DIY Painted Serving Bar: The Big Reveal

Yesterday I talked about how I chose my Glidden  paint colors for a fun new DIY painted furniture project using the My Colortopia and Color 101 website, and today is the big reveal!  Remember this 1980’s chest o’ drawers?  Well speaking of drawers, hold onto yours (name that movie)…

Before and after painted furniture

Eeeeeee!!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!  Our basement is loving it too.  This big blank beige wall just got soooo much cooler.  I cannot believe what a difference a little paint and some reclaimed wood made for this piece of furniture!

DIY Serving bar with painted stripe

The white stripe down the middle came out exactly as I envisioned it in my head, and that reclaimed wood combined with that perfect French Grey-blue paint color??? I swoon.  It is just gorgeous!  This was THE perfect paint color for the space.

Reclaimed Wood on back of bookshelf

Yesterday I told you that we used the bottoms of the old Coke crates from Garrett’s nightstand project to be the bookshelf backer.  What I didn’t show you was this awesomeness right here:

DIY Serving bar with cola crate to hold wine

Since we don’t have a wine cellar, what better place to store some adult beverages than inside one of the leftover Coca-cola crates? I simply stood it on it’s side and braced it up against the lip of the upper shelf.  It’s super sturdy, and holds six bottles of wine perfectly.

DIY Serving bar with wine storage in Coke Crate

Add an ice bucket, a few glasses and a bottle opener, and we’ve got ourselves a party.  Who wants to come over?

DIY Serving bar with reclaimed wood

Anyone else remember these vintage mini- jukeboxes? I wish I knew the date of this one and the backstory behind it.  What year could you get 7 plays for half dollar or 1 play for a dime or 2 nickels?

DIY Serving bar from an old piece of furniture-8

So, there you go.  The big reveal of my new favorite project!  It took me all weekend, but it’s done! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go fix myself a drink and drop some nickels in this jukebox. I totally need to hear Sammi Smith belting out “Help Me Make it Through the Night” right about now.

DIY Serving bar from an old piece of furniture


Want to learn more about painting furniture? My friend Danielle wrote an AMAZING e-book all about it! CLICK HERE TO BUY (affiliate link)

Before I go, I gotta say that I love this paint! It was so easy to work with and gave excellent coverage on my piece.  I will totally be using this stuff again for future projects! Thanks, Glidden and MyColortopia, for all your help choosing it!

Glidden Duo Paint with Primer

Disclaimer:  I have been sponsored by the Glidden brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Dora Kelly says:

    Wow! That’s amazing; great job!! I love the addition on the wine storage.

  2. Janet price says:

    Oh my it looks great! I love the picture next to it as well. Drink up and enjoy it looks beautiful:)

  3. Do I love it? Uh huh. Did I pin it? You betcha.

  4. Terri Bolick says:

    It looks fabulous! I love the addition of the distressed wood! I am so inspired! :))

  5. You rocked this project! Awesome makeover, I’ll be right over for a drink!

  6. I think this is just beautiful. So inspiring. I have the same chest and shelves in the same wood but it dates back to the 1960s. I am still using it in my jewelry studio. It could benefit from some TLC like this one did. Excellent idea!

  7. Love it! I see why the basement love it 🙂

  8. Goodness gracious, what a makeover! It’s so clever and beautiful too. Glidden paint rocks– I’m digging that color. I’m in the middle of several room makeovers and I’m thinking that color would look amazing on my bookcase. Pinned that gorgeousness!

  9. I’m coming right over! That’s beautiful! Where did you get the sign on top of the hutch? I love it!

    • My husband found it at some junk dealer’s shop I’m sure. I found it laying inside my bathtub in my basement. My husband is like a squirrel- he buys things on Craigslist and I find them hidden all over the house. LOL!

  10. Maureen Waldrop says:

    Oh my gosh!! I love it, well done! It looks awesome.

  11. Wow! It really is amazing what paint will do … and reclaimed wood of course! What an awesome upgrade, if I had a basement I know it would be jealous!

  12. Bahahaha, we were totally on the same wine wavelength. Annnnd, I need that sign in my life. Stat.

  13. Did someone say wine?! What time should I be there? Love this so much – the coke crate boards and the color are gorgeous! Cheers

  14. How fabulous is this. I love how it turned out and the juke box is wonderful.

  15. Looks amazing Beth!! love the color choice and the white stripe. Fabulous storage solution too!

  16. Hey, where’d you get all those cool vintage stuff?! I think that the wooden case is just clever. Love the look, too. Can I swoon with you, Beth? 🙂

    xx Gourmet Getaways

  17. Beth, this is nothing short of amazing! I love all the touches, the styling and that reclaimed wood – swooning right along with you!

  18. Wendy Gordon says:

    I love this!! My daughter has the exact same piece in her room and I’ve been wanting to redo it. So inspired!! What type of prep work did you do to the piece or did you just repaint it?

  19. LOVE IT!!! BTW, I pinned it before I knew it was yours!!

    I see these “lovely” pieces all over the place and I usually walk right by. Next time I’ll think twice.

    GREAT JOB, Beth!!! (missed you in Atlanta)

  20. Robyn McFadden says:

    Where did you get the vintage photo of the Alabama marquise? I grew up in Houston and it sure looks like the old Alabama Tyeater near River Oaks! Is it? Love the dry bar as well!

    • I took the photo in Downtown Birmingham at the Alabama theatre. I gave them away as a free hi-res download on my blog if you’d like to print.

  21. Robyn McFadden says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  22. I know it’s two years since your comment, but I love the picture you have up. I have searched for a photo like this but unable to find one. Do happen to know where you got it?



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