Ultimate Halloween Desserts to Flop Your Lips On

Planning a Halloween party soon?  Any ghoul knows that the best part of a Halloween party are the devilish desserts. We went to a FUN Halloween party that was all decked out with tricks and treats, including a pumpkin puking spinach dip (awesome)…


And “Goblinade” punch.


Inside there were bloody handprints on all the doors and skeletons at the dining table.


It was awesome!  The kids loved it.

But the part the kids loved the most were the desserts.

Today I’ve got a whole roundup of creepy Halloween themed desserts for you to pin for your party ideas!
ultimate halloween desserts for your party

From candied apples to Oreos shaped like spiders, these sweets are spooky and delicious, all at the same time.  Scurry on over to find the ultimate Halloween desserts that your little ghosts and goblins will gobble right up.

  1. Halloween Popcorn Balls
  2. Halloween Monster Popcorn Candy Corn Recipe
  3. 10 Minute Eye of Newt Halloween Donuts
  4. Slime Monster Halloween Donuts
  5. Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle with Sweetworks Candy
  6. Halloween Kitty S’more Trifle
  7. Brownie Brittle™ Graveyard Eclair
  8. Witch’s Broom Snacks
  9. Black Widow Spider Bites
  10. Easy Oreo Pumpkin Whip Dessert
  11. Spider Halloween Brownies
  12. Kid’s Dirt Dessert Snack Pack
  13. Haunted House Cupcake Cake
  14. Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples
  15. No Bake Twix Roll with Caramel
  16. Zombie Dirt Dessert
  17. Eye Popping Spooky Halloween Bundt Cake
  18. Candy Corn Poke Cake
  19. Dipped Marshmallow Pops for Halloween
  20. Bloody Zombie Brain Cupcakes
  21. Halloween Orange Cream Mini Cone Cupcakes
  22. Easy Twinkie Mummies Halloween Treats for kids
  23. Easy Halloween Treat: Pretzel Bones
  24. Spider Donuts
  25. Candy Cornbread Muffins Halloween Desserts
  26. Halloween Cheesecake Cones
  27. Halloween No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert
  28. Undead Are Rising Cupcakes Halloween Desserts
  29. Butterscotch Candy Apples
  30. Candy Corn Shot Glasses

PS: If you have a Minecraft lover in your family- be sure to join our Minecraft Halloween Challenge this October. Build something spooky every day in October!  Garrett is loving this challenge.  AND I give you a cheat sheet to get ya started by showing you exactly how to build a witch’s hat.

Fun stuff happening here:

minecraft halloween challenge

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  1. Thanks for including my spider brownies! Have a great Halloween!

  2. Looks like it was an awesome party! Halloween is definitely my favorite time for party planning. Thanks for including my Oreo Pumpkin Whip in your roundup!

  3. Beth… I read your post’s title to my husband and we both laughed our heads off. And {shhh!} there might even have been a snort, too.
    Thanks for the laugh and all the goodness, here.


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