The Collected Foyer

Our foyer, living room, kitchen and dining room (which is my home office) is one big open space in this house.  Wide open living is great, unless you have a toddler who is faster than a speeding bullet zipping around snatching and grabbing every thing she can get her hands on.

Here is a picture of our open living area BEFORE she started walking (the coffee table has since been replaced by an overstuffed ottoman that she can’t chew on).

Open plan living room-kitchen-dining (1 of 1)

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this post a few weeks back.  The “Trump Toddler Wall” (aka 10 foot long baby gate) has been a life saver in my house since Caroline has learned to crawl.  She would be halfway up the stairs before I even knew she was missing.

So, we gated off the foyer and my office to keep her out of that half of the house.  It ain’t pretty, but it has solved so many issues.

SO, now that the foyer is one of the only baby-free zones of my house, I’ve gone just a wee bit crazy decorating every corner of it.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (8 of 27)

I thought I could wait until Christmas to display this vintage herb drying rack that I scored from Dreamy Whites shop a few months ago.  But nope. I couldn’t stand it. I loved it so much it immediately went in my foyer where I can stare at it lustily over my computer screen.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (14 of 27)

See? I told y’all every single corner is stacked full of flea market fancy junk. It’s a major addiction. I might need an intervention.

French flea market Decor (2 of 4)

My old apothecary cabinet is still standing proudly right by the front door. It’s still my pride and joy.

French flea market Decor (1 of 4)

At the top of the stairs I’ve got another old door with baskets and bells and boxwood wreaths and an old banjo I found at the Nashville flea market.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (6 of 27)

Y’all know I’m a sucker for some galvanized bunting, so when I found this metal feather garland at a local gift shop I was instantly smitten.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (2 of 27)

Is it overkill? Maybe.  But I’m doing it anyway.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (5 of 27)

My inlaws brought me this “Sel de Mer” canvas bag as a souvenir from their recent trip to France.  They know me SO well.  I absolutely love it.

French flea market Decor (3 of 4)

If I were a good blogger I would have some strategically placed loaves of french baguettes and bundles of dried lavender perfectly positioned inside of it. And of course it would be sitting beside a pair of perfectly positioned Wellie boots.

But, I’ve never claimed to be a good blogger. We all know that by now.  Instead I just threw my cute new bag in the picture to show it off.

French flea market Decor (4 of 4)

And here is the other new love of my life.

I’ve lusted after this thing for years, and my husband surprised me with it for Mother’s Day.  My friends at Digs Design makes these Alabama-shaped wooden plaques with turquoise inlaid to represent all the rivers in the state.  I cannot even begin to say how much I LOVE THIS PIECE.

Farmhouse Style Foyer Decorating (9 of 27)

I have spent time fishing on every major lake and river in Alabama north of Montgomery, and this little piece reminds me of all the good times I’ve had over the years.  It’s got a piece of my heart.

Just like the guy who gave it to me.

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  1. Awww Beth… your vignettes are so precious and so is your man. What a treasure… your turquoise river piece and your man. 😉

  2. Hello! I absolutely love this space. I was wondering is your foyer a 2 story or 1 story foyer? I have a 2 story one and I was trying to find inspiration on what to put on the walls since they are so high. If your is indeed a 2 story one do you have any additional photos of the space?

    • Thanks so my Tiffany! Yes, it’s a 2 story foyer. You can kinda see more of the staircase here in my Christmas home tour

      I will have better photos of it for you in my upcoming Spring Home tour on March 15th– be on the lookout. 🙂



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  2. […] outta the fields of Mona, Utah.  I’ve store it in my old apothecary jars on top of my antique apothecary cabinet so I can pretend to be Claire from Outlander every time I pass my front door. […]

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