Seashells, Succulents and Antique Eyeballs

Well, it’s official.  I’m still a sucker for succulents.  Apparently I cannot get enough of them.

Succulents and seashells-3

I am also a sucker for cobalt blue glass bottles and jars, which led me to pick up these little guys at an estate sale last week.  As I was checking out the lady informed me that this particular little jar was actually an “eye glass”, aka an antique glass eye cup. 

Succulent in an antique glass eye cup

Um.  WHERT? 

Excuse me? 

At first I didn’t believe her, but then I went over to ebay and sure enough.  There it is.  A whole bunch of cobalt blue glass eye cups.  I had no idea such a thing existed, although it makes total sense.  I guess you can’t just plop a glass eyeball on your nightstand and expect it to stay there without rolling away when you reach for the snooze button.

Succulents and seashells-1

So, somewhere along the way in history, somebody invented the glass eye.  And what is the most logical next piece of equipment every glass eye owner needs?  A glass eye cup, of course.

Succulents and seashells-6

Thankfully I still have all of my original eyeballs, so I’m plopping a succulent inside of it…

Succulents and seashells-7

You learn something new every day, so consider yourself learnt for the day.  

You’re welcome.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~~ I thought I was the one doing the schooling today, but if you read the comments I’m the one getting schooled today!

PS:  I also apparently have a thing for blogging about random eyeballs, since I have an entire category dedicated just to them.

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  1. The eye glass cup, is used to wash your eye out with!…Not an artificial eye, though!

  2. My Dad, who turned 90 on Saturday, says, be careful or you will learn something new every day. He has a wonderful sense of humor, though his memory is fading.

    Not to be a know-it-all but what you have is an eye wash cup. Fill the cup with a solution, place the cup to your eye (the one in your head) and tilt your head back. This is before the days of bottle eye drops, etc. I suppose you could store your glass ey in one and really freak out your friends!

    • Well I thought I was teaching you something new but I’m the one who got to learn something new today! 🙂 So, were these used in the pre-running water days? I’m trying to figure out why you’d need to wash your eyes out?

  3. The sister of one of my long time friends makes glass eyeballs. I wonder if she has a cup collection?

  4. Well I thought I was teaching you something new but I’m the one who got to learn something new today! 🙂 So, were these used in the pre-running water days? I’m trying to figure out why you’d need to wash your eyes out?

  5. We had a couple of these around when I was a kid…we even had running water AND a remote control television, although the remote was connected by a long cord. 🙂 We used them if we had something in our eye, or had a stye starting. In that case, they were filled with a light boric acid solution. Ours was short and squat, shaped like an oval with more pointed corners. Hmmm….sort of eye shaped!

  6. LOL, too funny. Who new? I like your way better though, for sure 🙂

  7. Laura / Pet Scribbles says:

    I don’t care which way these eye wash cups were to be used, because instead I’m just drooling over how lovely they are! Now I’m going to be on the lookout for some! (Love your styled vignette, by the way!)

  8. So that’s what that is! A glass eye cup. I don’t know why I didn’t see that. Must have left mine on the bedside table again. I love what you did with them. Love your blog!!!!

  9. Holly Huebner says:

    It was so funny reading your post about eye balls, who cares about the exact purpose of the cup 🙂 I was having a good time visualizing all these cups with fake eye balls everywhere. (Secretly I was thinking, wow…didn’t know it was so common to have a fake eye…but better to have one than nothing at all.) Actually, I went to high school with a kid who lost an eye in a hunting accident. I think his buddies got a kick out of asking him to take it out. Anyways, I love the cobalt glass and it’s such a cool idea to put the succulents in it.

  10. I am ROFLOL, Beth! Eye balls don’t go IN it, it goes OVER the eyeball, when you need to wash your eyeballs (medicine, etc.) Thanks for making me smile! I love how pretty the plants look inside all of them – sharing you on FB in the morning!

  11. Beth, your posts KILL me! You’re so funny!

  12. Who knew there was a glass eye cup? This reminds me of my great uncle who actually had a glass eye. It amazed me and also scared me when he used to take it out. Thanks for the laughs!

  13. My grandmother had a few of those in her kitchen cabinet. I wonder what happened to them?

  14. Oh this is funny Beth! As I was reading I kinda figure where the comments would be going. Did people remove glass eye ball before bed like contacts? If they did I am sure they would shave used these for that purpose too!! I love succulents too!! Have a laugh & a lovely day!
    Pinning, FB & G+

  15. This entire post and comments has me bustin’ a gut! SO FUNNY! I do love the succulents in those cups, eyeball holder, washer, whatever, they are beautiful!

  16. If I had a glass eye (my aunt does), I would use this cup. 🙂

  17. this. cracked. me. up. the eyeball part, i mean, mostly because my 6th grade english teacher had a glass eyeball, but the side of her desk you walked up to was the side with her glass eyeball. i stood there for 45 minutes one day while she was working at her desk. soooooo awkward. i immediately imagined her with an eyeglass cup by her bed at night. hiiiiiilarious. 🙂

  18. I clicked over here because your succulents and jars are beautiful but I didn’t know I was going to get a great laugh too! I had no idea such a thing existed either and love that there is such a fun story. Thank goodness for inventors or there would be a lot of people trying to find their eyeballs! Too funny! Pinned!

  19. I’m a blue glass whore, too. But, I can honestly say I’ve not once seen one of these in my travels. I need to be on the lookout – you never know when you’ll be running with a stick and lose an eye!!! Or, ya know, need to wash your real one. :0)
    I LOVE the succulents in them.

  20. Oh wow. Perhaps it could be used for both eye purposes? In any case they are pretty 🙂 🙂

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