Free Outlander Premiere Party Invitations and Printables

Looking for free printable Outlander Premiere Party Decorations and Invitations?  These free downloads will help you throw an epic Outlander premiere party that would make Claire and Jamie proud. Party on, Sassenachs! 

Free Outlander Party Printables

Where are my Outlander fans at?  Who else is super excited about the season premiere coming soon??

The 3rd season of Outlander premieres on STARZ on September 10th, 2017 at 7 CST / 8 Eastern.

It’s been a long hard droughtlander season but finally our favorites are back and ready to voyage their way around the 18th century.

I threw an Epic Outlander premiere party at my house for Season One, and several folks have emailed me to ask for printable copies of my labels and party invitation.

For that Season 1 party I used quite a few free printables from Unfortunately they are no longer in business, so the Outlander Pocket People that I used are no longer available on their site.  I still have my .png of the pocket people that you might be able to print but I do not claim these as mine.

If you’re planning a big premiere party, I’ve got the PERFECT clever party food labels and invitation for your Outlander party.

I am happy to offer these up to my fellow Sassenachs for FREE today on the blog!

Here are a few samples of the items on the party menu printables:

Murtagh’s Mmmmmph Meatballs

In honor of one of my favorite characters from the tv show- Murtagh’s Mmmmmph Meatballs.

Circle of Standing Stones Scones

Have you ever noticed how scones look just like Standing Stones when placed on end? Put them in a circle and you’ve got the best Outlander reference ever.

Sassenach Spinach and Two-Lick ARD-ichoke dip

This one is probably only funny to the most hardcore fans among us who know that TULACH ARD! was the Fraser clan battle cry.

And no good tv premiere party should be without some popcorn. How about McKettle Corn?

Other items on the menu include Claire’s Vegetable Patch Sampler and a Je Suis Juicy Fruit Platter.

Don’t forget the party favors!

Send your guests home with an assortment of bath salts scented with essential oils. Craigh Na Dun take me away…

I packaged a scoop of Epsom Salt in plastic bags, added 1 drop of essential oil, then put them inside small burlap sacks tied with the label of each scent.

These clever labels are right up any essential oil / Outlander-lovers alley.

To get your guests excited for the big premiere, print out these 5×7 Party Invitations on card stock (or add your own text on top at and email them!)

Click any of the images below to download the .jpeg images for printing on your computer.


I am including both a PDF and a JPEG version of the invitation so you can either print it or use it on the web for virtual invites.

Hooray for fun premiere parties!

Don’t forget to pin this post and share it inside your Outlander facebook groups in case some other Sassenach is hosting a party.

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  1. I am a HUGE Outlander fan and this is fantastic! I began reading the books in the late 90’s. I adore the series for its set and fashion design.
    Thank you for all the Outlandish goodness.

  2. Oh my gosh! Love this. I do not have any friends who enjoy my Outlander obsession. lol. My sweet husband did buy me a vinyl sticker for my van so I share my love for Outlander. I will be having a party for myself though. I bought these kilts for gingerbread men at Fancy Flours. I am going to bake some and put kilts on them. I also bought a box of Walkers Shortbread Outlander Assorted Shortbread cookies from Amazon. I will try and send you a picture. I love these ideas too. Thank you for sharing. Of course my family will enjoy the treats I make also. Take care

  3. Lee Faulkner says:

    This is so cute! I’ve been existing through the Droughtland by listening to the audiobooks which, by the way, are fabulous. I just started the fifth one, The Fiery Cross, last night. Be still my heart! Lol

  4. I just love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Heidi Stuck says:

    This is amazing…such clever ideas!!!! thank you for sharing! I really wish it was on a Sat night as then I could pull something like this off (but not to your caliber of course). Enjoy the season premiere! So excited!!!!

  6. Hi Beth, Thank you for these printables. I’ve been a fan of your outlander premier party for a while now. My own season 1 party is here:
    For this Sunday’s season 3 premier, I’m borrowing your idea of the kilted pedestal. I’m adding floating candles on top of it…the glass candle containers will have plaid trim too. I’ll give credit to you and a link to your blog, of course, in my upcoming blog post. Can’t wait ’till Sunday!! 🙂


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