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As we enter the new year, I’d like to take a minute to find out what kind of posts you would like to see on my blog in 2014.  Also, I want to get some things off of my chest that have been burdening my brain for the past year.   I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately, about how it’s changed and evolved over the years.  Gone are the carefree days of blogging when I had no filter, no concern about who I might offend or what people might think when I posted something ridiculous.   For years I posted whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. (Seriously, don’t dig too deep in my archives or I’ll be ashamed.) There was no scheduled posts or editing.  Posts came randomly on a whim whenever I felt the call.  Just me sitting down at the keyboard with verbal diarrhea, spouting off about whatever came to my mind, hitting publish and never thinking twice about social media promotions or Pinterest counts or the numbers of comments I would get.

Those were the days…

Now, things are different.  Over the past few year I have started honing my craft and focusing on my niche, which is most certainly DIY and home design, and I’ve seen astronomical growth in my social media followings this year.  Around Christmastime last year my facebook page had under 2,000 fans, and I’m about to cross 13,000.  My blog has evolved and changed over the years from a personal mama blog to a semi-professional DIY and home décor blog.  I have ads on my sidebar.  I have big-named sponsors.  I earn a modest amount of money from blogging.  I am a member of large facebook networking groups with other bloggers, (many of them full-time bloggers) in my niche who are constantly concerned with their stats and numbers and keeping up the traffic. This concern is infectious.  Once a blogger gets bitten by the pressure-to-perform bug, it’s hard to go back to the days when it was carefree and fun.  I get bitten by that bug regularly, and I am not even a full time blogger.  I’ve said this before, but let me reiterate that blogging is only a hobby for me.  I do it for fun, but my 9 to 5 job helps to pay the real bills.  I have been been thinking long and hard lately about what it would take for me to make the jump to full time blogger and wondering if it’s even worth it.  That kind of leap of faith is not for the faint of heart.  My heart is not faint, but it’s also not much of a leaper of faith.  I am the type of person who needs a solid foundation under my feet before I make any kind of jump, even a tiny one.  I know what it would mean for my family if I gave up my full time job to pursue blogging.  I have an idea of the pressure and stress I would feel to perform at that level because I’ve had quite a few blog conference dinner conversations talking with full time bloggers about the pressures they feel.   To quit my job and walk away from the security and benefits and steady income that I have seems like insanity to me, yet the thought of it always hangs in the forefront of my mind like a forbidden fruit.  I cannot stop thinking about it these past few months.  I want to follow my passion and dreams and go for it SO BADLY.  But I cannot do it because my inner leaper is not ok with that.  I feel extremely trapped.

remind me


I have always said that the minute my blog became a burden to me I would stop doing it.  So far, thankfully, that hasn’t happened.  I still love blogging. I love the feedback from the readers. I love all of the friends that I’ve made through blogging.  I love the talent and creativity inside my blogging niche.  But, what I don’t love is the stress I feel to keep up with other full-time bloggers, or the jealousy I feel when I look at so many around me quitting their day jobs to pursue their dreams.  Yes, I admit it.  There is jealousy in my heart, and I absolutely hate that about myself.  I have never been a very jealous person, but blogging seems to have brought it out in me. That is not something I’m proud to admit, but it’s true. I need to work on that in 2014, for sure. 


(Souce unknown)

For now, my plan it to continue to post as usual without any grand leaps of faith into full time blogging.  This means my posts will continue to be erratic and unscheduled, but my content will be solid. When I decided to hone my craft, I made a personal pact with myself that I will never post something trivial just to have some kind of post up everyday.  I will not waste your time reading something frivolous because your time, like mine, is the most valuable thing that you have.  I don’t want to be the 5 day a week scheduled blogger who creates filler content just to get something on the schedule. These days I strive for all of my posts to be filled with meat and potatoes kind of creativity that keeps you coming back for more.  (This particular post that you are reading might be an exception).



