Operation De-Darkify the Bathroom is complete {finally}

When you guys last saw my Master Bathroom, we had just moved into our house in 2010 and I had slapped some paint on the walls just to cover up the faux finish treatment that the previous owners had left behind.  Over the years I have dreamed about what my perfect bathroom would look like, specifically this Pottery Barn bathroom that I featured here:

pottery barn bathroom

Oh, how I love that bathroom!

As a reminder, here is the before photo with the brown faux finish when we bought the house in 2010: 


And here is the mossy green color that we painted it in 2010 (This is Sherwin Williams Connected Grey, in case you were wondering).  So this would be the “During” phase:


After nearly four years of living in a dark cave of a bathroom that left me squinting in the mirror to apply my eye makeup, I finally have completed Operation De-Darkify the Bathroom!  Are you ready for the big reveal?  I’m SO excited to present to you my new light and bright Master Bath!

Master Bathroom Makeover- so pretty!-13

Isn’t it much happier?

Much to the chagrin of the neighbors and local wildlife, I took down the blinds in the arched window to let the light shine in as much as possible. I’m pretty sure nobody can see in, but I apologize to anyone who might get flashed while taking a nature walk in the woods behind our house. The walls got a fresh coat of Restoration Hardware Silver Sage paint. I know I’ve used this color in like 99.92 percent of my home, but I HATE picking paint colors with a fiery passion, so when I find one I love I stick with it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t break it, right?

Master Bathroom Makeover- so pretty!-10

We also took down the dim wall sconces that penetrated the darkness about as well as the candlestick that Abraham Lincoln studied by, and replaced them with four brighter, happier wall sconces.  I realize that I have about forty-leven different types of mixed metals in this room now (and not in a trendy modern way) but I don’t care. I love the look of the shiny nickel fixtures.  The bright brass and oil rubbed bronze came with the house.  Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me.  The brass shower door annoys me the most, but that’s going to require a full tile renovation which I’m not prepared to do just yet. And hey!  It only took me four years to fix the things about the room that really annoyed me, so check back again in 2020 to see if I finally get all the metals to match. 

Besides, this post is called Operation De-Darkify, not Operation Matchy Metalify. Master Bathroom Makeover- so pretty!-9

Another huge improvement is the lightening of the mirrors.  I spray painted the old black and gold mirrors a simple high gloss white, and improved the look of them by about a million percent.

Master Bathroom Makeover- so pretty!-11

I’ll leave you with these good old fashioned B&A pics, since everyone loves them and they are so dang Pinnable!

Master Bathroom Makeover before and after


Master Bathroom Makeover before & after

There are still plenty of things I’d love to change in the bathroom, like removing that pinkish-beige tile or raising the vanity height up about 6 inches, but for now my main objective is complete.  I no longer feel like I’m getting ready in a cave!  It’s amazing what a little paint and light fixtures can do for a room. 

PS– I’ve got a great post coming soon telling you all my best spray painting advice, so be on the lookout for it! 

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  1. Lovely! What a great face lift! Light, bright and so FRESH.

    By the way, if you ever do want to start Operation Matchy Metalify, you really CAN paint your shower door frame. I painted mine ORB to update builder-grade chrome in the house I just sold. It’s a bit of a pain, but it made a HUGE difference. And with just the one door (vs. 2 sliding doors) it would be a great deal easier for you

  2. Gorgeous! mixed metals and all. 😉

  3. Beth,
    Much nicer! It’s so bright. You are a very patient woman. I’m like the Tasmanian devil when it comes to doing a room. I would paint and then the next day I’d be like ok I need new lights, then new this and new that until it was done. I really like what you’ve done. What about painting the brass around the shower?

  4. It looks great! Amazing what a difference a few small changes can make! I love silver sage – it’s such a fantastic color! Our master bathroom is on my list, but first I have oodles of wallpaper to remove. I’m trying to psych myself up for it!

  5. I hate to chagrin my neighbors too, and didn’t some guy naked in his own house end up in trouble because some lady walking on a path reported him a couple years ago? Either way it looks marv, could you rub and buff the outside of the shower doors as a temporary fix and get some matchy metalifyism?

