Top 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Time Online

Oh, the irony that a blogger like me would be handing out advice on how to stop wasting time online when my entire livelihood kinda depends on people wasting time online, right?

But, considering I am forced to stay on the internet and social media pretty much 24/7 in order to write and promote my blog posts, I have become an expert on this subject. There comes a point when I have to force myself to stop chasing internet rabbits and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes I need a little extra assistance to make that happen.

So, here are a few of my best time-saving tips to get in, get out and go home (or go right back to Facebook).


If you’re anything like me, you get sucked right into social media and don’t have the willpower to stay away from it for too long. With, you can block any website you choose from your computer AND mobile devices for a designated amount of time. So if you need to get some work done but keep getting distracted by Pinterest or Reddit (or even your email), you can just turn those sites off for a while so the temptation is gone.

You set the time frame you want to be locked out of the site, and when it’s set you will only see a big green screen that says “You are Free” when you try to access the sites. You can even put yourself in lockdown mode where you block the entire internet, but that’s hardcore, man. The dashboard will show you a countdown clock for how long you have until you can have access again. Count down those minutes being uber-productive.

This is an awesome option for all the willpowerless people of the world (like me). Now I can stop letting my mind constantly drift over to social media and just focus on WERKIN. If only it would work for my refrigerator door.

It is not a free service, but it is pretty cheap with a coupon code.

Download here

July 2017: Get 40% off yearly or forever plan using Promo Code: 145

To all my willpowerless procrastinators of the world, here’s a little reminder for us…. Go pin it as a reminder to yourself.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click them and make a purchase I’ll earn a small commission. Thanks for clicking!

2. Facebook Purity

Do you ever sit down at the computer intent on getting some work finished but soon find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed getting hooked by every click-bait headline? If you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of “trending news” on Facebook, you need FB Purity in your life.  My friend Allison introduced this little gem to me over a year ago, and it is the main thing that saved my sanity during the Presidential election season and the crazy news cyclone that has not stopped since. I cannot sing it’s praises enough for anyone who is tired of all the stressful drama on Facebook.

The news feed blocking feature is just one of many customizations you can set for your feed. You can also see who has unfriended you, turn off annoying game notifications or even block entire keywords from your news feed so you do not even see any posts related to that word.

It’s amazing. This is a tool you need in your time AND sanity-saving toolkit.

Don’t let the AOL-era looking website fool you. This is a powerful little tool that is totally free. I would pay a LOT of money for this site, but surprisingly it’s completely free to use.



Ok, y’all. This last one is a bigun if you do a lot of online shopping.

Think about all the time you spend filling out your contact and credit card info for every.single.purchase you make online. is a universal shopping cart that you download to your Google Chrome extensions. You can add multiple items from multiple stores to a single shopping cart and check out with the click of a single button.

I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I really like how simple it makes everything. I am an online shopping maniac, so this site is gonna save me so much time if I don’t have to fill out my info over and over and over again.

Here are a few other benefits of that I love:

    • Coupon codes– It automatically searches and applies the best coupon codes to your purchases so you don’t miss out on hidden savings or waste time digging around for the best deal. (If you’ve ever used Honey this is similar.)
    • Order History– There is an excellent Order History search page, so you have a record of every single item you’ve purchased online in one spot for future reference or easy returns. No more digging through old emails trying to figure out where something came from.
    • No hidden fees– They don’t take any cuts of your money or add any hidden fees. This is simply a tool to make your life easier and your online shopping process more streamlined. 
    • Safety– They do not steal or use your personal or credit card info for nefarious reasons. With bank-level 256-bit encryption, you’re pretty safe. (I’ve always wanted to use the word “nefarious” in a blog post. Whew. Finally.)
    • Free Shipping– Once you complete your account, will give you free shipping on every purchase you make through their universal cart for your first 30 days. That is a HUGE savings for folks like me who do the majority of their back-to-school and Christmas shopping online.
    • Artificial Intelligence– Wanna know who is plugging in all your info behind the scenes? Bots. Bots are A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that scurry around the internet, pulling and sorting information like tiny, invisible paralegals. If you have ever used Reddit, you know that bots can do some majorly cool things. I predict in the next ten years this is the way the majority of shopping will be handled, so why not be a pioneer of the future and take the leap now?

‘Cause we are living in a WALL-E world, and I am a WALL-E girl. – Beth Bryan


Get free shipping for your first 30 days! WHAT? YES. 

So there you go- those are my top three ways to save a ton of time (and stress) while online.

Now SHOO. Get back to work!

Do you have any favorite sites to add to this list? Post them in the comments below.

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    Very helpful post, Beth, thanks! (Nefarious… you actually made me LOL.)


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