In doing this, I’ve created a conundrum for myself.  It’s a struggle for me to find the right balance of DIY/ home décor posts versus that frivolous desire of documentation of my son and family now.  Back in the old days when nobody read my blog I wouldn’t have had a second thought about posting about everything from my Ode to Gerber Graduates to that time my sister dressed up my son like Miss Cleo the psychic.  My blog served as a monthly diary where I kept updates on my baby boy’s progress.  I LOVE going back and reading Garrett’s monthly updates and seeing all of the things that I’ve already forgotten.  I don’t trust my brain to retain information anymore, so my blog is my precious memory bank. I have stopped writing Garrett’s updates, and missed out on many years of archives for my memory.  I don’t have anything written down to show Garrett about his first day of Kindergarten, or what his favorite things are at age 5. And I have a LOT of  guilt about that.    I tell myself that my readers today don’t care about these posts, and that I should stick to my DIY niche only.  But then I go and post something very personal about myself, like The House that Built Me, and I get nearly 60 comments! Amazing. 

After thinking about it some more I realized that I should just take a poll and ask my readers exactly what they like and expect to see when them come read my blog. What kind of things do YOU want to read about here?  Do you really care about my 5 year old losing his first tooth and taking his first field trip?    Do you want me to tell you all my juicy personal gossip?  Or do you prefer to keep it all surface level with neat little wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am DIY tutorials with lots of photos?  So, I’m putting it to a vote. Please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see more of from me in 2014.  I will take your comments to heart and try to get it right for this new year. 

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  1. I like it all, from the gossip to the meat and potatoes! Keep doing what you’ve been doing 🙂

  2. Hey this is your place and your story that’s why I’m here! I would enjoy reading whatever you are writing about! I can find projects anywhere on the interwebs…. your personal spin on them is what makes it interesting 🙂

  3. Beth, I challenge you to blog the way you desire. In my archives I have this very topic about to fire up. For a reason. I’ve been feeling it too.

    I think a blog is about what you desire to share. Be uniquely you. I’ve found mixing it up is a good way to deliver what fuels you. Those amazing DIYS will get the pins, but speaking from the heart will get the comments. Why not just do it all?

    I personally love a blog post with pretty pictures, no matter what the topic is. And you deliver that. Do your thing your way and it’ll all work out.

  4. Beth,
    Thanks for sharing your heart, struggles and concerns with blogging. I was never a big blogger but after quitting blogging, I can say that I do miss it. But the part I miss the most is that I don’t have our family stuff for the past two years to look back on. I started my own personal blog to record family stuff, thoughts in my head, etc. So maybe if the feedback is to keep it all DIY, you could start your own personal blog for just you to record all those moments you miss blogging about. Just a thought, I know two blogs may seem like a lot but the beauty of your own blog is that there is none of the pressure because you are the only one reading it. 🙂 Anyways, glad you are growing and I’m sure your readers will love whatever you post!!!!

  5. Just follow your heart and write what moves you, be true to yourself, that is what gives your blog it’s heart and soul.

  6. I think you can probably already guess how I feel about all these deep blogging questions. And my answer to what I want to see more of? …. what ever makes Beth happy.

  7. Beth…your blog is so awesome because it is a reflection of you! You are not just DIY, just a Mommy, just a decorator, just a writer. You are multi-dimensional and that’s what makes you fun. You share your fears (public speaking) and your successes (public speaking). You share your likes…your home style. You take us on tours (Amish country…which I miss since I am from Philly). You will know when it is time to take the plunge. Until then…keep doing what you do! You are awesome and inspirational And a great source for wannabe bloggers who run 2 antique stores and just can’t get the blog going but will keep at it and get it conquered! Thanks!

  8. I have struggled with this same thing! As a blogger, it’s very difficult. But as a blog reader, I can tell you that I enjoy the personal posts as much as the DIY stuff. It helps me connect to the blogger on a personal level which in turn makes me care more about coming back to visit. Ultimately, just do what feels right to you!

  9. I love your blog and all it’s variety of content! Follow your heart and it will be right.

  10. Beth — when someone invites me into their home, I’m there to visit THEM, not the pretty decor or the fine meal, THEM! I feel the same way about visiting blogs. People come because of YOU and if they don’t like who or what you are, or what you’re posting, it’s their problem, not yours. So throw in a personal post every now and then, because it’s YOU. And if i don’t care to read a particular post, I’ll skip over it, but be back for your next post.

  11. dear Beth, you are the meat & everything else are those potatoes you mentioned. You really can’t enjoy one without the other, now can you? 😉 So don’t you forget it and please take my comparing you to beef in the best way possible and keep doing what you’ve been doing…Do it Your Way.

