How to get rid of stinky dog smell - no bath necessary!

I hate to admit this, but our dogs are stinky. Their crates are stinky. Their bedding is stinky. Their breath? Oh, don’t even get me started.

Gus and Woodrow, our two 100 pounder Labrador Retrievers, have lived with us their entire lives.  They have it made in the shade, quite literally.  They spend most of their days sleeping side-by-side, lounging pool-side on piles of cushion-y dog beds and being hand-fed snacks by a certain six year old. They are low-maintenance redneck dogs, but the one area where they are lacking the most?

Personal hygiene. It was pitiful.


poor poor pitiful puppies.

Anyone who has ever owned an outdoor dog knows that it doesn’t take long for them to begin to smell like a goat with a buzzard scented albatross hanging around it’s neck.  I’ve tried taking them to the groomer by myself, but transporting these two in a car alone is not an activity for the faint of heart.

I decided it was time to take action and put my essential oils to a major test.  



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So how did I do it??

Purification essential oil 


Water in an 8 oz glass spray bottle

That’s it.

That’s my magical secret. 

Purification essential oil removes stinky smells from laundry, shoes, clothing and carpets, so why not dogs?  

I decided to try it and it totally worked! I added 10 drops of Purification oil to an 8 ounce water bottle with a spray nozzle on top, shook it up and spritzed their coats, then allowed them to dry.

After spritzing their coats with the essential oil/water mixture they smell like puppies again! I am able to bury my face in their fur and it smells so good!

Their stink has been completely erased, and I did nothing more than give them a spritz of water and essential oils. It is AMAZING the difference it made. It makes me want to curl up with them and take a nap like we used to do when they were little baby puppies.




I love my oils!  In case you are wondering where to get a bottle of the essential oil blend, I can sell it to you!

I am a distributor for Young Living essential oils.  If you’re interested in buying any Animal Scents for your pets, you can click here to sign up to be a retail customer, or become a distributor and get wholesale prices!

A few notes about safety concerns: 

If you have a smaller breed dog, you would use WAY less than 10 drops of essential oil for a smaller dog.  Essential oils are incredible powerful and potent, so just one drop can go a very long way.  

Be sure to take that into consideration if you use these on your animals.  Start out with 1 drop of oil and see if it works.

Also, I have no experience with cats, so I cannot speak for how essential oils work on them. I’ve read that tea tree oil can be toxic to cats so please do your research before using essential oils on any of your animals.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions about essential oils around your home and family.

I’m happy to help with any questions you may have!



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  1. I was trying to order but it asked if I was referred by someone?

    • Hey Maria! You can click here and then choose “Retail Customer”, then place the order. If it asks you for a referral number, please use mine so that I can get credit for the sale! 🙂 #1516864. Thanks!

  2. Our 14 year old dog has been an outdoors dog since we’ve had her (we wanted to keep her inside after rescuing her as a puppy, but she really wanted to stay outside- once an alley dog, always an alley-dog?) and she stinks to high heaven. To be honest, she’s never had a bath in her entire life- she absolutely hates water. I dropped a watering can and as water exploded out of the can, she dodged and ran for the hills! So, as a result, she smells… terrible.

  3. florence g. isom says:

    I loved your comments.. we have 2 dogs, one outside one inside.
    The one outside dog LOVES it, never gets a bath, if you bring her in the house at nite when it’s freezing cold, she barks first thing in the morning to go back outside. She rolls around in the snow turns her nose up to the sky and barks the wind!!!!!! LOL……on the other hand, miss priss, the inside dog, hates the rain, snow or any inclimate weather. Only sunny days for her, she generally smells pretty good, except when she takes a poo outside, then she comes back in smelling like a dog!!!! When you tell her that she looks down with her big eyes and walks away with hurt feelings. I wipe her down with a towel, or baby wipes, hug her, she jumps on my bed, and we watch old movies then take a nap…….I’m gettin sleepy. Over and out.

  4. the oil that u was talking about to make a dog smell good is it safe for them to be licking on?

