I’m in Old Apothecary Heaven

Apothecary Cabinet-2

It finally happened.  After years (decades!?) of searching for the perfect apothecary cabinet for my house, I have found it.

This pre-1900 beauty was sitting in one of my very favorite antique stores in the world- Scarlett Scales Antiques in Franklin, TN.  And now, after our weekend road trip to the City Farmhouse Pop-Up show… it’s sitting in my foyer!

Apothecary Cabinet

Once it got settled in at home I wasted no time decorating it for fall.

Apothecary Cabinet-4

But the fall decor is not why we are here today.

Apothecary Cabinet-5

It’s ALL about this cabinet.  I feel like I have hit the jackpot with this piece of furniture, for real.

The details are incredible.  The drawers are cracked and broken but still in fine working condition.  We pulled them all out before we moved it inside the house and I gave the cabinet a major clean-out with the leaf blower to get all the 100 year old dust out.

Apothecary Cabinet-7

Even though some of them are broken, just look at the way the drawers are assembled inside!

This is called a Knapp joint, or a scallop and peg way of assembling furniture that dates an antique piece between 1871-1900.

Apothecary Cabinet-9

Way back in the olden days before Google was invented, I was in college studying interior design. Since we didn’t have wikipedia at the click of a button inside our pockets back then, one of our class projects was to go to the library and research antique furniture history. I had to create an encyclopedia of furniture styles through the ages, starting literally with rocks that the neanderthals lounged on beside their fires.  I still have my furniture book somewhere in a moving box, but I will never forget how much I dreaded working on that project. And now here I am, going gaga over this Knapp joint that would have made a nice addition to my homemade furniture encyclopedia right there between Hepplewhite and Louis XIV.

But I digress…

This sticker right there has a date on it of June 30, 1906, so that also gives me confirmation that this piece is from the turn of the century.  It says “Brewer & Company Wholesale Druggists, Falls River, Mass.” Apothecary Cabinet-8

But my absolute favorite part?  The absolutely exquisite detail on all the drawer pulls.

Apothecary Cabinet-6

Can you see the names of all the old herbal remedies written right there in Latin ON THE PULLS??

I can’t even, y’all….

Myrrha drawer pull on apothecary cabinet

They’re just beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Valerian, Calumba, Myrhha, Lini Farina, Glycyrrhiza…

Apothecary Cabinet-11

Be still my Outlander and essential oil loving heart.  I’m pretty sure I can store my entire essential oil collection in here and still have room for Caroline’s pacifiers. 🙂

So. If you guys have not been to visit Scarlett Scales’ shop in Franklin… you gotta go!  I just love it so much. Every time I step foot inside I see something new that I NEED to make mine. And hey, good news! She just opened up a new online shop so you can browse her goods even if you don’t have a trip to Tennessee anywhere on your radar.

Click here to go shopping at Scarlett’s and see what you can score!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the history and the close ups of the labels and the hardware.
    It’s exquisite!!!! So happy for you dear 🙂

  2. Beth, It’s a one of a kind piece and looks beautiful in your home. The details are just gorgeous. I would be just as excited as you are. Enjoy it. Also, I love the way you have it styled, love those stars.

  3. What a perfect fit and the accessories compliment the cabinet. Love the history.

  4. Cindy Brown says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have wet my pants if I had gone into the shop and laid eyes on this! I, too, have looked and looked for the perfect apothecary cabinet! I hope one more is out there for me!

  5. I’m in LOVE!!! That is the perfect piece for that space. And such character, history and detail. Scarlett is da bomb!!! Her store never disappoints. LOVE HER!!

  6. A grand find!! Love, Love, Love!!!!
    …wish it was mine! haha

  7. That is an awesome piece of furniture! The aged details are wonderful and it fits just right in your spot. I’m also loving that old piece of tin.

  8. What a great piece!! It’s gorgeous! Another use for such a piece is for storage of flatware and sterling silver. The drawers can be lined with special felt. The possibilities are endless. So great! I’m happy you finally have something you have wanted for so long, in your home. It truly is beautiful.

  9. Yeah, those pulls are amazing.

  10. WOW , That’s beautiful

  11. That’s amazing. the drawer pulls are so cool. You lucked out finding that one Beth. Well worth waiting for. Enjoy!

  12. You lucky girl! Love it!!! Hope you and baby girl are having a great day!

  13. Wow, Beth! It certainly was your lucky day when you found this! The drawer detail and pulls are exquisite!

  14. OH. HOLY. NIGHT!!!! That hardware. It leaves me breathless. You’re one lucky dog on this one!

  15. What a beautiful piece! And she looks so at home in your space. The detail on the pulls is amazing! Enjoy your find!

  16. What an amazing score!! So amazing how perfect it fits agains that wall – meant to be!! Love the pulls and those joints are very cool! Love 🙂

  17. I am drooling over your cabinet. I too am in s long search for my cabinet. So far, no luck. If you ever choose to sell it, I’m first in line! Haha. Thanks for sharing and God bless!



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