  12. I don’t have a blog (I would like to start one soon) but as a reader I enjoy the personal post as much as the DIY design ones. Your personal spin on a post makes it interesting and makes me want to come back for more. If something doesn’t interest me I may skip over it but I come back. Write/post whatever moves you. Be true to yourself.

  13. Write from your heart and you will be just fine. Stay true to the wonderful person you are and you will continue to grow in all aspects of your life.

  14. Subscribe to your blog and love it…do what you feel is right for you… if it feels right for you…it should feel right for your readers. Be true to yourself and others will follow! Great post.

  15. “If you build it, they will come.”

    I feel silly when I publish personal posts. I suck at people photographs. I ramble about things I assume no one cares about. But at the same time, when I look back at them, even a year later, I’m SO glad I have those memories documented. They grow too damn fast to just let it pass by. No, not everyone wants to hear about your kid doing well in school, or see photos of your munchkins in their Halloween costumes or your dog snuggled up on the couch. But think about 20 years from now when those people are long gone and you still have these amazing photos and words from a moment in time that’s long forgotten.

    I have three little ones, so even as a SAHM, there’s no way in hell I could ever turn my blog into a career at this point in my life, but I think if you’re in a place where it could work with your family, I say go for it, GI Joe. ORRRR, if you like where you stand, leave well enough alone. Keeping up with the Jones’ is a lot of work. You’re young enough to give it a go later.

    I think you should do what your gut tells you to do. And don’t worry about any outside influences. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And on the flip side, just because it looks scary and crazy, doesn’t mean it won’t work. Block out all the other voices and listen to your gut.

  16. Beth,
    I love your blog! You write; we will read!

  17. Beth, I applaud you for keeping it real here. It’s neat to hear how much your blog has grown, but I have started to get whiffs of that same “pressure” you speak of…especially when I started doing sponsored posts this past year. It changes things. And yes, it means income, but it comes with a cost. So, anyway, I think if you have that urging in your spirit to share more of your life, your family, your honest messy moments, follow that lead! I personally love reading those snapshots of daily life; they’re so relatable! And I have a theory that people follow bloggers, not blogs…and those type of posts are such a great way for your readers to get to know you even better!

    I’m a huge fan of you and your site, Beth, and I look forward to all that lies ahead for Unskinny Boppy in 2014 and beyond!


  18. BOTH! As a blogger and a reader I love the connection it brings. I feel that as a DIY’er people want to feel they can do what you do because you are a real person just like them! DIY is not easy, dinner has to be made, teeth have to be pulled and husbands have to be taken care of all in the middle…so I say share away, it makes us friends! ~Sonya

  19. I know everyone tells you to “be yourself,” and that’s true. When we work a “real” job–I teach high school English–the pressure to focus extra time on honing the blog can be overwhelming, especially when you see that others are making blogging a full-time job, which is enviable. But back to the “be yourself”–you never know what will connect with readers. People seem to like and comment on my Downton Abbey recaps and my ridiculous antics, but those posts don’t get a ton of traffic, which the furniture and DIY posts do. My own experience (after blogging for 7 years) is that if you want traffic, you need to have a niche. But my age experience tells me that I have to be true to myself, and do my own thing, which is sharing my thoughts and observations. I know this is lousy advice because it isn’t really advice at all!

  20. Your post today really struck me. With coffee in my hand, I am sitting at my computer feeling guilty about not posting for two weeks. I am a brand new blogger, a full time working person that travels for my job, and a dreamer wanting to figure out how to balance it all. I admit that I’ve walked away from my blog because I was beginning to feel like a fool. I look longingly at other people’s blog and then proceed to beat myself up over the fact that I’m not as talented and can’t devote the time needed to give great posts every day. Through your post, you gave me the inspiration I need to “go in blind faith”. To jump in and just let God take the reigns. To post quality not quantity. To count my own blessings and to remember that for now this is where I am at and that is okay. 🙂 Thank you for that!

    • Don’t beat yourself up over not posting quantity. The quality is where the heart is. I am busy working person too and I get excited when I see a new blog post in my in-box. If there was a post every single day it would loose its specialness.

  21. I appreciate you for both your personal story and your DIY stuff. Your DIY posts are what brought me to your blog but your personal story is what makes me stay. I like the combination of the two.