  5. Just found your blog today and I have really enjoyed it until your were slammed with animal abuse! Those beautiful healthy looking dogs are just in horrible shape. ( I can tell by the smile on their sweet faces) I do think everyone that has responded to the abuse comment loves animals and would never hurt or abuse any animal but there are evil people that do it everyday and all this anger should be channeled into doing something positive like writing your local law enforcement, mayor and congress to help put a stop to abuse with harsh punishment for offenders. And on a lighter note sweet potatoes keep the stink off your pooch. My dog was born with bad kidneys and has been on a prescription food for the last 9 years this means no junk filled treats however my vet told me she could have baked sweet potatoes and fresh green beans as her treats. I have found giving her a baked sweet potato once or twice a week she never gets that funky doggy smell and its healthy for her. She loves loves loves them! Peace ladies 🙂

  6. It is obvious that M.J. is a clueless animal rights activest. Labradors are not meant to be bathed often at all. Most hunting labs will go a year or more without a proper bath. That’s because they have an undercoat covered in oil that keeps them from freezing to death when they are RETRIEVING ducks and such from freezing cold (literally) water. And THAT is not animal cruelty, THAT is what they are bred for. So, yeah, that nice undercoat protects them and makes them smell like rotten moldy sweat socks-regardless of where they sleep and washing the oils out of it on a regular basis probably isn’t cruel-just shows you don’t know jack about the breed.

    Personally I think you have an awesome idea and as an educated and loving owner of my own stinky, spoiled, beautiful Lab I’m going to use oils to fight oils!

  7. can I purchase the purification oil without signing up ?

  8. I found the solution!!!! Angel eyes has some sort of antibiotic, so it’s not something I’d use for my dog, and like Amy below said, it’s only a bandaid to the real problem. My dog is vegan and I give him real food when I know it’s something my malti-poo can digest, like steamed carrots, brocolli, and other veggies and rice. He loves pasta! But the one thing I discovered that has definitely stopped the smelly stinky tears were oranges! He likes fruit, and perhaps other fuits can do the same thing, but one day I noticed he actually smelled “flowery” and pleasant. I thought at first it was some plants he may have walked through earlier while we were gone, but there are no flowers in bloom in the middle of winter! the scent didn’t fade He continued to smell like this and it dawned on me that the Clementine oranges that I fed him was coming through his tears! The flowery scent was that! I feed him oranges about every other day, and so far, the stinky tears are gone! I went about 2-3 days one time without feeding him oranges to see when the smell would come back, and that’s about when it started to stink, so I now I feed him oranges about every other day and so far so good! I really believe a good balanced diet of healthy REAL food is the best for the health of pets which includes REAL veggies and fruits, not all this packaged stuff.

  9. I too have a black lab, great dane mix.
    He is an indoor guy with a backyard, park, mountain and beaches to play.
    He too cannot be bathed all the time.
    He has sensitive skin, and it is very dry where I live.
    Even with his monthly bath, he smells.
    Obviously, those “pitiful” puppies are well taken care of.
    They have beautiful coats.
    I have tried some products to spray on that will help without drying out his skin.
    He gets special shampoo and conditioner to help.
    I can’t wait to try this stuff.
    You need to re-read the article.

  10. PattiCake – did this help with your 13-year-old’s old dog smell? We have a 13-year-old lab who has that old dog smell and has had it for the last 6-8 months.

  11. Lori – how do you use the lavender oils on your dog? I have a golden that also has horrible allergies.

  12. Jill Knox says:

    Yes, I have two stinky dogs, and Yes, I am guilty of poor grooming habits! Would LOVE to try the Purification oil! I’ll also try it on the house… don’t get me started there!!!! Cost? Let me know next step!! Thank you for the post!!! j

  13. One day I will try this. Thanks for sharing this because “dog stink” is one of my LEAST favorite smells EVER! It makes me irritable towards dogs… And I’m an extreme animal lover. I think it’s because my dog stays inside and I can’t stand having a dirty house.

  14. Thank u BC my truck stinks

  15. As the director of a community outreach program/rescue – THE BACKYARD DOG PROJECT – we see neglected outdoor dogs on a daily basis. Most are chained or penned 24/7 living in mud and their own waste. We try to improve the lives of these dogs, first by asking the owner if they will bring them indoors. Usually that doesn’t happen so we provide dog houses, straw, vetting etc to make life better for these outdoor dogs. Beth’s dog clearly don’t fall into this category!

  16. It is really a great and useful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this useful info with us.

    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I personally would not have outside dogs, but I am not going to open up that debate again. I do, however want to point out that essential oils must be used very carefully on pets. I wish you would have given some safety guidelines, especially since you are selling the oils. It’s imperative for pet owners to know that the same amount you use on your 100 pound labs will be too much for a small breed dog. It’s also important to note that cats are extremely sensitive to oils, and birds and fish cannot tolerate them at all – they will die. I’m going to leave this link here to an article promoting safe, responsible use of EOs on pets.

