The Painted Fox Challenge!

Painted Fox Challenge 

Today we’re going to do something FUN.  I was challenged to receive a mysterious item from the Painted Fox, an online store specializing in fabulous farmhouse décor and vintage treasures.  The challenge is to go head-to-head with 8 other bloggers to see who can use their mystery items the best way in their home.   The previous stop on this blog challenge tour was over at Live.Laugh.Rowe, so let me first say “Hey!” to everyone visiting from Kelly’s blog!  I just love that girl. I’ve been an admirer of her blog for many years.

So, here is the mystery item I received from Painted Fox —a gorgeous wood and tin three tiered stand that delivered to my house in a giant box that I ripped into like a kid at Christmas time.

 Three Tiered Stand

The metal ring band around each tier reminds me of my whisky barrel flower pots outside, so you know I instantly fell in love, right?  It is really tall– 26 3/4″ high to be exact– which felt too tall to sit on my kitchen countertops comfortably.  Bummer, because that was my first thought.  I will admit that I was kind of stumped by this item for a few weeks until one day the idea appeared in my head like a vision…


Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-3

And just like that, the Fairy Garden High-Rise Apartments and Condominiums was under construction.  I enlisted the help of my six year old son to help me gather supplies to transform it from a stack of empty wooden circles into a woodland wonderland with live plants trailing down the sides.  We started our search at a local garden center, which has the biggest collection of fairy garden ideas I’ve ever seen.

   Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-16

We picked out this little boy fairy who happens to reminds me a whole lot of my Garrett when he’s in need of a haircut.  Plus he would totally cradle a snail like that even if he were just a few inches high.  The boy has no fear of creepy-crawlies at all.  

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-1

I wanted it to be more of a boyish fairy garden, so we tried to stick with greens and browns and overall woodsy-type things. (No pink or purple allowed!)  But fake deer antlers and tons of reindeer moss?  Definitely allowed.

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-13

We lucked up and found a few little ceramic houses (even one in the shape of a teapot!) at a yard sale for less than a dollar a piece.

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-2

At that same yard sale I also found a tiny house for the old fairy woman who lives in a shoe and has so many fairy children she doesn’t know what to do….so she got them some pet hedgehogs to guard them in a gourd out front… Ferocious hedgehogs, they are.Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-10

If you’re planning to construct your own fairy garden, remember that yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores are treasure troves of tiny trinkety things that you can score for really cheap.  I’m talking like .25 cents each kind of cheap!

Since the good folks at Painted Fox  gave me this tiered stand, I couldn’t resist buying this little brown painted fox cub in their honor… 

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-5

He’s pretty cute, eh?

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-7

My son donated the ladders from one of his ninja castles so that all the convalescent fairies could have a way to climb up to each levels if they were suffering any wing damage.  Very thoughtful but not very ADA compliant.  I’m hoping there won’t be any trollish building inspectors on this condo jobsite.

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-8

Seriously, though, my son and I had THE BEST time assembling this fairy garden together.  There are so many little hidden details scattered throughout, which is of course is what makes a fairy garden so much fun.  We found this little burlap bird sitting in a nest with tiny robin blue eggs in the Christmas ornament section of the store.  Perfect.

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-9

Garrett loved this firepit and adirondack chairs because they reminded him of the firepit at his grandma’s house, so we had to get those, of course. 

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-12

He had a bag of stones leftover from a gold panning session at a local cave tour, so we filled those fairy coffers to the brim with gold and jewels.  And the happy rock found a new home, as well.  I bought a bag of potpourri to scatter around and fill in the rest of the gaps with nuts, morel mushrooms and bits of bark.  As an added bonus, they smell like vanilla!

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-14

I am so excited with the way this turned out, and I hope it’s given you some fun ideas for your own project with your kids or grandkids, as well.  I’m a big believer in fostering imagination through playtime, and fairy garden construction always fits that bill perfectly. 

Just never forget these three important things when it comes to creating your own magical world with your little ones:

Woodland Fairy Garden from a Three Tiered Stand-15

Dream. Giggle. Imagine.  Then giggle some more.


Next Stop

Hope you have lots of fun visiting the rest of blogs on the Painted Fox Challenge Tour today!  Next up on the tour is Jessica over at Four Generations Under One Roof!  I cannot wait to see what Jess did with her treasures.  Head on over there to her blog and take a look!

And be sure to stop by the Painted Fox to see all of their vintage wares.  I could literally buy every single thing they have for sale.  I love it ALL!
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If you need more ideas for fairy gardens, be sure to check out all my other fairy garden posts right here!

Disclaimer: I was given a free three tiered stand from Painted Fox for this post.  All opinions about ferocious hedgehogs and trollish building inspectors are my very own.

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  1. What a wonderful, whimsical little fairy haven!

  2. you killed it!

  3. Oh my goodness Beth, I love this! When my sweet teenagers we in early elementary school we create fairy gardens in boxes. You just sent wonderful memories rushing in. Thanks ~Sonya

  4. Oh my goodness….this is fairy haven heaven!

  5. Girl! You are amazing — would I ever think to use a three tiered tower to make a fabulous Fairy Garden High Rise? Hmmm. NO! Love this…. you rocked it out. xo

  6. I got a chuckle out of the convalescing Fairies and their non ADA compliant ladders. 🙂 I am sure you both had lots of fun with this project. I know I did just reading about it.

  7. That is sooooo adorable! Urban fairies! I loved every detail (even the ones you didn’t specifically mention!). Definitely filing away for Gus and I one day!

  8. Beth, I bought that exact tiered stand and love it! I filled mine with pumpkins, magnolia leaves and some bittersweet branches. I LOVE what you’ve done….so cute!
    Have a great week!

  9. What fun! And leave it to you to do something totally unique! Absolutely incredible!

  10. Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy goshhhhhhhhh the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “You overachiever you!” haha I so ADORE this! You surprised me… I LOVE that. This is so beyond adorable!

  11. So did you take out the center spindles and replace it with tree? That’s a stupid question Bliss, you can see it is different. Oh God, now I’m talking to myself in a comment thread.

  12. Laura / Pet Scribbles says:

    Best. Fairy. Garden. Ever. (Let alone best high-rise condo set-up!)

  13. LOVELY, Beth! so much fun! ;}

  14. Shana @ Our Feathered Nest says:

    So whimsical and sweet! I love this! 🙂

  15. Your fairy garden condo is filled with everything a fairy could want! So many sweet touches – like the hedgehogs! And I really like the curled plant tendrils shooting upwards – whatever they are…

  16. Amazing! The details are wonderful! Can I have it?

  17. Adorable Beth!!!! Love all the fun items! Nicely done 🙂

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  20. Petra Bryner says:

    Amazing! My first thought was that this tiered tray would perfectly fit to my kitchen but well, maybe it’s really too tall… Your fairy garden is probably the second best thing to do with it, I simply love the idea that much, that I decided to create my own version of it (of course, just inspired by yours)! I have an old box which I didn’t use for anything yet. The big question is, where to get all the small details for it: we don’t really have yard sales and I’ve never been in a vintage shop (I know only about this type of antique shops we have here in Vancouver, I guess it’s more about furniture and similar things…). So it might take pretty long to collect so many cute, pretty things… 🙁



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