  22. Beth – I was just commenting on this very thing with another blogger friend recently…all of us that blog part-time, full-time, randomly or every day; however we do it we all feel the pressure in some way or another. I have felt jealous of others at times too – we are only human and want the ‘fun’ things we see other bloggers doing for ourselves too! I read recently that blogging isn’t about great content any more – the old saying ‘content is king’ isn’t the driving force anymore…because there is sooooo much great content out there in blog land now. So where does that leave us? Just keep doing what makes you happy, blog about your son, your home, the latest decor you’ve added to your home, your reflections. Because when you are 80 years old and look back at it all – you’ll want to remember moments with your family, your home, your vacations, the times you sat out in your backyard making smores…not how many pageviews you had on any given day. The fact that you didn’t post 7 days a week won’t matter one little bit. You are your blog, do what makes your heart sing girl!!!

  23. Still loving your blog. I’ve often wondered about the pressure of having a blog and to feel you have to “perform” everyday. There is no perfect job. Keep doing what you’re doing. I will keep enjoying. Have a great New Year.

  24. Beth – this is the 1st time I’ve commented on a blog. I really enjoy reading about your daily life and the awesomeness of a 5 year old. Your DIY blogs are great too. Be true to yourself and your family…I started reading your blog because you were (are) a REAL person with real day to day stories. Congratulations on doing great work but I agree with you 100% … be happy with what you write about and don’t become a commercial brand.

    Just like Dory says, “Just keep swimming”

  25. Farrah M. Knight says:

    I say do whatever your heart desires. Subscribers come and go….blog for your own satisfaction. With that being said I am a new to your blog. I found you doing a search on what to do at Disney for a 5 year…and as I read on I clicked on your home tour and I was instantly hooked. I love home decor but also I am a Mom to a 5 year old little boy, so a little of all is what I personally like seeing because that is real life. All the best to you.

    Farrah Mayleigh

  26. Beth,

    Write what your heart desires. It is your blog. I appreciate that you took us along on your family vacations and share the joys of your family. Your DIY is well explained and inspiring. Your recipes are manageable even for the fair cook. Your fear of public speaking was so honest and refreshing. And seeing the photo of you stepping out on the stage and the glow on your face as you finished was delightful.

    I don’t comment often but I look forward to your posts. When you don’t post for a while I wonder what you are up to and know you will get back to sharing in your own time. I look forward to your posts but appreciate your lack of filler.

    Through your missive you debated blogging full time. Life changes are always difficult. As you are a Looker, I am a Leaper. Consider a slight leap, maybe a leave of absence or going part time. So ponder my dear, but remember to consult those who matter most: Your husband, your son, your folks, your besties. And then be still, for a while. Just be. Just you. Just breath. You must find your own path. And thanks for letting us tag along.


  28. Dear Beth,

    What I hear in this post is the yearning of someone on the cusp of a new phase of her journey of creating herself. The good news is, those who are striving are always emersed in this process. At times, this is also the bad (or at least more difficult) news, as well! It can be helpful to have a few sessions with someone who can help you sort out where you are (which is always good to know and just totally ok). I know, as this is my calling, and what I have the gift of doing every day. No guilt is needed, or productive. Your blog content is strong, genuine and, as long as it is relevant and real to you, it will be just right.

  29. I have just recently starting reading your blog, and after reading today’s blog you are someone whose blog I would read everytime you wrote one. You seem to struggle with the same struggles as the rest of us ‘normal’ readers. I love hearing about others children, their family and their DIY projects. I have even learned a few things from reading blogs. Follow your heart and dream big!

  30. Stephanie Hobson says:

    I agree with everyone else – be yourself. Isn’t that what true blogging is about?

  31. I hear you on all the comments when you really put yourself out there! I get that too. and I say keep doing those posts when you feel like it – readers like to know the real you!

  32. They’re your ideas and thoughts so write whatever you want and what is pleasing to you. I’ll always check out your blog and read your posts. Do what makes you happy.

  33. Ok, so here’s the deal…
    I love to read authentic, from-the-heart blogs, period. When someone is true to themselves and honest to all their readers, it shines through.

    If you’re doing mundane, everyday tasks that most people do and are able to write about them in a way that makes them seem special (like yourself), comical, unique, etc. that’s what you should stick to. Some days you may be DIYing, some days doing laundry-your gift is the ability to perceive it in a unique way and tell all of us a story about it.