  18. do any of the essential oils help with fleas? we are having trouble getting rid of fleas this year.

  19. Deborah Lemmer says:

    I loved your blog and likely it was written a long time ago and I’m just seeing this post. I have a goldendoodle and would love to try some of these oils. I’m not sure I’m ready to sign up to be a distributor. Is it possible to get a sample from you or oder from you first?

  20. Deborah Lemmer says:

    Me again!
    Just checked Young Living website – they are out of stock of the Repel Aroma. Can I get it from you? Amazon doesn’t have it either.

  21. Michele Winter says:

    I love using YLEO, I use them every day. I have the pet collection with the RepellAroma and I’m wanting to make a 4oz bottle of spray for my inside smelly dogs, we have 4. We have 2 pugs 1 Husky mix and a Walker hound mix. Not only do their bodies smell but their breath can knock you out of a chair! LOL. So my question is how many drops would you recommend in a 4oz glass bottle and would it be best to use distilled water since our water comes from a well? Also do you have a recipe using oil for a fleas? TIA
    BTW your dogs have the life that I envy, they are beautiful and look very happy!

  22. Beth, amazingly I have been thinking seriously of starting to use essential oils in my home AND my stinky,stinky dog! i have an elderly Alaskan Malamute and i live in south central Georgia! Her name is Aleutia, Lou for short. Her hair is so thick with under coat, you can’t get to her skin when we shampoo her. From your instructions , it sounds like you just use it on her top fur, am i right? I could probably use my fingers to try and work it down to her undercoat. Should I use gloves, i have dr. gloves. It is so hot here, heat index well over a 100 degrees, way too hot for her, so we keep her in the house with the air conditioner. When she goes out to to do her business she is
    sweaty dog stinky! ugh!!
    I would love also to start using ess.oils also in my home. I have to wait for my SS ck, though.
    Thank You for this post about stinky dogs! LOL!

  23. Sharon Gilder says:

    Good morning,
    I am interested inthe product you say will help with my dogs odor. I have a weimeramer mix that stays I. The house a lot. He has the typical water dog smell even though he is bathed regularly. I want something natural and it sounds like you have the answer! Could you give me more information about the product and how I can get some? Thanks.

  24. Diane Simmons says:

    How much of the oil to how much water in the spray bottle? I have ordered my first pet oil T-Away. I haven’t tried the others yet. Thanks

  25. Hi Beth, I was wondering which essential oil is it that you use in the spray bottle with water to spritz on your dogs for the smell? I have a beagle/cocker spaniel mix that I rescued from the shelter and he is an inside dog. Also, can you use this mix for the odor in your home as well?

  26. Jenneau Marquez says:

    I am also a distributor, but I would like to know what the essential blend is for my smelly dog.

  27. Beth,
    I have heard that you can put peppermint oil In their doggy water for bad breath. Is this true? I picked up a rescue Boston Terrier that’s breath will send you I the other direction really fast. She likes to lick your legs and etc. and really makes anything she licks smell dead. Including herself. HELP me with the breath thing.

  28. My Chihuahua puppy needs some purfume??

  29. I don’t get it at all! Why own a dog if it will not live inside with you and your family? I think it is cruel and should not be allowed! I’m sorry but there is nothing those poor dogs will do to your precious house, no reason to leave them outside! In my opinion that is the part that is animal abuse! People use to do this all the time, it was never right, but this day in age, most people know better! I feel so sorry for your dogs! They deserve to be with their family, to live inside the house with their family, shame on you!

  30. Kara Bellinger says:

    How often do you spray your dogs with the essential oil? Also are there any side effects that you know of?

    Thanks, kara

  31. tina moore says:

    What do you suggest for dogs bad breath? I paid a LOT of money to have my dogs teeth professionally cleaned by the vet, but within a month his breath was bad again. I give him a “treat” that the vet said would help clean his teeth.

    • I’m not sure about the breath thing because I battle with that issue and my dogs also. I have heard that Greek Yogurt or kefir could help but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure.

    • Bones, chews, fresh food, Tropicana toothpaste gel……masking would be like us spraying breath freshener instead of finding the cause for bad breath – fine for the short term, but better to change what’s happening.

