A Dream Backyard Tour

Recently I realized that I have never blogged about my parent’s beautiful home.  They’ve lived here for 12 years, so I’m not sure why it’s never occurred to me to put it on the blog before now. Since my home is still not blog worthy (sorry, y’all) I am going to give you a tour of my parent’s dream backyard today. It’s a stunner!

Pretty planters in the courtyard-17

When we moved in right next door to my parents, I agreed to become the Special Events Coordinator for the whole neighborhood where we live.  My dad has been wanting to throw a big neighborhood party in their backyard for years, so last weekend we finally made it happen.  We put in hours of hotsweatymess time getting it whipped into shape for the party, but it definitely paid off in the end.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-2
I figured all that sweat equity was worthy of a blog post, so here we go.  Let’s take the dream backyard tour!
Pretty planters in the courtyard-7

My main contributions were choosing the flowers for all the containers.  Instead of typical pinks I chose to go with some different color combos in the planters.   Yellow, purple and oranges were my choices this summer.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-13

This urn got a mixture of yellow canna lily with purple wave petunias and bright green creeping jenny. Pretty planters in the courtyard-14

Two matching planters on either side of the stairs got this striking combo of Sunshine Ligustrum, a coral/ orange colored bougainvillea, and purple petunias. I LOVE the way these colors look together.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-18

My mom loved the way that bright chartreuse green shines like a beacon in the shady areas, so we added it where ever we could find a spot for it.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-10

This shady corner of the courtyard got planted with a mixture of hosta and caladiums.

Pretty planters in the courtyard

And this  little purple and green beauty… a Mona lavender plectranthus.  Be sure to check out my Top Five Shade Loving Plants over on eBay if you’ve got a shady spot to fill in your garden.

Top Five Best Shade PlantsThis might be my favorite spot in the whole yard, because you can look out over the lake and build a fire in the firepit. My whole family loves the lake, so we have spent lots of nights out here roasting marshmallows and listening to the frogs and crickets sing.  It’s kind of like a magical place tucked away from reality where you can forget all your worries for a minute. Pretty planters in the courtyard-3

There is a neighborhood walking trail along the edge of the lake, so I added these two blue slump pots to welcome any guests who arrive from the lake side.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-5

I have one of these same blue pots at my house, and just love they way a trailing plant looks hanging out of them.  To keep it simple I usually buy a trailing hanging plant and leave it inside the pot that it comes in to make it easier to water.  Just stick it inside the pot, remove the hanger and call it a day.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-6

My due date is August 17th, so I plan to spend the final days of this pregnancy floating right here in this pool and eating watermelon. I cannot get enough watermelon these days, and what better place to eat it than right here?

Pretty planters in the courtyard-19

Here are a few of my other favorite containers that we planted.  This one had an existing confederate jasmine plant that climbs up the pergola post, so we added a few little plants underneath it.Pretty planters in the courtyard-8

Purple delphinium are some of my favorite plants.  They are perennial so hopefully they will come back year after year in this pot along with creeping jenny.  I tried to add more perennials so hopefully next year won’t be as much work to get things planted.   Pretty planters in the courtyard-9

Those bright yellow spiky flowers are called shrimp plants, and my mom couldn’t resist them.  Planted along side a chartreuse coleus, trailing yellow Million bells and a yellow marigold, this is like a pot full of sunshine.  Pretty planters in the courtyard-12

You can never go wrong with groups of threes, and that same rule applies in the garden.  Love this little group of flowers. Pretty planters in the courtyard-15

And sometimes instead of an elaborate container it’s just as easy to keep it simple and plant one of your favorites. Hydrangea are always perfect.

Pretty planters in the courtyard-11

I’m also in love with this little copper pot full of fun on the coffee table.  Pretty planters in the courtyard-16

All that hard work paid off, because the party was a huge success.  We had nearly 60 people in my parent’s backyard last Sunday afternoon, with tons of great potluck food and barbecue.  Everyone had a great time, and hopefully my dad’s party meter is filled up for a long time.

So, now that the dream backyard tour is finished, it’s time for y’all to hop on over to a few of my friend’s blogs and check out even more Summer Home Tours!  I’m teaming up with my fellow bHome app friends this week to bring you a whole week of summer home tours.  bHome Summer Home Tour

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  1. Beth, your parents patio/backyard is truly magnificent….from the pool area to the great fire pit…I can see that a lot of love and sweat equity went into making this area truly a backyard of dreams. Love the view of the lake. Love those slump pots…I have the same color pots on my back veranda and would love to find those…and must say that I am in love with that gate….gorgeous…Have fun relaxing in the pool Beth…Thanks so much for the tour!!!