    Do what’s really you, what’s authentic and from the heart – you can’t go wrong!

  34. Beth – I think that you have grown because people like you. You are an honest voice, and I think that you should keep on being you. Write what YOU want. Have faith that people will stick around… because they will.

    And thank you so much for posting that great quote about not doing what everyone else is doing. It resonated with me; I needed that.

    Thank you.

  35. Your post hit home. I feel the same way you do about the blogging jump and keeping up with the full-time bloggers. I feel being a part-time blogger i’m missing out on opportunity to take my blog to a level I desire. But, over the last year I’ve read many posts from bloggers wanting to get back to the real life. They miss their families and want what’s important to be number one and not the blog they are driven to knock out those award winning posts. It’s scary to think something so enjoyable can turn into such a burden. I think you’re doing a wonderful job and as long as you are posting a mixture of topics you will please more followers. The little stories about your adventures and your kids make you look human and not some machine knocking out DIY projects everyday. It gives your readers a peek at who “you” are. Thanks for this post, I read EVERY word. That says a lot because, normally, i’m a skimmer.

  36. i like reading your blog the way it is and that doesn’t mean you can’t change things. I relate to all the things you are saying and I think most women have at least some of those feelings.It is scary, especially when you have something that’s working.Bottom line- it’s YOUR blog, your life and what you want it to be. I like hearing bits of personal stuff, it makes you a more real person but you also have to think about how much does your son, or anyone else in your life want their life to be public.To me, balance is important. If you want to make this any other way than it is, then do so because that’s what YOU want to do, not what someone else is doing. I have stopped reading some of the big-time bloggers because I have lost interest in what regularly sounds like too much self-promotion.It’s too commercial. Good for them but not for me.I want for everyone to be successful in whatever way they want to be but personally, hitting the big time isn’t the only kind of success.If it brings more stress etc, why do it? I also think that you have to consider how much time do you want to do it? these are just my observations. Do whatever you need to do to figure it out, pray,meditate, talk to your family etc. I feel that you have a good heart and inside of that will be if not an answer, then at least a road sign to help you on your way. Thank you for sharing this part of your story, it’s one we all have to live with and knowing how others deal with it can help.

  37. Beth, I will love your blog either way, whether your posts are personal or DIY/decor related. I prefer to “know” the ladies behind the blogs I read. It’s one of the reasons your blog is saved to my favorites! The full-time, quit their day job kind of bloggers who feel so much pressure are bound to get burned out eventually. I feel like I see it on a lot of the “big time” blogs – so much fluff and filler just to have something to post on their page everyday. Those are the kinds of blogs that I have started removing from my favorites list. I started my own little blog back in August and it’s been slow going. I post about my life, my family and pets, along with home decor and thrifting. I work full time and have a very busy family life, so I don’t get to post as much as I’d like. In a way, I’m scared to dive in too deep…as much as I’d like my blog to be a success, I don’t want it to take over my whole life or take away from my family in any way. Here’s what I think…keep doing what you’re doing as long as it feels right to you and just pray for the jealous feelings to be removed from your heart. The right balance for you and your family (and your inner-leaper) is the most important thing! XOXO

  38. Beth~
    Being fairly ‘wet behind the ears’ in the blogging world, I am amazed at what you have accomplished. I personally love to see a bit of life mixed in on blogs. For me, it keeps it real and I can relate to that as a mom of two young girls and a chaotic household. Your blog is your space. Keep it that way. It is very similar to the movie-Field of Dreams. If you have continued passion for something and you stay true, it will happen. People see that you are the real deal and want to stick around. Keep writing from your heart.Remember, there is a season for everything! Perhaps your full-time blogging opportunity will come when you least expect it AND that will be just the perfect time. Thanks for sharing your post!~Michelle

  39. I am so glad I came across your post today. Like you I have a full time job and do blogging on the side, but am seeing that I am starting to make more money blogging. I enjoy blogging and would love to be able to quit my job and devote more time to it.–I really get what you are saying, and my blog is nowhere near as successful as yours is. And you’re right, it’s kind of nice not to absolutely have to make a certain dollar amount each month and to take a break if you’d like. Anyway, it was nice to hear the opposite perspective on this when I’ve been listening to the crowd of “you can make a living on your blog, no problem!” so much.

