Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

Two years ago I was sitting in the middle of an apple orchard in Wisconsin, u-picking apples straight off the trees and reveling in the cool, crisp air.  I LOVED our Wisconsin vacation so much, and now every time I think of apple recipes, I’m reminded of that fun 10th anniversary vacation.


I think about that vacation so very often because it was such a turning point in our lives.

Do you ever have moments that you can pinpoint as THE moment when something changed in your life?

These moments usually happen to me when I am on a vacation and I have downtime to relax and truly think about the path I want to take in life. I love life reflecting opportunities like that. Within months after returning home from Wisconsin in October of 2014, I would quit my job, we would sell our house, downsize our lives and find out we were pregnant with an unexpected surprise.

We could never have imagined how much our lives would change over the next two years, but we are so very blessed and thankful for everything that has come our way.

To celebrate all of those major accomplishments, I’m featuring a whole bushel of apple recipes you should try this fall! These recipes are so mouth-watering, you might feel like you’re life is being changed while you eat them.


Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

Apple Cake

Cheesecake Stuffed Apples

Apple Pie Bites

Apple Fritter Bread

Apple Pie Bars

Easy Apple Skillet Pie

Caramel Apple Crumble

Caramel Apple Funnel Cakes

Crunchy Apple Chips

Caramel Apples

Apple Hand Pies

Apple Crescents

Apple Pie Fries

Apple Rose Tarts

Apple Scrolls

Apple Cinnamon Baked Pancakes

Caramel Apple Cake Mix Donuts

Apple Muffin Recipe

Apple Pie Bars

Baked Apple Pecan Pancakes

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Pecan Pie Trifle

Pecan Pie Trifle recipe

or maybe Granny’s Peanut Butter Fudge?

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