  2. Fantastic tour of your parents backyard Beth!
    It makes me inspired and motivated to keep going with things here at the house!
    Looking forward to my turn on the amazing bHome summer tours on Thursday! 😉

  3. not a bad way to spend the last couple of hot months ! what an amazing back yard, pool and patios. did they design it themselves? I am assuming there is lots of entertaining going on there!

  4. This is my dream patio! It is beyond amazing! I’d be in that pool all summer long! I’m keeping this post close to me… Bobby is in such big trouble now. This is the PERFECT backyard! What a wonderful way to spend your last trimester! Praying for a safe and healthy arrival of your new little one!

  5. They have created a lovely backyard! That lamp post is fantastic, I’d LOVE one of those in my yard!

  6. Wow – their yard is beautiful!!

  7. What a labor of love this space is…clearly well planned and cared for. Thank you so much for sharing! Hope the rest of your summer is perfect…Ann

  8. Entirely beautiful!

  9. Sandi s says:

    Beautiful backyard ! I want to swim in that pool. 🙂 thank you for all the names of the plants. I feel so inspired! Hugs,

  10. AMAZING!!! Oh how I wish I could come right on over and float with you. I would hop right up to get you watermelon whenever you wanted it! 😉 That is truly a gorgeous space and you all are so blessed to be able to enjoy it together. Love you girl!

  11. Wow, what a nice back yard and look at their view!

  12. Absolutely stunning! I just love all the sunken planters and plant life! It just makes the space look so inviting, friendly and ridiculously amazing 🙂

  13. Patty Jones says:

    WOW! Beth, your parent’s backyard is gorgeous. I love your container plantings. Would you have any advise on installing pavers? Thanks for all your inspiring postings; you are truly very talented!

  14. WOW! Your Parents have a stunning back yard. You can see the love and heart they put into it and it shows every nook can cranny!

  15. Charming! Loving all of the plantings and the pool area

  16. Wow, ‘stunner’ is right! This yard is amazing!! I love, love the view of the lake.

  17. Beth,
    Your parent’s back yard is a stunner! What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view. Seeing it gives me renewed inspiration to keep tackling our own outdoor area, which is in desperate need. Thanks for sharing and enjoy that fab pool!
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  18. Just BEAUTIFUL Beth & what lovely neighbors you have!!! Love all the container planters. Bet the party was awesome!

  19. Carol Jane says:

    Oh my gosh. This home is beautiful. That pool! I want to jump in right now. I want a pool and a garden like that. Gorgeous. Enjoy your summer.

  20. That arbour! It’s fabulous. I’m all about garden ceilings right now, what I can’t grow I must build! Congrats on the baby coming, I was also pregnant in the heat of summer and it was no fun. Enjoy that pool, some rest and the new little person on the way!

  21. ginette4 says:

    yes, dream backyard for sure..look at that pool..I would never leave this yard..stunning
    bHome Username; ginette4

  22. Collette says:

    Beth, it is all so beautiful! I could spend all day, everyday out there. Thank you for sharing. Got a lot of good pot combination ideas!

  23. What a lovely tour of your parents backyard. I love all the color from the pots and plants. Definitely an oasis.

  24. There’s a lot to be said about a beautiful summer garden and this is truly gorgeous Beth. I’m sure it must give a lot of people pleasure and I hope you enjoy your time in the pool 🙂

  25. A lovely yard for sure! Thank you for sharing your parent’s beautiful yard with us!

  26. Lookin’ good, lookin’ good! And that pool…I die.

  27. I think your parents should adopt me and I’ll float around with you.

  28. Wow! This really is a dream backyard! Color me impressed. Love all the work you’ve done to make this a space you can be proud of!

    So happy to be on this tour with you!

    xo Michael

  29. What a fabulous space you have there!! I love your color scheme. Has your wicker been painted? Was it formerly white? I love the color and the coral cushions makes it pop. I’d love to spend a few hrs there!

  30. What a dreamy backyard Beth!! I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to float in that pool every second you can – what a relaxing spot! I love all the bright and beautiful flowers and lush greener – so relaxing! Happy Summer! xo Heather

  31. Your parents home is absolutely beautiful, Beth! I would love to have a home like this or just spend a vacation somewhere this lovely. Enjoy resting, floating and eating watermelon until your due date in such a wonderful environment.

  32. Michael @ bestrobovac.com says:

    Simply amazing! You backyard is like heaven for many, including me! After seeing this, what more motivation does one need?? None, I bet lots of readers will get right to work, to accomplish even 10% of what you’ve shown us!

  33. Yes, it is a great venue for intimate parties or even weddings. Gorgeous and homey!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx



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