    As for your posts–I don’t read design/decor/DIY blogs regularly UNLESS they have some element of their personal life in them. That’s what makes me want to come back. That’s what makes me start to see them as one of my online friends. If it’s just design or recipes all the time, I might check in here and there to see what’s new, or, more likely, I will click on from Pinterest when I see the latest project pinned, but I won’t even put them on my blog reader without that element of the personal. I’d love to hear updates about your son, or whatever else is going on in your life. That’s the kind of thing I look for in a blogger. 🙂

  40. Lindsey H. says:

    Long time reader here (first time commentor…cliche but true!). I love all the DIY things you post, but I do also miss the updates about your son and family life (in a non-creepy way:). As far as I’m concerned, bring it all on! Happy blogging:-)

  41. Beth,
    I think you can see by these comments, that we love reading what you post no matter what it is; other wise we would not follow you! I have been a once-in-a-while blogger, posting photos or other things that I enjoy. I don’t keep up on stats, usually have no comments LOL but that is ok! I just enjoy the process. I follow many blogs, and enjoy reading all kinds of posts. What is boring or un-interesting to you might be just what I was looking for! That is the joy of blogs; there is something for everyone. I say, like the others here, you are obviously doing a great job; you have lots of followers and people interested in what you have to say. Keep on keepin’ on!

  42. I still enjoy pictures of kids and just life in general. Can I be honest…maybe I’m the one and only who feels this way. It seems that blogs are so obsessed with DIY anymore. We just don’t sit around looking for things to DIY all the time at our house. I really enjoy just decorating, moving things around, and making it home.

  43. Beth, I appreciate your concerns. It is the very reason I have not blogged ( i mean a real story) in a couple years. It became to much and I began to question myself. Why I did it. It no longer was my personal journal. I felt overwhelming pressure and competition (One blogger in particular was so underhanded to me…I was dumbfounded by it) to be something of perfection. Which I am far from. Then I just didn’t have the fire in my heart as I once did. I, Like you, miss blogging so very much. I miss the camaraderie, the friendships, the inspiration. There are numerous days I feel I’ve let myself down by not sitting down and typing what’s in my heart. And I have. All this being said, its understandably silly to give you advice…but mine comes with age (and is easier to give that accept)….do whats in your heart. Do what you’re passionate about. Do what makes you happy. Your readers are here for you. Its that humor, that passion, that family love and those great ideas that brought me here so long ago. Wishing you all the best sweet Beth!!! And for what its worth YOU inspire me!

  44. I want to read about whatever you want to write about, because that’s going to be the best content, no matter what the subject. I feel EXACTLY the same way; this hit me so hard because I have felt the exact same thing, too. You aren’t alone. Hang in there. You are spectacular!

  45. Just keep doing what you are doing…it’s wonderful and authentic and YOU! Just perfect!

  46. I like everything you’re doing…from the day-to-day to the great DIY projects. It doesn’t matter if you blog once a week or 5 days a week…I just enjoy your posts. Thank you. Good luck figuring it all out. You can’t make a wrong decision. We already love what you do so I would suggest just following your heart and what feels right. You’ll know. We all find our own path and often not as we first pictured it would be like.

  47. Yep, you hit the nail on the head. I’m seeing more and more bloggers questions what content they CAN share. I have also struggled with this. Here’s what I say: If you’re an established blogger, and it sounds like you are because you’ve got a good number of followers and traffic, it’s okay to publish personal posts occasionally. However, if you’re a blogger just starting out and your purpose is to grow a business and a following, I would not suggest personal posts–not yet. Only because, until people really start to “know” you (meaning, they enjoy your blog and posts and feel a connection with you), no one will care about personal posts. However, once you have a following established (and who knows what that magic number is), then it’s okay to toss in a personal post. It all depends on where you are in your blogging and what your purpose is for starting a blog.

    Another suggestion is to keep a personal blog that you post personal things and family stuff (not worrying about design and making it “pretty” and that will be for family and friends, and any readers that are interested in following a more regular personal page.

    I started a personal page. I admit it’s not up to date. And it’s not as in depth as it could be. But it’s a documentation. And I don’t have to worry about boring readers 🙂

    Serena @ Thrift DIving



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