Playroom Planning

Next up on the sneak peek tour of the new house is the attic space that we plan to turn into a playroom. It’s not much to look at right now, but I’ve got big hopes and dreams, folks.


I’m totally envisioning turning it into something like this amazing attic space…

gorgeous attic


Except, since it’s going to be a playroom space in my house you’ll need to image it with giant plastic toys covering the floor and peanut butter and jelly smeared on the walls. And don’t forget the crayons and dried bits of neon Play-Doh smashed into the rug.  I’m just keeping it real here.

One thing I would love to incorporate is this awesome idea of built-in-bookcases underneath the eaves. This is a genius storage idea to take advantage of unused space but also give the room more floor space by pushing everything out of the way. I LOVE this idea, and will definitely be figuring out a way to incorporate this into our new playroom for all those giant plastic toys to find a hiding spot.

built in attic storage


This attic playroom features the built-in eave cubbies and awesome built-in desk space on the end of the room.  I’m digging it. Is that a white board on the wall?

awesome attic playroom


The ceilings in this room are pretty tall, as you can tell judging by my 6’2” husband’s head. I want to keep them at high as possible and still get plenty of insulation behind them.


Over on this end of the room is cute little nook space beside the door…


Which I’m thinking would make an amazing little reading nook that resembles something like this:


Or maybe this cozy book nook!

Understairs Seating


Although, it might ALSO make a great laundry chute from the upstairs because I’m fairly certain that space is directly above the laundry room.

laundry chute

Or maybe a dumbwaiter!  I’ve always wanted a dumbwaiter to carry all those Christmas bins up to the attic.

Hmmm… Fun or function…. Maybe I can figure out a way to do both.  Stay tuned! I’m so excited about this playroom space in the new house!

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  1. Wow can’t wait to see what you come up with..

  2. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. This is like our attic space. Only it looks like a hoarder’s paradise. Unfortunately, the only access is pull down stairs. I dream of building a staircase and turning it into useful space.

  4. Sally Yarbrough says:

    i loved the look of the first picture you posted here! And definately some built ins to hide some of the smaller toys and books!! I guess it is actually the second picture!!

  5. Oh my goodness, how I love this space of yours and all of these photos for ideas. I dream and dream about expanding our attic into something like this but the hubs is not on board. 🙂
    Love your inspiring posts!

    The How-to Guru

  6. Beth, you have such a great eye! I’m sure your artistic mind can turn that attic into something practical yet fabulous! Can’t wait!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  7. Kelly W. says:

    I think my child has plans to move in to G’s new play room! He was certainly digging it the day you showed it to him!

  8. Can you tell me how wide your attic area is? We are building a small cabin and there is a loft that is 12×12 with the walls like yours. The floor area is 12×12. I love the storage idea in the second sourced pic. I need to have twin beds for guests and I can’t picture them in the actual pic of your attic. Thanks!



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