2015 Holiday Home Tours Day 3: Dandelion Patina

Let’s jump right into Day 3 of the #2015HolidayHomeTours with Michelle from Dandelion Patina! You’re gonna love it…

Hey everyone! I am Michelle from the blog, Dandelion Patina. I am so thrilled to be sharing our holiday home tour with you all. I have been following Unskinny Boppy since I started blogging. I just love everything Beth creates and doesn’t she just make the cutest little babies! Oh my goodness.

Holiday Home Tour featuring Dandelion Patina for Unskinny Boppy via dandelionpatina.com

I have to tell you that I have really procrastinated in the area of holiday shopping this year. We don’t have snow and the temps have been so mild. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas yet. Now, I am not complaining because up here in Wisconsin, it gets very cold and I just don’t like it. Period. So, I will take the warmer temps with a smile. I did manage to get out of the house late last night and finish the shopping. The stores were so quiet at 11 pm. It was a great time to shop! Although, I was dragging this morning!

Anyway, I know, I know…get to the home tour and stop babbling. So, I will do just that!

Do you have your morning coffee? Tea? Hot cocoa?

cottage style entry and foyer with faux woodgrain front door via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

Come on in! We have a very traditional two story home. When we purchased the home a few years back we called it the “not so marveleous mauve house”. Seriously. This house had mauve in every nook and cranny. Mauve was on the floors, on the walls, on the countertops. But, it has the most amazing backyard with privacy for a city lot. And, so I knew over time, we could change all those cosmetic mauve details that made me want to walk the other way.

cottage style entry and foyer decorated for the holidays via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

This is our foyer area. It is pretty tight. Originally there was a closet where the white hutch is now. We removed that closet, added hanging hooks to the opposite wall flanking the front door, added shiplap to the closet wall, and just brightened everything up. It has made a huge difference. It is still tight, but it is now something I can live with. As you are looking straight ahead, this used to be our formal dining room. We are just not formal people and the kids really needed a place to keep their project supplies and a quiet place to do homework. So, we transformed this room into the homework/craft room. The kids definitely spend some time in here now.

Cottage style dining area with an industrial flair via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

When you walk in the front door, you can see all the way out to the backyard. A feature I really love because the backyard is so pretty and private. We have set up our dining area right in front of the sliding glass doors to the backyard area. I enjoy watching the wildlife from this area.

Living room dining room combination in lovely cottage style decked out for the holidays with neutral decor via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

While the front of our home is compartmentalized, the back of the home is rather open concept. The kitchen flows into the dining area and the dining area flows into the living room. Another feature that works well for our family.

Cottage style kitchen with industrial flair. Gray cabinetry. via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

This is our kitchen area. We plan on renovating it once the house is paid for, which is in about 5 years. I really would like to have an island to create a better flow from the backyard to the kitchen. The cabinets were an orange oak color and I painted them a nice earthy gray tone. I really like them now.

Happy Holidays Home Tour with Country Living Magazine featuring cottage style living room decked out for Christmas via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle

Our living room is pretty cozy. We plan on purchasing some IKEA Ektorp furniture after the holidays because we just need more sitting space. I have looked at several sofas and I just love the look of the Ektorp. We have a busy and messy family with kids, pets, and dad. So, I need the flexibility of a slipcovered sofa and chairs. I can’t wait to get on the road, drive 4 hours and pick them up!

I created this cedar shake backdrop this past summer. It was so easy and I plan on creating a tutorial for it soon. The TV stand was a $25 find. It was in such bad shape. But, a bit of wood putty, sanding, and TLC really made it something I love for this room. The coffee table is an Ethan Allen beast for $25 as well. It has a ton of storage for the kids’ movies and plenty of space for all my decorating accessories!

Happy Holidays Home Tour with Country Living Magazine featuring neutral farmhouse style decor for Christmas via dandelionpatina.com

I am such a pillow junkie! For sure. I have a hard time keeping them on the sofa. The dog will jump up and use its nose to shove every single one off to lay down or the kids will complain about them. But, during the day when they are at school I get to enjoy them! It is the little things right!?

Happy Holidays Home Tour with Country Living Magazine neutral Christmas tree decorated with gift tags as ornaments via dandelionpatina.com

And finally, here is our holiday home tour Christmas tree! I went all out this year and bought every gift tag I could find to decorate with. They are so fun! They don’t break, they don’t take up a ton of storage, and I can reuse them for gift giving when I get the itch to decorate differently next year! I highly recommend it.

Happy Holidays Home Tour 2015 featuring gorgeous cottage style neutral decor and industrial flair via dandelionpatina.com #cottagestyle #farmhousestyle

If you would like to stop over to see my full holiday home tour, I would love to see you! You can see all the details here: Dandelion Patina Happy Holidays Home Tour

homework room

You can also see how I transformed our formal dining room into a homework room for the kids. Check that out right here: Homework Room

How do you decorate with a printers tray? With just a few easy steps you can create your own personalized vintage printers tray vignette. Styling by Dandelion Patina

I also love finding new ways to decorate my walls with unique finds. You can see how I used a vintage printers tray in my kitchen: How to style a vintage printers tray


Thanks so much for having me Beth! I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas!

You can find me on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter too!

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