Late Summer Boredom Busters

Five Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Home Stretch Until School Starts Back

Last week my facebook feed began filling up with everyone’s First Day of School pics. Yours too?

Yep, friends, it’s already that time of year! Garrett still has a few more days before his school starts, so we are savoring every minute of this last lazy weekend before the alarm starts buzzing at 6 am.  But, this is also the time when I start hearing “I’m soooo bored!” 


Summer vacation is great in the beginning. The kids have lots of fun stuff they want to do. Unfortunately, about two months into vacation, they start to get bored. Before you know it, you’re shoving the iPad in their faces for a few hours of peace. But, there’s only so many Stampy Minecraft videos you can use as a babysitter in one day. The good news is there are so many things you can do that will help kids beat summer vacation boredom.  

Here’s a few ideas to getcha started…

Take a Road Trip

Ahh, road trips. We have spent our summer of 2016 seeking out all the fun places around Birmingham and we haven’t even gotten close to finding them all. 

It doesn’t even have to be a long trip– just choose a nearby location with free activities, such as a great park or beach. Even a local museum will do. Load up the car with a cooler, bag of snacks, bathing suits and sports equipment. You never know what adventures a road trip will bring, so be prepared.

Spend the day playing, exploring or pretending you are a tourist in your hometown.  You might be surprised what you find. 

Things to Do in Birmingham, Alabama-43

Go for a Pokemon/Nature Walk 

Temps are finally cooling off here a little bit, so we can step outside without needing to immediately pass out from heat exhaustion. If you need a free activity that you can do around your house or at a nearby park, Pokemon Go has given us a few hours of entertainment lately. While you’re at it, take pictures of all the wildlife and plants you see. When you get home, go online to learn more about the really cool things you saw on your walk. It’s not only a fun way to spend an afternoon, but also educational.

Not into the Pokemon craze?  Try this Kitsap painted rock project instead. I thought this idea was WAY cool. You could even start a local Kitsap facebook group. We love painting rocks around here.boredom-buster-painted-rock-ideas

Do a DIY Project Together

There are so many projects you can do with your kids. For example, the summer is a great time to give their bedroom or bathroom a makeover. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just moving around the furniture and hanging some new artwork can give the room a new look. If you have a little bit of money to spend, paint can make a big difference and costs around $30 to do a kid’s bedroom.

You could also work on and outdoor DIY project together, like building a fun Bug Hotel.


Go Camping (+ Stargazing!)

Do you have camping gear? Get the gear out and let your kids go camping in the backyard. Your kids can have fun setting up camp, making s’mores and hot dogs, and sleeping outside. Catch lightning bugs in a jar, tell ghost stories or just reminisce about your childhood.  Garrett LOVES hearing stories about my childhood, so this part is easy.

Best of all, this doesn’t cost you a thing, but is a great way to entertain the kids for free.  At the very least, find a dark spot in your yard (we love the trampoline) and go stargazing. The annual Perseid meteor shower happens around this time of year, which is perfect timing be beat late summer boredom. 

Make Custom Coloring Books

Last, but not least, go online and find free coloring pages to print. You can find coloring pages on almost any theme imaginable. You can even find Disney, Marvel, and other popular themes. Print the pages out, use a hole punch, and put them in a binder with a zipper pouch for crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

If you want something a bit fancier, check out my friend Mandy’s etsy shop for a beautiful printable coloring book.

 For you, not just the kids. Obvi.


So, there ya go! The last few weeks of summer vacation don’t have to be boring. There are some really fun activities your kids can do and most of them are free or very affordable.

What’s your favorite way to keep the kiddos entertained?

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