  6. So pretty! Love your rug! It really warms the paint color. Did you paint the ceiling? And did you do the crown molding yourselves? A job well done. 🙂

  7. We also have a bathroom that I hate and that apparently all the previous homeowners have hated too. But 3 years later, we’re still living with it — including a garish wall mural and pinkish tile just like yours. My shower door isn’t brass, but it bothers me like yours bothers you. But like you, I’m holidng out to retile the whole space.

    I love your transformation, and I know why you’ve stuck with that color. it is fab.

    Now, go flash the neighbors in your gorgeous, light-filled bathroom.

  8. I totally would never have noticed all the mixed metals and various unpleasant bits that you pointed out. All I thought when I saw it was “Dang! That girl has my dream bathroom now!” I love all the greyness and the whiteness of it. Fantastic! Also, your post was thoroughly entertaining and I loved it. 🙂

  9. It looks so crisp and clean, I love it! Love all the white and black hardware and finishes. A nice reward at the end of the day!

  10. Beautiful! Love the wall color you chose and the spa-like feel is just right!

  11. Love the makeover. What a difference the right paint can make. I love the rug- could you please tell me where you got it. Thanks.

  12. What a huge difference your changes made, Beth! Those mirrors came out gorgeous!

  13. It looks great Beth, I love that paint color!!

  14. Several rooms in my house are painted Silver Sage! I love the color – first spotted it in a RH store about 16 years ago & thought, “I could paint my whole house this color!” It’s a great neutral & easy to live with. Love your bathroom “mini-lift” 🙂

  15. Beth, I love love love your brighter master bath! WOW! What a difference a little paint can make. I actually like the mixed metals (all except the gold in the shower door)…..the chrome & brushed bronze look good together. Thanks for the update…..so enjoy your blog!!! Have a great remainder to your week! xoxo

  16. Found you through the Favorite Paint Colors blog . . . what a gorgeous bathroom! I am so jealous of your beautiful tub. 🙂 And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using that paint color for most of your house, it’s fabulous!

  17. Sylvia Nelson-Campbell says:

    Where did the gorgeous towel bar over the tub come from?

  18. Beautiful house! Quick question: Did you use Restoration Hardware “Silver Sage” or “Light Silver Sage”

  19. Love it! I think mixed match metals look good! Also your paint job is flawless! I’m all about projects that look fabulous but don’t take a lot of money or change. Small changes like what you’ve done that make a huge difference takes more talent than replacing everything, in my opinion. Great job!!

  20. Love it! I think the metals you used go well together. I love the dark faucets and the silver light fixtures. They go really well together. I think small changes that make that big of a difference takes more talent than just replacing everything. 🙂

  21. I just posted again because I didn’t think my last post was sent! Sorry! Thanks for the quick reply!

  22. every things wall color, boxes, lumps, lighting, and every things so amazing look.
    bathroom, kitchen, and room is all perfect color. furniture is so dashing.

  23. Lisa Merrell says:

    It looks gorgeous. I am going lighter in my bathroom as well. I am having a hard time finding a rug that I like-do you mind sharing where you got yours?

  24. Samantha says:

    I’m so in the dark ages right now also….this color is so lightening….even though mine is the darker green you had before….with all the brown fixtures it really is dark…..I’m just a little worried about going this light with a beige toilet and bathtub…..but it certainly has sparked my interest to lighten it all up. Great job.

  25. Just saw your post. Love your room. Silver sage looks grey in the pictures. Is it grey or a green?

  26. Hi, love your bathroom redo. Just curious, why is there a second faucet at one of the sinks?

  27. Thanks for replying. That is too cute for the soap dish.

  28. Daralynn Lett says:

    I liked the dark plaques better. The towel rack is very nice and unique. Over all the bathroom has a more elegant look.

  29. I LOVE the vanity that you posted on pintrist and also on this blog (top of your bath remodel). Do you have any idea where this is sold? I am redoing a bath (compete gut job due to a major pipe leak) the vanity is perfec.

  30. Beautiful! Love everything about it. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Delicate standing alone angel bathtub. http://www.archideco.design/product-category/bathtubs/page/4/



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