!

  3. Thanks for having me Beth!

  4. Ah! What a fresh and welcoming space. I love it! That curio cabinet with the nativity set is too cool. This makes me want to paint and declutter!

  5. Everything is seriously gorgeous!

  6. Wow, amazing! It’s all so gorgeous, but I especially love the table runner and the Christmas lights in the cabinet with the dishes, how fun!

  7. There is so, SO much I love about your home, Jill! What a beautiful place to come home to!


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