  32. I have two chihuahuas and a cocker spaniel and they are all indoors except to go outside to do their business but on pretty days they like to be outside running around playing and rolling in God only knows. I can bathe the chi’s but the cocker is an entirely different story. I cannot life her to put her into the bathtub so I’m VERY MUCH interested in the oils!! My couch smells like wet dog and so does my bed covers since they all sleep with me. I’m constantly washing bed covers but they don’t stay fresh very long. Can you spritz furniture and dogs with this oil???? If so I would love a free sample of the scent u use on ur dogs please! Also my dogs breath is HORRIBLE!!!! Does Greek yogurt really work for that??? What else can I try???? I do not have the money to get their teeth cleaned by the vet!! Thanks for your time and I look fwd to hearing back from you and trying your essential oil. Thanks!!

    • Hey there!

      Purification would be excellent to use on your sofas and fabric. I keep a spray bottle mixed up at all times and use it around my house for all sorts of things. I would be happy to send you a free sample if you will email me your address.

      I’m not sure about the breath thing because I battle with that issue and my dogs also. I have heard that Greek Yogurt or kefir could help but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure.

      Here is the link to purchase Purification oil:

      Please use my member number 1516864 when placing an order so I will get credit for your sale!

      Thanks so much and let me know if you have questions.

  33. This essential oil is amazing. I have 2 dogs. We live in an apartment. Thank you for sharing this article! I need some solutions like this. Best regards!

  34. Thank you so much for your post! I have an 8 month old in-door Labrador that can get SO stinky. At first, I was bathing him literally once a week to keep the smell away – but then I saw that I was really doing more damage than good; his coat had no chance to create the good oils it needed for a shiny healthy appearance (poor guy has had over-obsessive momma).

    So…. I have made myself back off so that I only bathe him once a month – but the SMELL! Especially after a rainy day… WHEW! I would love to try the purification oil to get him freshened in between baths. How should I go about purchasing a bottle?

    Your pups seem to live a life of luxury! They are very handsome 🙂 My Finn cannot be trusted alone all day, yet… so he is crated while I am at work during the day – don’t freak out dog people …. I come home at lunch to let him out and I get up at 5:00 AM so that I can exercise him really hard before he is crated. Simply put, we dog owners do the best we can for our dogs.

  35. Angela Beck says:

    Be careful using Purification with dogs. It contains Tea Tree oil which can be harmful to dogs. A friend used it to clean her dog’s kennel and he wound up at the emergency vet where they told her Tea Tree can be poisonous to dogs! Fortunately, her dog survived and is ok, but it cost hundreds of dollars and could have ended much differently.

  36. I have two Labs, 1months old ! They smell horribly! I have used oils and I’m pretty sure they prefer the little spray bottle to the shower !!! They look so much like your puppies!

  37. Don’t laugh…………………..but I bathe my dog in Summers Eve. It works!! Makes her smell really good!!!

  38. I have an English bull dog puppy only 3 month old I don’t like how he smell I try using different shampoos and doggie perfum but it doesn’t seen to help any recommendation

  39. I have a dane and he loves being outside but he goes to the “beauty salon” approx once a month
    not only fpr a good bath but also for nail clipping and ear cleaning etc. and a good brushing\There is no way |I can get him in the shower here. so it costs to take him there but is is that or live with a stinky dog with long nails or that. |I have never thought of this oil that you are talking about for
    between the shampoos. but it could be a b enefit, I think thanks for the info

  40. Great post Beth! I will definitely give it a try as my Sam is a redbone coonhound and only gets a bath after he has been playing in mud and the rest of the time he gets brushed/spritzed. The 2 vets I use warn against bathing labs too much as it is not good for their natural body oils that keep their fur in tip top shape. It would be nice if people did their homework before jumping on the shaming people.

  41. Thank you for the post. We have a 6 month old chocolate lab that I love. Still learning all the ins and outs of labs so this is very helpful.

  42. I’m at a end for my 18 MO old morkie she chews on her self and is leaving hair everywhere she also stinks I give her baths but only let few days and back to the oder this is my first dog and I’m a senior can you give me any ideas

  43. Barbi Davis says:

    Would lavender oil work too? And how much to start selling. Or just buying these essential oils? I am disabled so it will be a while before I can spend any money. But it is also a small way to make a few dollars for me. Because I am a believer of essential oils.

  44. My baby girl is little and oh so cute. She goes to the spa every 7 weeks. But in the summer, when she goes outside, she sweats and stinks so bad. I am just learning about oils for dogs. Ms Meg is 13 so a bath is getting stressful for her, in between visits to the spa. But some days I just can’t take her stink. Thanks for the info. Your babies look adorable.

  45. I’m trying to sign in for the first time and it will not accept my tax ID #.
    Any suggestions?




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